10 items you need in your Florida packing list

    Marker checking a list, representing Florida packing list

    Let the excitement about your Florida move begin! We know packing can be kind of a dull job some times, but we are here to make things a bit clearer, easier and fun. Florida is beautiful all year long and it will be a blast to live there. Lots of fun activities and weather which will always suit your needs is something everyone strives for. So pull up your sleeves and let’s get on with your Florida packing list.


    Your Florida packing list starts with acquiring a large suitcase for every family member moving. By doing this, not only will everyone be able to pack and unpack themselves without pressure, you will be more organized. Acquire suitcases from friends and family and promise to return them once you’ve moved. Or ask around for packing services Florida to help you. Now, as far as the wardrobe goes, you know what you have to do! Pack your dresses and shorts because warm weather awaits you. Warm wardrobe for cold days is no longer needed here because you’re moving to the sunny state!

    Florida packing list must contain supplies

    A trip to the hardware store is a necessity when it comes to packing. You will need all sorts of things. For packing only, you will need lots of tapes and air-filled wrap for your fragile items. Also, blankets to protect your furniture from bumping and scratching each other while moving. Also, try using your old winter wardrobe instead of the air-filled wrap to protect your fragile items. If this is a problem for you long distance movers Florida will make sure your stuff is safe and sound and in its new home.

    Packing supplies
    Some packing supplies you already have in your home!

    Acquire boxes

    Regular boxes work amazing for moving. You can just ask around shops in your current neighborhood to spare you some when the good arrive. Liquor stores have a lot of boxes, just make sure you are there early in the morning when the goods arrive.

    Bedroom packing

    Buy some vacuum bags for your linens and lighter jackets. They will save up a lot of space, and they are clear so you can see what you are unpacking. Store your pillows in bags so they do not get dirty.  Dismember furniture and save the screws and other tiny parts in a special plastic container. Big parts of the furniture you can tape together and wrap up. Jewelry and other valuables would be smart to put in a box to travel with you just in case. Your Florida packing list is going smoothly!

    screws and bolts
    Keep screws and bolts in a special small box

    Get your documents in orders

    There are a few things you need to know as far as documents go. Getting your papers in order is a priority on your Florida packing list. Get your Florida driver’s license by going to Florida DHSMV site in person to get it. Country supervisor for elections is a place to contact for you to be able to registrants to vote in Florida. Taxing officials must be notified about your change of residence, also the social security administration must be notified.

    Other documents you need to get in order as a part of your Florida packing list:

    1. Transfer credit cards, passport, and business
    2. Register for insurance
    3. File a declaration of Domicile
    4. Rent a safe deposit box

    Make sure you have all your documentation in one place, ready and safe. Buy some plastic protectors for your paper and place them all in one file that you will keep at your side at all times.

    Kitchen packing

    You would want to start spending the food from your fridge so it doesn’t go to waste. Start meal prepping for weeks in advance and store it in your freezer for a quick meal between packing sessions. Pack in a smaller box some silverware and plates you will need as soon as you relocate. Other appliances, plates and silverware pack in a newspaper or air-filled wraps to secure it. DO not pack too much in the boxes so they do not snap and break your plates. Secure them well with tape. Find reusable packing materials easy by looking up online for tips.

    Image of a kitchen
    Be patient when packing the kitchen

    Bathroom necessities

    You would want a small bag to pack the essentials for your trip and the first few days in your new home. Wash a couple of towels and pack them in a bag so they do not get dirty. Pack your family’s toiletries, makeup, sanitizers and other important items you may need every second. If you do not already have it, buy a fancy makeup bag. They can be large and stiff, just as you need for the trip. You will need to label everything in your Florida packing list so you do not mix boxes and waste your time.

    Gardening items

    You will need your gardening items for your Florida packing list because you will have your hands full. Warm weather is amazing for all sorts of plants and flowers! Place some foam or pool noodles over your sharp tools so no one is hurt. Store everything in boxes.

    Laundry room items

    Use your dirty laundry baskets to pack some stuff in them for transfer. Wrap up the washer and dryer and tape and secure the cord. In between breaks from your packing, lookup about your new home renovation ideas! It is never early to start imagining your new decorations and how you are going to renovate your Florida home.

    Chemicals are not a part of your Florida packing list

    Do not transfer your detergents and other chemicals you use for washing your clothes. They can be a hell of a fuss to transfer and also dangerous. Be sure your tank in the mowing machine is empty and clean. Throw the chemicals out or give to someone, like your neighbor.

    Well, your Florida packing list is over! We hope we have helped you get along in the chaos of packing and moving. Florida is absolutely amazing in every season and you will enjoy it very much. Just as soon as you unpack!