Tips for storing your delicate possessions

    Whether you’re relocating to a new home, renovating, or merely clearing space for new improvements, there are plenty of reasons for renting a self-storage unit. If you are here because you are interested in storing your delicate possessions, prepare to take notes. Because Purple Heart Moving Group experts have a lot of tips for you! One of the first things you should know is that many storage facilities offer different (or all of these) amenities. These might include heated and humidity-controlled units, along with complimentary dollies and carts. There are lots of other ways that you can make your move easier and safer, so keep on reading! Continue reading “Tips for storing your delicate possessions”

    Should you be afraid to move away from Florida in 2020?

    This question might seem confusing if you forget about Corona Virus Pandemic. Don’t underestimate the instructions you have to follow in order to stay safe and sound. Although you have been planning to move away from Florida for a long time, now you are not sure how clever that is. What you can find out if you contact our long distance movers Florida is that we are proceeding all moving processes with caution. We will give our best to help the process be as stress-free as possible. Nonetheless, it is natural to be afraid to move away from Florida in the middle of the Corona Pandemic. You may wonder how does moving during a pandemic work though? And more importantly, are moving services even still available? Yes, they are but under changed safety rules. Here is advice on how to proceed safely with hiring movers, packing, and unpacking your belongings. Continue reading “Should you be afraid to move away from Florida in 2020?”

    Car storage guide

    The need for storage comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes, depending on what you need to store. From a temporary space for your furnishings during a residential relocation to a long-term solution for preserving important business documents, the size of a self-storage unit depends on your personal requirements. However, Purple Heart Moving Group experts understand that, for most newcomers to self-storage, it can be difficult to work out what size storage unit you need. Let us help you find the best unit for your needs in this car storage guide. Continue reading “Car storage guide”

    Moving from Florida to Canada – how to prepare?

    Moving from Florida to Canada is no small deal. A lot is going on there and a lot of preparation should be done. Long-distance moving can sometimes be overwhelming. But we are here to help and advise on how to be prepared for such things. Continue reading “Moving from Florida to Canada – how to prepare?”

    How to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida?

    This is usually the first question that comes to mind when people start planning to change their address. And it is with a good point because we at Purple Heart Moving Group know that regardless of whether one is moving locally or across the country, this process can get very expensive. The AMSA is the national trade association for the professional moving industry. Their data says that the average cost of a residential relocation within the same state is around $2,300. On the other hand, the average price for an interstate move (for more than 1,225 miles) goes all the way up to $4,300. So how to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida? Our experts answer. Continue reading “How to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida?”

    How to set up a home office

    Times are changing, and more and more people are working remotely. Working from home sometimes means using your dining table as workspace. That is when productivity suffers and you need to set up a home office. Having your own work corner is something all of us need when working from home. Now, let’s dig into ideas for your new at-home office! Continue reading “How to set up a home office”

    Cheap movers Florida – the traits to look out for

    Saving money when moving is every person’s dream come true. You want to relocate to a different place, and you don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. That’s quite understandable. But, if you want your movers to be both cheap and reliable, you’ll need to look quite a bit. In 1995, the U.S. reduced federal oversight of moving companies. As a result, many companies have risen up as there was less government constraint. Unfortunately, some of them started to scam people. And it is usually the people who want to find cheap movers in Florida, that get scammed the most. Here is what you need to know. Continue reading “Cheap movers Florida – the traits to look out for”

    How to pack your precious items for storage

    The thing about valuable items is that…well, they’re precious. Fine china can easily be cracked, vases can be shattered, mirrors can be reduced to bits of glassornaments are delicate, and heirlooms can be quickly turned into dust. Since you probably want to preserve these delicate possessions and the possibility of breaking always exists, you are in the right place. You will have to follow these tips from our Purple Heart Moving Group experts to be proactive and protect your breakable belongings properly. Here are a couple of tips on how you can pack your precious items for storage in the safest possible way. Continue reading “How to pack your precious items for storage”

    Tips for storing your tools

    There are many reasons why people opt for storing their tools. Whether or not it is because they are done with them for a season, planning on relocating, or simply they are getting new ones, it is always a good idea to know more about storing your tools. Proper preparation means that you will maintain the quality of your tools as well as their value. Which is important if you are planning on using them again in the future. In the following article, you will find out how to properly store your tools without the fear of them getting damaged. Continue reading “Tips for storing your tools”

    Top cities for raising a family in Florida

    Florida is a dream state for a lot of us. When we think about raising a family in Florida we must choose only the best. That choice can sometimes be hard especially when you have a ton of great choices! Trust us when we say you won’t be wrong choosing any place from this list. So let’s see some of the best choices for you and your family. Continue reading “Top cities for raising a family in Florida”