Advantages of settling in North Miami

    Thinking about moving to Florida? Ah, who doesn’t?! Hundreds of miles of beaches, divine climate, best nightlife, awe-inspiring art scene, food, food, food. It’s everyone’s little piece of heaven within our earthly comprehension of the term. From Will Smith to Lana Del Rey – Miami and the Florida Keys, that’s the place to be. It’s where it all happens. How many people do you know who worked hard their whole lives – suit and tie the whole 9 yards – just to retire to forever blue skies of  Florida when the time comes? You know plenty. But, North Miami, you say? Why does settling in North Miami sound like a good idea? Well, let’s find out together.

    Here comes the summer Sun

    … And, it’s still there. Still there, yup. Is this going to be forever, though? That’s what you’re signing up for when settling in North Miami. With its position just above the Tropic of Cancer and close to the Gulf Stream, its climate is an unbeatable proof that God exists and he loves us very, very much – too bad there isn’t enough room for everyone. Finders keepers!

    settling in north miami brings plenty of palm trees
    Sunbeams will be your best friends.

    North Miami 101

    With just over 60.000 residents, it’s a cozy little nest, just above the epicenter of Miami’s heart and soul. 10 miles (16km), to be exact. This Miami-Dade County’s city lies on beautiful Biscayne Bay, and was initially called “Town of Miami Shores”, as its eastern boundary was the Atlantic Ocean.

    Perks of settling in North Miami

    North Miami is young! With over 20 million people in Florida, median age comes to around 42.1. But, not in North Miami, no sir! Residents have a median age of 35.1. Why is it important? No matter your age, youth does have quite a positive effect on us, it’s indisputable. If you’re a retiree, it will be pretty hard for you to resist the urge to join all those young people jogging, power-walking, swimming, cycling – before you know it, you’ll be in top shape. How is that a bad thing? You’ll just need a week or so to adapt to Miami weather, and you’ll be unstoppable.

    Let’s talk about money

    Fisher Island? Don’t mind if I do! Coral Gables? Yes, please! But, there is always A BUT, isn’t there? Miami-Dade County is home to the sixth most expensive ZIP code in the entire States, and you know what that means. Give me one person who wouldn’t want to live in an exclusive community accessed only by boats and private ferries. But, if you are to indulge in such luxury and become a Miami Beach resident, you would need to set aside at least $6 million. Woah. North Miami? $250.000! Where do I sign?!

    North Miami is diverse and up-and-coming

    That’s the thing with all bigger cities in the U.S. There are, and always will be, cities with “get it while it’s hot” slogan all over them. And, just like a tidal wave, you have this inflow of people coming in from all over, in search of happiness and some sunshine. And, bear in mind, Miami has always been the top prey. Due to this “human overflow”, it’s only natural for its boundaries to expand. And, that is exactly what North Miami is. It’s the new downtown. From African American to White, Asian, Hispanic-Latino, Haitian, it welcomes everyone and anyone. The more diverse your neighborhood, the more delicious food you’ll be tasting!

    night shot of street with palm trees
    North Miami is a diverse city on the rise

    What about education?

    If you’re contemplating on moving to North Miami with your family, you’re probably wondering about school options. There are plenty to choose from, whether it be private or public. Here are some options:

    Public elementary/middle schools:

    • Benjamin Franklin K-8 Center
    • W.J. Bryan Elementary
    • North Miami Elementary

    Private elementary/middle schools:

    • St James Catholic School
    • Holy Cross Lutheran School
    • Montessori School of North Miami

    There’s also North Miami Senior High School, and for students, you have Johnson & Wales University of North Miami.

    What about job opportunities?

    There are ample opportunities for anyone settling in North Miami. It goes without saying, the food business is strong and that’s always good news, especially if you don’t have a solid plan and need time to figure out your dream job – becoming a server is always a profitable occupation. Other common occupations in North Miami include sales, construction, transportation, maintenance, health care, and education.

    Give me that green

    North Miami is also known for being a  home to the largest urban park in the entire Florida State Park system – The Oleta River State Park. Oh, but, just you wait, there’s more. There’s also The Arch Creek Park, recognized as the only preserved archaeological site in the whole county. If that doesn’t cut it for you, plenty to go around – Enchanted Forest Elaine Gordon Park, Ben Franklin Park, Cagni, Keystone, Kiwanis, Oleander Park, and, yes, the list goes on and on. There are so, soooo many ways of enjoying Miami life, we just have to leave something for you to explore. No spoiler alerts!

    North Miami is a place of wonder for green lovers

    Just a heads-up

    Florida is one of the most beautiful and exotic states of the U.S., no doubt about it; you just need to get a bit accustomed to its climate’s unpredictable temper, as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and such are what you could call – acquaintances with your home to be. No need to panic though, it’s not 24/7! – you just need to keep track of your government’s announcements. 

    Bienvenido a Miami

    Walt Disney World? Everglades? The Florida Keys? Lake Okeechobee? If you decide on relocating to North Miami, you really can’t go wrong. All nature’s beauty in your backyard. All of it! (alright, except the desert) Whether you’re planning on purchasing a home or simply renting, this city’s got your back. All you need to do is give away your heavy winter clothes, get that sun cream in your bag and you’re rolling. Consider hiring a moving company to help, whether it be local moving or an interstate one, as it really alleviates the whole transition process. If you’re thinking about moving your business to North Miami, this city will not disappoint you.

    Get going, best of luck!