All you need to know about moving quotes

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    Having professional movers help with your relocation comes with a price tag that can vary depending on who you hire, how far you plan on traveling, and what services you choose. Anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars can be fitting for your particular relocation. So, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when moving to Florida, or anywhere else, you ought to get a quote before you hire a moving company. And, before you get one, you ought to find out all there is to know about moving quotes. Well, maybe not all, but at least all the important traits. And the following text will be all about those, so feel free to continue with the read.

    Terms that you need to know about moving quotes

    It is in our nature to get the sense of eeriness when in the presence of the unknown. The best way to beat that fear and get the objective overlook of the situation is to get familiar with as much as you can on the subject. When it comes to moving quotes, the first step to overcoming the potential confusion is to get introduced to the terms. Knowing them will make the whole moving quotes business much simpler. So, let’s get to them:

    1. Estimate

    This is the most frequently used term when it comes to the majority of moving companies. One can define an estimate as a price issued based on different factors, that can also be subject to change. The important thing to know is that an estimate never has, and never will be constant. An estimate is there to help you get an approximate amount of the money you will have to allocate for your relocation. That being said, you need to be ready to pay beyond the estimate issued to you. The moving company you hired won’t know where exactly you live, how many heavy items you plan on transporting, and so on. Of course, you can tell them, but these pieces of information are not regarded as super accurate since the estimates are mostly given over the phone.

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    Instead of seeing an estimate as a definite price, see it as an aid that will help you get a more accurate picture.

    Types of moving estimates

    There are three types of moving estimates you need to be aware of. When making a phone call to your movers Davie Fl, make sure to ask which they offer. The answer you get will match one of the options below:

    • Non-binding moving estimate. These estimates don’t hold the moving company to the estimated cost. This means that the final cost may increase or decrease compared to the estimate given. Steer clear from companies that offer suspiciously low moving estimates.
    • Binding moving estimate. Contrary to the previous type, binding moving estimate holds your moving company to the price you are quoted. Such a scenario allows you to plan your budget around your moving costs. It also provides you with the certainty of cost. Still, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. You will pay the amount estimated even if your stuff weighs less than the estimate or the actual cost of your move is lower than the estimate.
    • Binding not to exceed the estimate. This one is the most consumer-friendly type of estimate, and rather popular with long-distance moves. Namely, if your total cost is lower after the move, the moving company will adjust your price. And, if the cost of moving is higher than the estimate, you won’t have to pay the difference. That is to say, you will pay the exact cost if the cost of moving is less than the estimate.

    2. Quote

    You’d be surprised at the number of people who mix the terms ‘quote’ and ‘estimate’, thinking they are the same. This is wrong. A quote is a fixed price offer. An estimate is based on a guess. It’s easy to see where these definitions differ. The price on the quote you receive will not change once accepted. An estimate, however, is of inconsistent nature and is thus very inclined to altercations. Howbeit, many consumers continue to use these two terms interchangeably, further getting confused when the numbers don’t match. You, on the other hand, now know the difference and can lead by an example of a knowledgable individual.

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    One thing you should know about moving quotes is that they shouldn’t be mixes with moving estimates.

    3. Exact Pricing

    Now, this term has much more in common with a quote. Exact pricing is rather similar to a quote. Namely, exact pricing as a moving quotes term is defined as a reliable price that consists of all the moving services you are requesting. For example, in a situation where you have moving company package and you need to disassemble large stuff, they will give you an estimate for packing services and supplies, but could separately issue a quote for the move. Once you receive an exact price, know that it will include everything. You can rest assured that there will be no additional prices, hidden fees, nor surprise charges.

    4. Flat Rate

    The flat rate is end all and be all of your entire move, and a term you definitely ought to know about moving quotes. It is the price that will not change, regardless of any complications, hinderances, or other bumps on the road. Further meaning that problems like getting your piano out the door that is taking hours, should not concern you. Whether your move takes an hour or a whole day to get finished, the price stays the same.

    How to get the best moving quote?

    The most important, and probably rather obvious step is to avoid signing incomplete documents. Blank estimates shouldn’t end with your signature. If you are presented with such a situation, kindly decline, and look for another, more reliable moving company. Signing such a shady deal can lead to paying for charges you never agreed to.

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    Read thoroughly before you sign, and ask about anything that confuses you.

    Avoid companies that charge based on cubic feet. This is an illegal mean of conducting moving business, having that it allows scamming movers to overcharge you with far less effort. So, in order to circumvent this situation, request for complete quotes from moving companies that charge per pound and also ask them how they figure out their rates because this is the only best option you have.

    Lastly, one thing you need to know about moving quotes is that they are most accurate when you have a moving agent comes and sees your home. These surveys are far more reliable than over-the-phone ones.