Belongings you should personally transport

    A girl ready to move some of her things personally.

    Relocation is a chaotic and messy business. At best, it can be exhausting both physically and mentally. In the worst case scenario, you can end up with a partially moved home and one splitting headache. Luckily, you’re not helpless in any relocation, and you’ll be able to influence the outcome! Thus, you should check out this list of belongings you should personally transport when relocating your home. Move some of your own things and have a better relocation.

    Belongings you should personally transport

    When you start your relocation, there’ll definitely be some items you wouldn’t want to leave for the movers to pack and carry. Even if you find the best movers in the USA, you’ll still feel a lot more comfortable if you moved all these items by yourself. Thes are the things which we like to keep close to us, because of their value. So, you should definitely take some of your belongings with you when you move.

    Living things

    Some of us would like to think of our pets and plants as free creatures and not as our belongings. However, when the moving day comes, you’ll be responsible for your plants and all your pets. It’s very important to take these with you. For your pet – get a transporter if you’re moving by plane. You’ll want your little friend to be as comfortable as possible. If you’re driving to your new home, take your pet with you in your car. In this case, you might not need a box for your pet, but this will mostly depend on the type of pet you have. Don’t let your pet snake, rat or lizard loose in your car.

    As far as plants go, you’ll need to take them with you as well. The moving companies usually refuse to move living things, and this goes for plants too. Make sure that your plants have everything they need while in your car. If you don’t feel like relocating your entire garden in your car, you can hire professional plant movers to help you. This is especially important if you need long distance movers Florida. If you’re moving far away, your plants can die on the way to your new home.

    A very friendly dog.
    Make sure your best friend doesn’t suffer during the relocation.

    Very valuable things

    Your valuables are the other belongings you should personally transport. Even when you hire trustworthy Florida movers, it’s better to keep your jewelry and valuables on you at all times. Things get lost all the time on a moving day, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, make sure you pack up all your valuables at least a few days before the move.

    Items with sentimental value

    You should transport items which may not look valuable but are very meaningful to you yourself. Since the movers can’t tell your favorite mug from all the rest, they’re like not to give it a second glance. This can lead to damaging of your sentimental item. So, you can either spend the entire day with your movers telling them which items in your house are special to you and deserve extra care. Or, you can transport these belongings yourself, and minimize the risks.


    Another type of belongings you should personally transport are firearms. In addition to transporting your guns and ammo, you’ll also need to pack them. Don’t let your movers pack your weapons since this can lead to injury and a whole lot of other complications. Also, when transporting firearms and ammunition, make sure you follow the state laws and regulations. This is very important for any relocation!

    An automatic rifle.
    Make sure you always personally move your firearms.

    If you’re a member of the military and you need to relocate your service firearm, the rules are a bit different. Don’t pack it or transport it personally! You should leave your service weapon at your current posting and request a new one once you move. In addition to this, you can hire expert military movers to assist with your army relocation. These movers will give you the best conditions for a military relocation. Enjoy the benefits of being in the USA Armed Forces when you’re relocating.

    Belongings you shouldn’t transport or storage

    No use hiring storage for these since the movers won’t transport them. In addition to this, even the best storage services in Florida won’t accept these items in one of their units. Since they can cause a lot of damage to the storage unit and the staff, you’ll need to keep these belongings on you when you relocate. Or, even better, just get rid of them before the move!

    • Hazardous chemicals – anything that can harm those carrying it falls into the belongings you should personally transport. Moving companies won’t risk their teams to relocate these. No acids, abrasive chemicals or volatile chemical solutions.
    • Poisonous materials – you can bring no pesticides, insecticides or any other animal poisons when moving.
    • Machines that use fuel – especially if there’s still fuel in the gas tank. Transporting or storing gasoline is also a very bad idea.
    • Explosives – this is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re not allowed to bring pesticides with you when moving, you’ll also want to abstain from explosives.
    • Perishables – anything that can spoil goes to the trash. Not the storage unit, not your car. The trash!
    Never move poisonous chemicals.
    Avoid moving hazardous materials.

    Emergency bag

    Finally, the last of the belongings you should transport personally is your moving day emergency bag! This bag will be your go-to for every moving emergency you can think of! It should be on you at all times and filled with everything you might need! So, make sure there’s an extra outfit in the bag, along with a first aid kit, your prescription medication and anything you think you might find useful on a moving day. Putting some water and food in your emergency bag is also a good idea, as long as the food doesn’t spoil.

    An emergency bag is one of the belongings you should personally transport.
    Pack a bag of essentials before the moving day.