Best Central Florida places for families

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    If you are looking for the best Central Florida places for families, we hope we can help out a bit. Since you have your heart set on Florida, we will do our best to give a few suggestions as to which parts of it are best for you and your family. This is never an easy decision to make, especially since you are not moving alone. However, the positive thing is that you have a large number of places to choose from. This is how great Florida really is. These are, however, our personal views on the matter, and this does not mean that we are either right or wrong. We, as reputable Florida movers, are merely giving some suggestions based on which you could expand your search.

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    Finding the best place for you and your family is a lot of work. Better start searching!

    And who knows, we might hit the jackpot by recommending the best Central Florida places for families! Whichever you end up choosing, our West Palm Beach movers will be ready to jump in and help out!

    If you manage to choose your future place from our suggestions we will be thrilled! Also, if you are able to at least be sure which places you do not want for yourself based on our article, we will be happy! Still, the fact remains – nobody can really make this decision for you. Choosing best Central Florida places for families is hard work, and even if you think you’ve done all your research – you could be wrong. Fortunately for you, there are no wrong answers. Florida is filled with epic places to live in with your family, so whichever you end up choosing – you should be alright.

    Best Central Florida places for families – our list

    As mentioned before, it is really very hard to make a mistake with this. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods for you to call home, especially if you are with a family. In spite of all this, we will share our list of favorite places. Hopefully, this list will be eye-opening for you and will help you get one step closer to choosing your place. Otherwise, it might help you determine which places you are not interested in. This is also a boon!

    We classified these places based on qualities that suit family life. Primarily we took into consideration safety and crime rates. You wish for your children to play outside without you having to lose any sleep over it. Secondly, we looked at potential educational opportunities that your children may pursuit. Aside from this, there are countless other lesser factors that influence just how good a place is for you and your family. So, without further ado, let’s get into our list!

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    Your family wellbeing is your top priority!

    While you spend time choosing your new home place, we are here to support all the processes that are yet to come. You should enjoy the relocation with your family while we take care of the heavy lifting and potential storage Hallandale Beach solutions you could need.


    The first one on our list is definitely a small suburbian place – Valrico. This place is just 14 miles east of Tampa and is an amazing combination of various valuable qualities:

    • Quality amenities
    • Affordability
    • Strong economic growth
    • Safety

    These amazing qualities should benefit your plans for a family life greatly. This place just reeks of affordability for which you do not have to make many compromises. The median home value is revolving around about 190 thousand dollars, and the value of the place just promises to grow.

    As far as education it has some well-ranked schools. On GreatSchools it ranked 8 out of 10 which is an amazing grade, especially considering the affordability of the place. The crime rates are incredibly low in Valrico. All of this combined makes this place an amazing candidate for our list of best Central Florida places for families. It has everything you might hope to get: good education, high level of safety, high affordability and a growing economy! Did we miss anything?


    Another great contender in our list of best Central Florida places for families is definitely Oviedo, Florida! This suburb is in Orlando and is consisted of 13 neighborhoods that house approximately 40 thousand people. It is a very cozy community where people are very much connected to one another. The majority of the population is involved in white-collar jobs (astonishing 90%). 

    The schools here are very highly rated, which is a huge plus. Furthermore, if you enjoy a lot of outdoor activities with your family – Oviedo is the place for you! You have a choice from hiking at the Little Big Econ State Forest to alligator watching near Lake Jesup. These are just a few activities from a much wider portfolio you should look into!


    Coming up next is Weston, a gorgeous small city of around 70 thousand people in Broward County. The only thing not working for Weston that much is a surprisingly high level of crime present, but other qualities still made it possible for this town to qualify. In spite of this unpleasant data, it has the highest percentage of families living among all communities in Florida, meaning that the place was almost made to accommodate family life. This is a far more pleasant data for you when you start exploring best Central Florida places for families.

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    Make sure you waste no time and start looking.

    Furthermore, schools here have an impressive 9/10 score, which is outstanding! There is also a very high graduation rate. Lastly, the unemployment rate is very low and the median household income is at around 94 thousand dollars. These pieces of information make it easy to overlook the crime hickup and understand just how great of a choice this place is for your family life in Central Florida.

    Best Central Florida places for families – summation

    We really hope that our top three contenders made a difference in your thought process. You should do more research and see if the data matches. And keep in mind that moving with your family is never easy. Better be ready for anything! We wish you the best of luck in finding your dream place!