Best cities for singles in Florida

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    There are a lot of things to do once you decide to move to Florida! Find a better job, apartment and a city where you will live. But, in this article, we will cover a different topic. Here we will tell you what are the best cities for singles in Florida. Don’t worry, we are certain everyone can find their significant other in these places sooner or later!


    What parameters were used to find the best cities for singles in Florida

    There are a lot of ways to distinguish which cities are best suited for singles in Florida. For our examples, we used several of those criteria and put them together. This provided us with more precise information on what are the best cities for singles in Florida. To be more precise, the criteria we used is compiled of:

    • Number of people currently residing in the city
    • The male vs female ratio (with our goal to lean towards the 50 – 50 percentage)
    • Families with children
    • Average age
    • The total number of unmarried people in every city
    Image of a chart used to find the best cities for singles in Florida
    Parameters we used helped us find out what are the best cities for singles in Florida

    With these factors in mind, it was easy to give certain cities good “single score”. This information can be useful even in a job search. Or if you are a young entrepreneur. Why? Because it gives you rough information on how many young and working people there are in those cities. This is a perfect thing to have in mind when planning to relocate. But, unlike that, you don’t have to worry about the moving process if you happen to hire reliable movers and packers Florida. Let them finish all the hard work around relocation so you can focus on other more important things!

    Miami Gardens

    This beautiful city is in the north-central part of Miami – Dade County. According to the 2017 Census, it has a big population of 114,000 people. Here the majority of the population is consistent with African American people. With the average age of 35, there are a lot of people in this area that are both single and ready to work hard. Which doesn’t come as a surprise is that there is a good amount of investment in this area? More investing means more people will head out there! There will be a lot of job opportunities open soon enough.

    Skyline image of Miami
    There are a lot of job opportunities in Miami Gardens

    Miami Gardens is one of those places that can provide you as much as you want. Simply, that is the reason why it is on our list of best cities for singles in Florida.

    These are definitely some of the reasons why you should move here. There are a lot of things you can do and probably meet new people here! If you consider moving here, try to find and hire movers Miami Gardens Florida that can help you with your relocation!

    Lake Worth

    Want to live in a romantic city where you can enjoy peace, quiet and find love of your life? Lake Worth is the answer you are looking for! This city got its name from the US General Worth, who was one of the war heroes during the Second Seminole War. But, that is not what places this city on the list of the best cities for singles in Florida. The romantic answer you need is hidden in the nearby water. This very romantic and peaceful place is inhabited by a lot of single people. Although there are over 28,000 people currently living here, there are roughly around 25% of families with children. If you choose to test your luck here, then this might be a good choice! You can also enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Besides other things to do on the first date, Lake Worth offers a lot of other things as well!


    In the beautiful city of Naples, you can enjoy the most romantic winter ever! The skies are very clear, and you get a lot of sunny days during the winter period. Also, Naples is being developed quickly so there are a lot of job opportunities. Although there are over 20,000 people here, a big percentage of them are single. This is exactly why this is one of the best cities for singles in Florida. It is both a beautiful place to live and work, and to find a potential soulmate!

    A sunset
    There are a lot of single people in Naples who enjoy beautiful sunsets

    What shouldn’t make you wonder is the number of students choosing to move to Naples after college. It is a peaceful city that offers a lot of job opportunities to the newcomers! Starting to work after college gives you a chance to build up your network! And this is extremely important for those people who plan to move here after college. What won’t hurt to know as to how to prepare to move as a student!

    North Miami

    One of the most beautiful suburban cities is located in the northeast part of Miami – Dade County. And it is North Miami. The population of North Miami is roughly around 60,000 people with only 30% of that being married and having kids! Which means there are a lot of single people in North Miami. With a lot of different places you could visit with someone, there are restaurants, theatres and many other things you can do in North Miami. But, North Miami is not that cheap to live in! And you should know this if you plan on moving here. Try to get more information on cities with the highest cost of living in Florida before you relocate!


    Trying to create a list of the best cities for singles in Florida can be an extremely hard task. Since there are a lot of reasons why you should pick any city to live in, here are what we thought were the best ones! You will most certainly find your significant other in any of these places!