Best colleges in Florida to attend

    What are some of the first things that pop to mind when we talk about Florida? There is an abundance of features that make Florida the place to be. The endless blue skies, water as blue as a sapphire, amazing climate for those who love the summer, cheap movers Florida… All of this makes Florida amazing. But another thing that makes this place amazing is the number of best colleges in Florida that you are able to attend!

    But what about education? Ah, this segment is just as flawless! Degree seekers will have an amazing time browsing schools in the region. There are some famous schools you can scout for here, such as:

    • University of Florida
    • Florida State
    • Trinity Baptist College
    • Stetson University

    Be it state or private school that you are looking for, both can be found. Furthermore, they will be of the highest quality around! So what are some of the best colleges in Florida? Let’s investigate.

    Best colleges in Florida – the Breakdown

    As mentioned above, Florida hosts some of the most famous and best-ranked colleges in the country. This includes schools such as the University of Florida as well as the Florida State and the University of Miami. All of these schools are highly sought after by students from across the country.

    However, unfortunately, not everyone is given access to this level of education. Why? Several reasons.

    High standard

    First, the admission standards. At schools that are as famous this one can be quite rigorous. I mean extremely rigorous. For instance, Florida State will admit approximately only 50% (or less) of students that apply. This means that out of a thousand students, only 500 will get in.

    Furthermore, the median high school GPA for students that want to attempt to get into Florida State is 3.92. This means that academic excellence is highly required. Additionally, funding this level of education can be quite a challenge. Students seeking a more budget-friendly solution should probably consider some lower-rated schools.

    Florida State is said to be one of the best colleges in Florida because of its high standard
    If you think to get into Florida State, you better warm up your learning chair.

    Still, do not let this get to you. You should rather be encouraged to pursue it because if you get in you will be amongst the best of the best!

    So, which schools are the best ones? Which one should you hope to pursue? Let’s begin!

    University of Florida

    The undisputed spot number one goes to, of course, University of Florida. This should hardly come as any surprise. The diversity of programs that the college offers go above 300. This means that students all across the state will be able to pursue a passion they wish to. It offers something for everyone!

    This goes from African-American studies, classics, medieval, early modern studies, veterinary studies, medical sciences, etc. Basically, if you are able to get into it you will have an incredible choice of paths to take in your personal development and growth.  And if you need to move to the University of Florida you might have to recruit professional movers. It can be costly to hire them. So read up on the article outlining the best tips for budget cuts while moving.

    The University of South Florida – Sarasota – Manatee

    The University of South Florida – Sarasota – Manatee is taking pride in a much smaller campus of just about 2000 students. It has set its main focus on individualized educational experience. Taking such an approach they boast a 92% student satisfaction rate.

    The school owns a catalog of 18 undergraduate programs. It offers over 25 minor options to choose from. Amongst other things, it offers more than 100 different internship possibilities. One instance of something special is the fact that enrolled undergraduates that have chosen the biology program have a chance to use the off-site labs at Mote Marine Laboratory. There they can learn from the top names in this field. Therefore it’s simply an incredible experience.

    You can get the chance to experience research in one of the kind facility that is marine laboratory.
    Marine laboratory sounds really cool if you are into biology or marine life.

    University of Central Florida

    This one takes pride in being one of the largest universities in the country. Most definitely its the largest college in the entire Florida region. The astronomical number of students reaches up to 65,000. That is right, 65 thousand students.

    For this number of students, they have prepared 210-degree programs that are given in the main campus, online or through some of the 12 available regional locations. The UCF campus culture is highly diverse thanks to the incredible amount of students it homes. Undergrads can choose from as much as 110 different degrees. Amongst them, they can find careers that are highly sought after in today’s market. If you live on campus, you probably can’t store all of your things in a tiny room. So it is probably a good idea to think about renting storage. Cheap storage Florida is one of the places to look for. It offers all that you would want from a modern storage space, with the addition of being affordable.

    Florida State University

    One of the best colleges in Florida is definitely the Florida State University. Located in Tallahassee, it was recently redesigned to be named a primary research university. However, this is not the only aspect of FSU that makes it one of the best colleges in Florida. It has an astonishing 93% freshman retention rate. Also, it boasts with six Nobel Laureate faculty members. Students that attend FSU have the privilege to have much more features than most schools in the region.

    If you want to practice what you learn instead of just learning theory, then FSU is the right place for you.
    Florida State University has made research at the heart of their education curriculum

    The school offers more than 160 undergraduate degrees, spread amongst one of its 14 academic colleges, most of which offer additional specialization to some degree.

    Florida International University

    The first thing that pops to mind about this place is the fact that it is the only public research institution in Miami. Furthermore, it has an abundance of qualities that helped it make our list of the best colleges in Florida.

    Since 2017 the school offers a little short of 200-degree programs of all academic levels. This involves both campuses as well as online studies. There are some innovative programs that the schools offer and they include:

    • Asian studies
    • Construction management
    • Portuguese
    • Real estate

    Aside from this, the FIU is home to the Aquarius Reef Base, currently the only underwater ocean laboratory in the world!