Best FL cities for college grads

    Graduates in one of the best FL cities for college grads.

    First of all, let us congratulate you on successful graduation. Well done! You are now a part of 6.7% of intellectuals with a college degree. Not too bad, indeed. However, how does this have an effect on your professional life? Chances are you will have an easier time finding a job that suits your preferences. Still, that piece of paper you now proudly hold will certainly not guarantee it. Unless you already have a job waiting for you by circumstances we will not judge, you will have to put some brains as well as some brawn into landing a favorable position. One of the smart ways to go about this ordeal is to put yourself in the right place and proceed with chasing the right time. So, let us see what are those right places by going through the list of the best FL cities for college grads that follows.

    College grads throwing their graduation hats in the air
    Are you all done with school but not a job in sight? These Fl cities for college grads will give you more opportunities than you hoped for.

    Not the Russian one

    St. Petersburg is a city you can find at the edge of Tampa Bay. It is welcoming home to a thriving economy with an average payroll salary of $47,471. For the record, and anyone interested, this is $13,500 more than the average across all the major cities in Florida. Names that might mean something to all of you company jobs seekers are:

    • Raymond James Financial
    • EverBank
    • Jabil Circuit

    All of their headquarters are in St. Petersburg, so call your commercial movers Florida right away and start chasing that dream. You ought to know that the median rent is $924 a month. The city itself is bustling with restaurants and entertainment along the Grand Central District. It is also a residency of the ever-growing millennial population, creating a lively atmosphere.

    A pine cove

    Just kidding. Palm Bay is the second member of our ”FL cities for college grads” list. It also has the second-highest average payroll out of all the cities that made our pick. Now, some of you may have heard about an expansion called Emerald City. For the rest of you bewildered by this mentioning, it is a $101.8 million project that will create an urban center along Interstate 95. Do you know who’s in the middle of it? Palm Bay itself. As if this isn’t enough by itself, the city also features several large businesses, one of them being the Harris Corp, any information technology enthusiast’s favorite.

    Office with a staggering amount of monitors, all serving the purpose of IT.
    Does this look appealing? Head on over to Palm Bay and see if you can get in.

    One of the best FL cities for college grads with a strong millennial presence

    To elaborate on the subtitle, it refers to the 7% growth of those born between the 1980s and the mid-1990s in the city of Tampa from 2010 to 2013. These days, the number of millennials in Tampa make up about 30% of the population. Yes, you can view it as a lot of competition, but we believe it’s a healthy environment for anyone wanting to better themselves. It will motivate you to push yourself, as well as help bring out the best in you.

    Another motivator may lay in the numbers that make up the average salary. Paycheck says $47,306, making it 28% higher than the average of major Florida cities. Still not convinced this is the place for you? Do companies such as KForce and World Fuel Services sound enticing? If so, the time for relocation is upon you.

    In such times, one might find himself in need of storage alternatives. Since you are looking for FL cities for college grads, we will stick to that state, and recommend Florida storage units as the indispensable helping hand.

    The largest of the Jacksons is one of the best cities in FL for college grads

    Having that Jacksonville is a city, and for that matter largest city in Florida, we will deem this subtitle highly appropriate. It might not make much sense, but whoever said it had to? Howbeit, the reason why this place made it to our list is the number of opportunities it offers. You can thank corporate banks, health care companies and Fortune 500 companies, such as Fidelity National Financial and CSX Corp for the high average payroll salary. The median rent is not bad either, taking only $927 out of your hard earned money. And if you still have some bucks to spare, looking for a fun time, stop by Davie, Fl, and have yourself a blast.

    For those who yearn gains

    What better place to go to than Gainesville? A tad cheesy? We don’t care, and neither should you. While in Gainesville, with an unemployment rate of 4.6% and a lower monthly rent of $854, you won’t have a care in the world. Besides being home to the University of Florida and about 50,000 students, making it the city of millennials, this place also has an abundance of job opportunities. More noticeable ones are in health care, namely UFHealth and the Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center. And, if health is something that piques your interest, a guide for taking the stress out of moving might also captivate your attention. After all, we all know how stress creates a fertile ground for illnesses, and nobody wants those.

    A doctor checking the blood pressure of a patient.
    If interested in a health care career, Gainesville should satiate your professional appetite.

    Honorable mentions:

    1. Winter Springs offers a median income of $50,402 for residents with a bachelor’s degree. It is also among the safest cities in Florida with just 1.4 violent crimes for every 1,000 residents.
    2. Doral rolls pretty high with a median income for residents with a bachelor’s degree of $50,708. In addition, the rate of violent crime is far lower than in many other parts of the Miami area, making it one of the best FL cities for college grads.
    3. Coral Gables will grant you a median income of $52,312 if you are a resident with a bachelor’s degree. This waterfront city south of downtown Miami has an above-average concentration of young people, a low crime rate, and strong wages for college graduates.