Best FL cities for young couples

    A happy couple.

    Whether you are already located in Florida or not, if you are a part of a young couple, you really shouldn’t think too much about your future humble abode – you already know that the Sunshine State is the perfect place. What the best FL cities for young couples can offer you are metropolitan areas, seaside fun, and plenty of sunshine all year round. Add to that the thriving economy, and you pretty quickly get a state that can satisfy all of your needs, and then some. But before you research your relocation assistance Florida options, you should first take a look at our article. Take these cities into consideration and we promise you won’t regret it!

    Ocoee will win over your heart

    Ocoee is not a typical Florida city, as we all usually associate Florida with beaches. It is located near the middle of the state but thanks to its numerous lakes, it still gives you that tranquility that large bodies of water inevitably bring. One in five residents in Ocoee is between the ages of 20 and 34, which gives you a pretty good idea why this city is on our list. And with 37,000 residents, Ocoee will allow you to live in an urban community without having to go through jams and crowds. If that doesn’t make it one of the best Florida cities for young couples, we don’t know what does!

    Miramar is one of the best FL cities for young couples

    If you have always wanted to live in Miami or Fort Lauderdale but wanted to avoid the madness of these two cities, then you need Miramar. It is conveniently located near all the amenities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and near their beaches, of course. When it comes to the financial part, Miramar doesn’t lack qualities. The median income for a person with a bachelor’s degree is $51,400. When you combine that with your partner’s amount, which could be higher or lower, you get funds that should be enough for a nice life that isn’t void of any necessities.

    A beach in Miramar, one of the best FL cities for young couples.
    Take a road trip to Miami’s beautiful beaches and have a fun day with your significant other.

    Besides, Miramar is a big city with over 126,000 residents. That means that even if you are single at the moment, you have some very good chances of meeting your significant other. And just like that, Miramar becomes the best place in Florida for young couples that are already together, as well as those in the making.

    Hallandale Beach is growing rapidly

    Statistics show that Hallandale Beach has one of the fastest-growing populations in Broward County. People are never quick to rush to a place that isn’t good; so you can rest assured that Hallandale Beach has something special to offer. All you have to do is ask experienced movers Hallandale Beach FL how busy they have been and they will tell you that they have had their hands full. While Hallandale Beach is a great place for retirement, it’s also one of the best Florida places for young couples. It offers plenty of restaurants, shops, casinos, and all in all beautiful sunsets. And what do young couples need more than a bit of romance?

    A young couple in a restaurant.
    As one of the best FL places for young couples, Hallandale Beach offers plenty of fun places.

    Winter Springs will be one of the best places for your future family

    Imagine living in a city that is so safe that there are only 1.4 violent crimes per 1000 residents! That doesn’t have to be imagination should you decide to move to Winter Springs. Know that we here at Purple Heart Moving Group wholeheartedly support such a decision! Why? Being located 20 minutes north of Orlando, Winter Springs ensures you never spend a dull moment. Orlando’s Disney World and Universal Studios await!

    Besides, you don’t have to venture to a different city just to have fun. Plenty of fun can be found in Winter Springs itself. This place is stuffed with amusements parks, restaurants and hotels. When you take into account that the Orlando area has one of the strongest economies in the state, it’s easy to see why plenty of young couples are rushing to settle in Winter Springs. We don’t blame you – we would do the same!

    Doral may be a surprising choice

    As a suburb of Miami, no one would expect Doral to be on the list of the best FL cities for young couples. It’s not even a city, so how did it find its place here? And don’t we usually associate suburbs with families, kids, and white picket fences? Well, what makes Doral different than other suburban areas is that it is a suburb of Miami – one of the best cities in the United States. By living in Doral, you get the best of both worlds. You get to be close to the concrete jungle of Miami (only 12 miles from downtown) but you also get to escape to some much-needed peace and quiet. Call local Miami movers and have them relocate you to this suburb. Doral will not disappoint, believe us!

    A view of Miami.
    Life in Miami is grand, but so is life in Doral – its suburb.

    Plant City offers something unique than the other Florida’s best cities for young couples

    Not all young couples love big and bustling cities. Some like to lead a peaceful life and not have to worry about crime rates, jams, and which nightclubs to visit that weekend. If you are one of them, you should strongly give Plant City a thought. It may not be one of the most developed Florida cities, but it’s one of the most promising ones. Located near Tampa, this community of 36,000 residents is settled in an agricultural area. But Plant City is far from being a rural area. It offers decent paychecks for college grads ($51,276 being a median income) and it is located only 25 miles from Tampa’s main attractions. With over 20% of its residents being people aged 20 to 34, Plant City is without a doubt one of the best FL cities for young couples. We have no doubt you too would love it!