Best neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood

    neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood

    Affordable” and “Los Angeles” may sound impossible in the same sentence, especially if you’re reading this as a person who lives outside of L.A. Or even if you are reading this from one of the country’s other major cities. It is in fact so, that when compared to the rest of the U.S., L.A. is pretty pricey. But whether you’re an actor currently living in here or a prospective Angelino looking to make the move, there’s a lot to consider. Your movers hollywood FL are to help you by choosing neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood. There are so many neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood you could make your own. They offer affordability, cultural and culinary offerings, and beyond! Below, we present six of L.A.’s best areas for the working actor.

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    There is some major price-point disparity from neighborhood to neighborhood when it comes to housing in LA.

    Here’s a list of the most convenient neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood:


    1. Los Feliz

    Though it’s a bit obvious, it’s also no surprise that “Feliz” translates to “happy.” Los Feliz is kind of a unicorn area in L.A. Why? According to one of the best moving companies in Miami, it’s one of the few areas of the city best experienced on foot. If you are contemplating moving west, this may be one of the perfect neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood. Featuring a vast array of dive bars, movie houses, and independent book and clothing stores to enjoy, the true-blue neighborhood is also a short distance from both Hollywood and the Valley. All the places where you’ll likely have to travel often for auditions and other meetings.

    • And this is another reason why this is a unicorn – it’s one of the best neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood because it gives you easy access to L.A.’s heavy-traffic destinations. Without having to deal with driving over a long distance in the everyday heavy traffic!
    • Median one-bedroom rental price: $1,895

    2. Silver Lake is one of the most attractive neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood

    Silver Lake may, in fact, be L.A.’s most yuppie absent spot these days. Overflowing with independently-owned cafes and stores, it’ll be one of the best neighborhoods for aspiring actors in Hollywood because it will be wonderful for spending days when work is light. You will find affordable and diverse dining options here. Like Cafe Stella for French bistro-style eats, and Pine & Crane for authentic Taiwanese cuisine. Of course, with Millenials flocking to LA, rental prices are quick to rise, which is why you should move before it’s out of reach entirely.

    • Median one-bedroom rental price: $1,950
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    We wonder if that does anything for you, New Yorkers reading this?

    3. Echo Park

    Echo Park remains just different enough to keep tourists and Hollywood enthusiasts out, while still being very attractive for artists looking for a plethora of culture within walking distance. Well, maybe short-driving distance from their homes. But what truly may be the most wonderful aspect of Echo Park for actors especially is not its many top-ranking indie music venues like The Echo, but the crazy cheap parking available all around!

    • Median one-bedroom rental price: $1,820