Best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners

    A dog and his owner thinking about the best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners

    Finding a place for you alone in New York City can be considered as a grueling endeavor on its own accord. With that in mind, you can only imagine how much effort it can take to find a home fitting for you and your dog. Locating a pet-friendly apartment that has a nice park in its proximity gives an ‘uphill battle’ another dimension. However, don’t give up just yet, and call off your Florida movers. The text that is in front of you will make your search much easier, and help you focus your attention to the best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners.

    An obvious one to make the cut

    We are, of course, talking about the Upper East Side. As if the reasons for moving here weren’t plentiful enough. Now, just before scheduling your packing services Florida, let’s look at the data. For example, 18 percent of Carnegie Hill buildings bill themselves as pet-friendly, as opposed to the ones in Yorkville that add up to just seven percent. Be that as it may, the Upper East Side, overall, is definitely on the top of best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners list. Apart from having 11 percent of the buildings marked as pet-friendly, the park situation is also rather superb.

    A gray dog with blue eyes
    If you are looking for the best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners, the Upper East Side is the place to start your search.

    Dog-friendly parks that nearby include Central Park, Andrew Haswell Green Park, and Carl Schurz Park. Oh, and let’s not forget the pet stores. There are 166 listed for the area on Yelp.

    It is now safe to conclude that finding a place for you and your four-legged friend will be easiest on the Upper East Side. So, start packing right away!

    One of the best places NYC neighborhoods for dog owners

    Midtown Manhattan might not have all of the advantages that relocating to Tampa, Florida has, but it sure is pet-friendly. More specifically, nine percent of listings bill themselves as such. You will certainly do best in Midtown East, with the 12 percent of listings being pet-friendy. For comparison, Midtown West and Midtown South are clocked in at just six percent.

    Now, depending on where you are, Central Park can be considered as rather close and at your disposal. As for the other options that are not too shabby themselves, you have:

    • Peter Detmold Park to the east, and
    • De Witt Clinton Park to the west.

    When it comes to the retail options, you needn’t worry. With a total of 150 pet stores between Midtown West and Midtown East, your little bundle of furry joy won’t be missing much of anything.

    Two yellow puppies sitting in the grass
    An abundance of pet stores on every step will ensure that your little buddy has all that it needs.

    Another one with the Central Park nearby

    Not that you have to go there, but it is rather nice. The neighborhood we have in mind is the Upper West Side. Here, you also have the proximity of Riverside Park just to the west. Now, add to that pretty picture the 107 different neighborhood pet stores, and an average of seven percent listings on the pet-friendliness scale, and you have yourself a quality place to take into consideration.

    Upper West Side is one of the larger Manhattan sub-markets geared towards dog owners. And, let us not forget the dog runs. Riverside Park has a lot of active ones where both your pet and yourself can make fast friends. Of course, the subtitle obliges us to mention Central Park. Its northern hill off 106th Street is a veritable dog-lovers’ scene, especially in the mornings.

    An increasing prospect

    It may or may not come as a surprise that you are not the only one looking for best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners. What’s more, the demand is so great, that the developers have caught on. More and more condos and luxury rentals are altering their description and now list themselves as pet-friendly. This makes the fact that the new construction-heavy neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan are scoring well on the pet-friendliness scale not too surprising. More specifically, a whopping 40 percent of Battery Park City and Civic Center listings are billed as pet-friendly. Neat! Oh, and we have to add the 10 percent in the Financial District.

    With these statistics, you are probably wondering why Lower Manhattan is not the first on our list. Well, we are sorry to say that the green space is rather lacking down here. Unless your building happens to have a pet-friendly, shared lawn (and know that many do), you might end up with little to no options. If you are, however, close to Battery Park City’s Kowsky Dog Plaza or the Tribeca Dog Park, things are looking up.

    A dog running in the park
    With nice parks nearby, your dog will be able to get all the action he or she needs.

    The retail front is also strong, with seven pet stores in BPC, 16 in Civic Center, 21 in Tribeca and 15 in FiDi. In conclusion, Lower Manhattan is great if you have a smaller dogo that does not require hours of exercise. If that is the case, make sure that you know how to prepare your dog for relocation, and start packing right away.

    One more neighborhood to consider

    The last on our list, but certainly not the least, is Dumbo. There is a high number of pet-friendly new devs, as well as waterfront park access, and dogs tend to love that. Seventeen percent of listings in the neighborhood of Dumbo are defining themselves as pet-friendly. What makes is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for dog owners is definitely the dog run at Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Hillside Dog Park. In addition, fellow dog owners that already live there tend to praise a serviceable number of doggy daycares, pet stores, and dog walking services.