Best NYC neighborhoods for young couples

    New York City will have something for everyone.

    Moving to New York City is a great choice for those who are looking for adventure. This city is full of possibilities and it has something for everyone. Many young couples move here in search of a fresh beginning. Whether you are looking for a business opportunity or hoping to start a family, New York will give you the perfect start. However, it’s not always easy choosing the right neighborhood for you. With over 150 different neighborhoods, it can get quickly get confusing. Luckily, we have created the ideal list of the best NYC neighborhoods for young couples. Explore our guide and learn which New York area is the perfect choice.

    Best NYC neighborhoods for young couples – Upper East Side

    You have probably seen buildings from this neighborhood in many TV shows and movies. However, it is not necessarily the unaffordable exclusive place as it is depicted. Many young couples and families live in this neighborhood. On the other hand, young singles and professionals are abundant as well. If you enjoy a night out with your significant other, you will not go wrong by moving to the Upper East Side. When you walk down any street, you are sure to find a number of appealing places. Moreover, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, and many other galleries and museums are just a short walk away from most buildings.

    Brownstones are abundant in the Upper East Side.
    You can walk to almost anywhere from this neighborhood.

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    Park Slope is great for families

    Whether you already have children or are planning on having them, Park Slope is the choice for you. One of its greatest features is Prospect Park. The park has a zoo, a lake, many restaurants and bars, and fields for almost any sport you can think of. Moreover, the park hosts many events and activities, for both children and adults. On the other hand, Park Slope is also an excellent place for young professionals, as well as those who enjoy the nightlife. Finally, a great selling point of this neighborhood is that public transport is well-organized. If you prefer to ride the subway over walking, you can take a number of different trains and easily get to almost any other part of the city. That is why Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods in NYC for young couples.

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    Williamsburg is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for young couples

    Home to most of New York’s successful artists, Williamsburg is one trendy neighborhood. Most of its residents are under the age of 40, which makes it an ideal place for young couples in New York City. While it is technically in Brooklyn, it is also just a bridge away from Manhattan. If you want to escape the rush hour but still remain in touch with the metropolis, this neighborhood is the choice for you. On the other hand, the average rent for a studio apartment is around $3,000. Even though it is not as affordable as some other New York neighborhoods, you will not be bored here. New bars and restaurants open every day, with many diverse menus and offers. Moreover, since it is the center of the art world of New York, you will enjoy exploring its many galleries and shows.

    Williamsburg is one of the best neighborhoods for young couples.
    Manhattan is right across the river from Williamsburg.

    If you prefer a more affordable option, South Williamsburg might be better for you. Additionally, you would have more public transportation options if you moved here. The subway system is well-organized and you can take a number of trains to reach the city proper. You can even save money by reducing moving costs in a few simple ways. Do research to learn how you can save while also moving successfully.

    Murray Hill is the ideal choice for professionals

    Recent college graduates adore this neighborhood. It is filled with those who are looking to have fun while also starting a career. That is why Murray Hill is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for young couples. You can start your life together in this trendy part of the city. Moreover, you will surely make friends easily. Visit any bar in Murray Hill and you will meet someone who shares some interests with you. Also, if you enjoy international cuisine, this neighborhood will not disappoint. Indian cuisine is the most prominent, but there are also many other options. Finally, the Grand Central Station is only a walk away, and many other New York neighborhoods are easily accessible by subway.

    When you move to New York City, you might be surprised by the lack of space. This is one of the reasons why people rent storage units when they move to this city. You should consider this option if you realize there isn’t enough room for all of your belongings.

    Best NYC neighborhoods for young couples – Boerum Hill

    One of the few remaining picturesque neighborhoods in this city, Boerum Hill is a haven for both singles and families. The brownstone buildings contribute to the charm of this area. Moreover, unlike in other parts of New York, there are no box stores, which helps small businesses prosper.

    You can start a family in Boerum Hill.
    Take scenic walks through Boerum Hill with your significant other.

    The reason why Boerum Hill is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for young couples, if not the best, is that it has the feel of a small town, rather than a big city such as New York. However, you still have all the amenities that go with living in New York. The local club scene is not to be neglected, with Bar Tabac as one of the most famous bars. If you are working in Manhattan, you can still reach it very easily by a number of subway trains. You can also use the subway to commute to other parts of New York.