Best ways to avoid clutter

    Street sign, exit from chaos.

    It is important to be organized. Not just for you, it is important for your items and furniture too. There are plenty of ways to avoid clutter, but if you have never been in that situation, of course, you are lost and you do not where to begin. Especially if you are moving for the first time, it can be so stressful life event.

    Room in the mess, when there are ways to avoid clutter, do not allow it.
    Do not allow yourself to have a mess in your house or storage when you can easily clean it

    Ways to avoid clutter while moving

    Moving is that it forces you to make a clean the house by getting rid of unwanted things. Items and furniture that you no longer use, need or want. If you move a lot and you have experience, you will find that you tend not to collect things you do not want. Keep only the bare minimum around the house. Also, remember that it is cheaper and much easier if there is less to pack and less to load onto a moving truck or van. For your moving, of course, you want just the best moving companies in Florida.

    Decide what can stay and what can go

    Before you move, it is a good idea to sort your things. So you will not end up moving stuff that you don’t really need and have never really used (or you did not use that in the past 2 years). Not only will it save you time in packing and unpacking, but it will also save your money. Because, the more stuff you have to move, the more expensive it will be. If you move for the army you will probably need military movers. Especially in that case, you cannot take all your items with you. Deciding what to pack and what to get rid of is difficult.

    You might find yourself moving stuff just because you can’t decide if you need it or not, it is a common scenario. There are some questions you should ask yourself if you want help to decide what should stay and what should go. Prepare yourself.

    Organize a garage sale

    It is the best way to get rid of some items and to make some money. Most of the people can’t resist a garage (yard) sale. There’s something about going through someone else’s stuff, we do not know what. Maybe it is the hunt. No matter what the reason is, garage sales are definitely the best way to get rid of stuff. If you are searching for the best ways to avoid clutter that is one of them. The money you earn can be used to haul the rest of your stuff to your new home. You can sell items online or to donate them too.

    Label and packing boxes

    It is important if you want to be organized. You do not want to open 10 boxes just to find one t-shirt. It can be a real mess. Every box should be labeled, for security too. If you pack fragile items in the box, you must label it. When we talking about packing, there are some rules to avoid clutter:

    • Start earlier – If you start to pack your boxes 2 days before moving, it is a big problem. Especially if you have kids. It is stressful too.
    • First, pack the items you do not need right now – If it is not a season, you can pack your jackets and boots, for example. Little by little you will be finished and everything will be clean.
    • Get some help – It is not the end of the world if you ask your friend to help you or to hire a moving company. If you are looking for the ways to avoid clutter, this is it.

    Organizing storage unit to avoid clutter

    Planning ahead is important when you want to declutter your storage unit. How you’re going to be inserting the boxes into your unit? What will you put first? This can save you a lot of time in the long run. Also, before loading your boxes, you may want to arrange raised pallets according to the plan you develop. This will prevent rats, ants, and silverfish from building a home in the bottom of your boxes. This is very important for outdoor storage. Do not store wet items because wet items can cause mildew and mold too. That can be a big mess and your items will be ruined. If you want to rent it, then before that learn how to pick the right size storage unit.

    Organized books on the shelf.
    Everything is much better when is organized

    If you have shelves available, use them for your storage. This way you will have an open space in the middle. It’s always best to stack boxes in such a way that they can be readily accessible because it is not just to point to avoid clutter, you should prevent it too. For example, placing boxes that contain items you may need later or you need them often are best suited in areas easy to access. A storage unit is a great solution if you want to avoid clutter in your home. Many people rent a storage unit because they want open space in their homes.

    Organizing your home

    One of the biggest problems for those considering decluttering their homes is that it can feel like such a huge undertaking, but it is not. Remember it is not a one-day project, do not expect that. It’s actually better to be done over time.

    Do not buy items before you organize a home. Many people make this mistake. You will just add stuff to your clutter. Don’t go halfway with any task, or start or don’ start. There is no sense in gathering items to give away, and in the end, you have bags of them hanging around for weeks. Avoid starting a new decluttering project until the previous one is totally complete. It is recommended that after you clean a house, you look into small storage units in your area to keep the items not needed in the space every day because as we mentioned before you should prevent clutter too.

    Clean kitchen.
    A clean house will reduce your stress. Cleaning is a good therapy

    As you can see, there are many ways to avoid clutter. So, start as soon as possible and we assure you that you will be proud of yourself.