How to avoid the biggest moving mistakes

    Learn to how to avoid the biggest moving mistakes

    Moving is the new chapter in your life, and you should do it right. The first step is to pack and the next step is to avoid to biggest moving mistakes. Consider these common moving mistakes and the most important thing how to avoid them.

    Street sign, wrong way
    Do not pick a wrong way. With a little help, you can avoid moving mistakes

    Save yourself from the biggest moving mistakes

    Luckily, you are on the right way. Because you want to learn something new and to protect yourself. Moving can be so stressful and it is easy to make the biggest moving mistakes you can imagine. Avoid them by following few simple tips we will give to you. So, let’s start.

    You want to take all your stuff

    Emotions will stop you to throw some items. And it is normal, but think rationally. If you want to pack like a pro, then you should leave some belongings. This will save your money too. Think this way, why would you move your plates, clothing, magazines to your next house? Of course, you will take some things, but a new house, new life deserves also a new furniture and clothes. So, what you should do? Before you pack, through your home, with a friend. Your friend will help you to think rationally. If you did not use items for two or three years. probably you will not use it at all. You can donate or sell anything that you no longer want.

    Items for garage sale
    Organize a garage sale and make some money

    Time, time, time

    It is a moving day and you are not done with packing. The documents are not ready yet. You did not say goodbye to all your friends…The key is PLANNING. Start a little bit earlier than you think it will be enough. Especially if you have kids. They can slow you down. Make a plan and stick to it. It is easy to forget something. For example:

    • Find moving company – The moving company should be reliable and reputable. Otherwise, you will make one of the biggest moving mistakes. You will probably need to book your moving company earlier than you think.
    • Prepare all documents – Change your address, and if you have kids take their documents from school. Transfer medical record.
    • Start to pack now – You will need more time than you think. Emotions, obligations, kids, new job. It is not easy.
    Time is running. Start as soon as possible

    You’re overburdening with saving money

    It is normal to save money. But, not with everything. You think that renting a truck and convincing your friends to carry your stuff will save you money. It can make sense financially but in the end, you will pay a lot more. If you damage your stuff, no one will pay for it. On the other hand, moving companies have insurance, professionals have tools, equipment, and the most important things knowledge and experience. Other mistake people make is they want to move all items. Even if you do not hire a moving company, a vehicle consumes more fuel if the weight is higher.

    Requesting in-home estimates

    You’re going to need multiple cost estimates from different moving companies. So, ask them to come and evaluate everything. That’s how you will have an insight into how much money to separate for moving your items. Some of them may offer you to complete the cost estimation over the phone or via e-mail. It could be a mistake. The moving company representatives will visit your home and measure up the approximate weight and size of your items, and according to that, they will tell you a cost of moving.

    You are too trusting

    Your belongings are too valuable to give them to anybody. You have picked the cheapest moving company without checking them. Some moving companies may steal your possessions, or not to pay if they break something. So, do your research. Ask for referrals. Maybe the best solution is to ask your friends or co-workers to recommend to you a reliable moving company. Read your contract carefully before you sign it and pay attention to extra fees. You can not expect your TV to be in a new home if it is not on the list. So, check everything. Hire a good and reliable moving company and do not worry.

    Packaging materials

    Bubble foil or newspaper can save your fragile items from breaking. So do not be cheap. Use them a lot. In the end, it will pay off, for sure. Putting delicate glassware or china in some bubble airfoil is better than nothing. Wrap your fragile item with air bubble plastic wrap and find an appropriate box. Then, on the bottom of the packing box put the newspaper (make a ball). When you do that, put your fragile item in the box and cover it with more newspaper. It is not complicated and difficult, but it can save your fragile items.

    Label the boxes

    You’ve come to a new apartment, and where are your toothbrush and glass? Now you need to open all of your boxes and make a total mess. To avoid this mistake label your boxes, all of them. Pack a suitcase or box that have everything you will need for the first few days. For example, cosmetics, toilet paper, soap, snacks, pajamas, anda laptop. If you have a pet, put their food there too. Do not buy the brand new boxes. You can find them for free and the supermarkets. And the most important thing, scissors! Put them in your purse. How will you open the boxes without them? These are little things that will help you a lot and will protect you from making the biggest moving mistakes.