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How to deal with difficult tenants

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A hand holding a key
Are your tenants giving you a difficult time? Any landlord who was in the renting business for a while can tell you a couple of examples of their fair share of difficulties with bad tenants....

Moving from Florida to NYC- what to expect

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a girl looking at a map and her phone
There are new opportunities waiting for you in NYC. Moving from Florida to NYC will be the best decision that you can make. Because of that decision you are on the way to change your...

Top pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa

pet-friendly restaurants in Tampa
When you have a pet, you want to take him everywhere with you. Ok, maybe not everywhere, but you get the point. Having a dog means having a best friend. Why would you have to...

Simple ways to make your house feel like home

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A girl who would know how to make your house feel like home
Moving to a new house is an endeavor of its own accord. There are a lot of tasks to be mindful of, not to mention the emotional aspect of this change that is much more...

The secret of staying in touch after a long distance move

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Scrabble letters that spell Friend
The moving period can be very stressful! Especially if we are moving far away. Now, we already built ourselves our little worlds with a lot of good friends! So the question of knowing the secrets...

How to choose the best tenant for your rental

choose the best tenant for your rental
When you are a landlord there are a lot of obligations. It is not all about simply owning a place and rent it to someone. There is so much more to it. One of the...

Top things to do with NYC preschoolers

things to do with NYC preschoolers
Moving to New York is a big change for most people. Moreover, moving with children to the Big Apple will bring many opportunities and changes. If you already decided that NYC is your new home...

Creative and heartwarming gift ideas for first-time homeowners

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gift ideas for first-time homeowners
Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to gift someone who just moved in? A new home is a place for new memories and a place to start a new life. If one of...

DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service

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colorful boxes
Congratulation on your finished relocation! It must be exhilarating to live in your new home! Whether you moved for education purposes or for a new job career it doesn’t matter. Now, there is only one...

Ideas for decorating a rental apartment

decorating a rental apartment
When you are renting an apartment, deep down you are always aware that is not yours, therefore, most of the people do not even try to make it better, prettier, or simply more attractive to...