Budget-friendly decorating ideas for the holidays

    Are you dreading holidays because you always have to spend a lot of money on the decorations? Actually, there are many decorating ideas for the holidays that are amazingly budget-friendly. Apart from not having to spend a fortune on decorations, you can also have fun with your family while decorating. Creating decorations for your home is a great way to socialize with friends, spend quality time with your family, and be creative. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to your budget-friendly decorations, there are some of the actions that you can take which don’t require more than fifteen minutes. Are you ready to get down to decorating? If so, keep reading! 

    Low-budget decorating ideas for the holidays that don’t require a lot of time

    There are many ideas that you can incorporate into your life during the holidays. Some of them require little to no time! Decorating ideas for the holidays that require minimal effort: 

    • Wrap your door with the ribbon. Wrapping your door with the red, or candy cone colored ribbon can be done in fifteen minutes and it only requires the ribbon itself and the scissors. It’s very simple and it looks amazing. 
    • Hang the socks. You can make your own socks to hang above the fireplace. Even if you don’t have the fireplace, you can make it out of the paper. Cut out small flames from the orange paper, make the socks, simulate the fireplace with the brown paper by making a rectangle, and decorate it with the socks that you’ve also made out of the paper! It’s easy, fun and it can be done in one evening. 
    • If you have white, red, and green cardboard paper, you can make a lot of small cute Christmas-shaped ornaments and pin them to your curtains. You can cut out ribbons, Christmas trees, candy cones, and Santa’s hats. If you have the yellow cardboard you can also cut out the stars to make it even more interesting! 
    • You can buy a spray which you can use to decorate your windows. The sprays come in many colors, and many of them even come with stencils! They make the job extremely easy, and if you feel like going an extra length, you can also make your own stencils of the Christmas decorations. 

    Introduce some of the natural elements in your home

    We’ve all thought about the Christmas tree, of course, but there are more things that you can do to make your home look festive without using up a lot of money. You can take a nice branch and hang it. If done right, it can look like a very nice ornament. You can use the cardboard decorative elements that we’ve already talked about and hang them from the branch and wrap it with the small, yellow lights. You can use the cotton wool and simulate the snow or make the simple snowflakes using the trick that we’ve all used in elementary school to make them. Cut out a circle, bend it in half, then the quarter, and then once more. After you’ve done so, cut the little triangles out on the seams and when you open the circle the cuts will be symmetrical. It really leaves a lot of possibilities to play with. 

    Decorating ideas for the holidays that take more time

    There are many decorating ideas for the holidays that can look amazing and cost almost, or literally, nothing, but may require a little bit more time on your hands! If you have recently moved with the help from movers Miramar FL, there’s no better way to settle into your new home. 

    • Make your own ornaments. You can always make your own ornaments by using polymer clay, cardboard paper, or anything that you can find around the house. Styrofoam that’s cut out in a certain shape and colored with watercolors can also look very nice. You can also wrap the styrofoam balls in the paper and have nice ornaments for your Christmas tree. 
    • Make your own candles. Making your own candles requires mostly wax and time. It’s easy to do, you only need to let the wax cool off. You can even glue the glitter or paint your candles if you feel like it. 

    Even more decorating ideas for the holidays!

    • Cardboard Santa. If you can get a cardboard big enough, you can paint a Santa using simple watercolors. You can buy them in an art shop or simply order online. Besides that, you need the scalpel that you’ll use to cut out the Santa. Moreover, you’ll need firm cardboard to support Santa’s back to allow him to stand. You can also glue your Santa to the doors or hang it on it.
    • Jar with lights. A jar with lights doesn’t cost a lot, but it looks amazing. If you have both of those elements, you only need to make a hole in the lid of the jar to pull the lights through. When you’ve done that, the end of the lights that you need to place into the electrical sockets should be the only thing sticking out when you close the lid. Tape it to the side of the jar so that the wire doesn’t poke out of the lid. When you turn it on, it will give out a very nice glow. It’s a perfect addition to the cozy spaces. 

    Bake the candy and use it as the decoration

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    You must have been to some of the fairs where you could see amazing cookies wrapped in the foil, looking like a decoration much more than something to edible. If you have enough time, you can make cookies and decorate them. Leave them to dry, and when they’re fully ready, wrap them in the plastic foil and hang them. You can use them as ornaments for your Christmas tree. You can also hang them on your shelves or place them in a nice bowl. If you want, you can stick them or hang them on your door. The frostings usually have very vibrant colors. The candies may not take up a lot of space, but they will definitely catch the looks.