Tips for packing your home library

Owning a home library is great. Lots of worlds to get lost in and enjoy those rainy afternoons. As the moving day approaches, you are still blissfully unaware of the challenges packing your home library can bring forth. After all, how hard can it be? Books are fairly regular in shape and seem simple enough to pack, right? Well, kinda, but if you want to keep your library in its meticulous state, it’s best that you continue with the read. Continue reading “Tips for packing your home library”

How to unpack your home theater system

When thinking about the complexity of moving, one needs to take many things into consideration. Sometimes it is not only about the number of items you wish to pack and transport. Sometimes, the determining factor may be in the distance between your old and new house and the type of transported articles. Moreover, you also need to include all the side tasks regarding relocation as well as post-moving period. Unpacking is probably one of the most tiresome tasks, so you need to know how to prepare for unpacking all of the things you’ve brought to the new house in an efficient way. For some, such as clothes, you won’t need much time. However, some require more skills and time such as electronics, which you also need to install. So, if you need to unpack your home theater system, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading “How to unpack your home theater system”

How to organize the unpacking process

So, you have moved to your new home? Well, congratulations! You have completed around 60% of the move! Yep. There is some more work to do still! Now you have to settle in your new home and that means a lot of unpacking! Packing has to be the more difficult of the two, we won’t argue about it. Packing is generally the hardest thing to do during a move and unpacking is a bit simpler, but you should definitely not underestimate it. As is the case with every other part of the moving process, the unpacking has to be planned well, before you start with it. So, how to organize the unpacking process? Well, the key is actually in the packing phase. When preparing for the move, even before the packing, you first have to make an inventory list of all of your belongings. Continue reading “How to organize the unpacking process”

What to do with leftover packing supplies

Moving is a complex task. There are so many things to think about and to organize a move is not an easy task. You have to pick the right moving company, and that by itself is not an easy thing to do. If you choose a wrong company, your move may turn into the stuff of nightmares, and you don’t want that. You have to pack your entire home which is another colossal thing to do and is a whole other problem.  When people think about moving, these are generally the things that they think about the most. However, there is a whole other aspect of moving that they often forget, and that is what to do with the leftover packing supplies, among other post-move things.

keep your kids safe during a move, since some of the leftover packing supplies might be dangerous
Some of the packing supplies might be harmful to your kids

After the move is done, there are many things that you now have to worry about. Let’s say that you moved to LA, and for the process, you hired one of the best moving companies Hollywood FL had to offer to you. If you moved here from one of the northern states, you will have to do a lot of adjusting. For instance, you will have to meet your new neighbors and make new friends. So, you may decide to host a meet and greet, which is not an easy task. You will, of course, also have to unpack and organize all of your things. Your kids will have to find new friends, and moves are especially hard for them, so they will need all of your help. There are so many things to think about, and one of them definitely is what to do with the leftover packing supplies?

Of all the leftover packing supplies, boxes take up the most of space

If there is one thing you simply cannot picture a move without, that is definitely a box. Well, boxes, that is. Lots and lots of boxes. Without them moving (and many other things) would be, if not impossible, that a lot harder. Expert movers and packers Florida offers usually know where to get the best boxes by the best prices. Those boxes will probably mostly survive the mood quite intact, but you will still have to decide what to do with them.

Deciding their fate is best to do right away

Before you start unpacking, it is best to think about how you are going to go about all this. Are you going to unpack everything right away? Perhaps you are going to have to repack some things because you don’t have where to put them at moment? It may very well be possible that you are waiting for some new pieces of furniture like new shelves, for instance. Either way, there will surely be a lot of leftover packing supplies.

Anyway, what we recommend is to make an inventory list of all of your possessions before you even start the move and the packing. This way, if you mark the boxes in correspondence with the inventory list, you can unpack much more easily. This then means that you can decide what to do with which box before you start actually unpacking them. You can also load things in the truck more carefully. Also, having everything written down will help you feel under control and lessen the stress.

a person typing on laptop with a notebook and a cup of coffee
Invest some time in making the inventory list as this is very useful

Now, once you start unpacking, the job becomes much easier. If the box is all torn out and ruined, smash it and prepare it for recycling. One of the things people often forget about while moving is that there are many leftover packing supplies and that they are probably unhealthy for nature. So, if you have a lot of ruined boxes, just recycle them. If not, then you can store them somewhere like a garage or a basement for the moment. You can also use the sturdiest boxes for preserving things that you don’t use as often.

A huge portion of the leftover packing supplies are the packing paper and bubble wrap

What to do with them? The best and most responsible thing to do is to recycle, of course. Still, there are some other uses of these. For instance, you can pack them an stash them somewhere aside for when you do some repair work or renovate. Then, you can use the packing paper and the bubble wrap to cover the floors and your furniture. This way you can protect your belongings while being extremely practical. You can also wrap items that you want to store away.

What to do with the styrofoam peanuts?

One of the standard pieces of leftover packing supplies are the styrofoam peanuts. Since they are not degradable, you should be careful with their disposal. As a matter of fact, they can actually be dangerous for your health. The best thing to do with them is to take them to businesses that can actually reuse the foam peanuts. There is also one more solution, though a temporary one – You can let your kids play with them for a while. If you explain to them what they should be careful about, there should be no dangers there.

wave on a beach
It is important to be ecologically aware when moving

What to do with the expensive or custom made leftover packing supplies?

Sometimes, you have to purchase some specific sets of packing materials, like the specially designed crates for some robust furniture, for instance. The answer what to do with them is quite simple. You should keep all of them. They are not easy to obtain and surely are not cheap either. So, whether you think you will be moving again in the future or not, it does not matter, since they will surely come in handy for something. You can always store things there, and you be at peace knowing that whatever you stored is well protected.

When dealing with the leftover packing supplies, the most important thing to know is that you have to be ecologically aware of the characteristics of those packing supplies.


Eco-friendly moving solutions to consider

When people think about moving, their first, second and third thought about it are usually about how hard and stressful it is. And rightfully so, since moving is one of the most stressful processes for an average human being. There is so much to worry about and organizing it is nothing, if not complex. You have to pick the right movers Florida, and you have to pack everything carefully. There are a lot of quite sensitive things, like the numerous electronic devices, or glassware that need special care. It is no wonder then, that people almost never think of the ecological aspect of the move. There are actually many eco-friendly moving solutions to consider, and it is a shame not to use them.  Continue reading “Eco-friendly moving solutions to consider”

Guide to find the perfect moving boxes Florida

Moving boxes are an essential part of every relocation. Most of your belongings go into them, and they are tasked with protecting them. But in order to give your items the best protection possible you need to find good moving boxes Florida. They need to be made from quality materials and sturdy enough to take the weight of your items while you pack them. And they also need to be the perfect size for your valuables. And while it might seem pretty straightforward, there’s a lot more to moving boxes than it meets the eye.

Continue reading “Guide to find the perfect moving boxes Florida”

Guide to pack antique furniture for transport

Moving is probably one of the scariest projects I ever had to do. Without compare. I was afraid of so many things that could go wrong. Plus the logistics of the entire process was just as dreadful. Balancing a pet, a child, a wife, all of our belongings, the old house and the new one. It all seemed overwhelming. Add to this the idea that I have to pack antique furniture and I was about to lose my mind. Continue reading “Guide to pack antique furniture for transport”

How to protect musical instruments in storage?

No matter if you are a musician who is going on a tour or a beginner who loves music and relocates, you may have to store your musical instruments. To protect your valuable belongings the right way, there are numerous thing you should take into account. Here are few tips from the professional movers on how to protect musical instruments in storage. Continue reading “How to protect musical instruments in storage?”

Guide to Packing Robust Furniture Easily

When you decide to move, packing robust furniture is a first problem that you have in mind. That is the reason why many people choose to leave old furniture. As the matter of fact, moving also means completely changing of the life. It is not bad if you want to change everything, including the things that surround you. Those companies that make furniture make new models every year. You can be one of those that have a completely new combination in the house. Before packing you may use packing expertise Florida for advice. Continue reading “Guide to Packing Robust Furniture Easily”

Proper packing for storage

Storage facilities can be very useful with your relocation. You can use them to put your things away while you’re looking for a new home. Apart from this, you can use them to keep things you’re planning to sell or move to another location. These are just some of the numerous uses a storage unit can have! However, you’ll need to know how to use such units if you want to get the most out of them. So, when properly packing for storage, you’ll have to know what you need to do before you call reliable movers and packers Florida. Continue reading “Proper packing for storage”