Celebrating Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020

    Did you set up decorations for Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020?

    Just a few days left and Thanksgiving is here. It will mark the unofficial start of the holiday season. Although holidays are the favorite time of year for most people, celebrations in Hollywood will likely look different this year amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently highlighted specific guidance on what you should and what should not do when celebrating Thanksgiving this year. But if this is not your only concern, keep reading. In case you are in the middle of planning your move to Hollywood, this seems even more complicated. Thankfully, experts from our Purple Heart Moving Group will help you conduct your upcoming move trouble-free amid the Pandemic. They will also remind you of safe ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020. Although it may be tempting to enjoy Thanksgiving traditions, let’s consider celebrating at home.

    Finish your move and get ready for Thanksgiving time

    Moving home while holidays are coming may present more stress than it should. With some of the most reliable moving companies Hollywood FL has, you can move to your new home in no time. And after you start unpacking, you can already plan to set up your new home for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Maybe you will skip a gathering with your family and friends in your new home this Thanksgiving, but don’t let that ruin the holiday spirit. Instead of being sad about that, let’s see safe ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020.

    It is Thanksgiving holiday time- time for family.

    Get ready for Thanksgiving in Hollywood this year

    No matter if you are single or have a big family, packing your home is a complex task. Now when you are running out of time before Thanksgiving, packing can be pretty overwhelming. Nevertheless, with our simple packing and unpacking moving tips, there is no reason for worries. Right before the holiday comes, you will finish your moving process.

    How to celebrate Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020?

    Thanksgiving is always the occasion to travel to visit your family members and dear friends. Unluckily, the CDC issued updated guidance not recommending travel this Thanksgiving. According to announcements on the CDC website, it will be better to postpone your travel. So, the safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020 is to stay at home. This way, you will be able to protect yourself but also others from Coronavirus. So, here are a few things you can  do to reduce the risks while hosting a Thanksgiving celebration:

    • Consider having a small outdoor meal with family members and friends who live nearby.
    • Postpone big gatherings and make sure to limit the planned number of guests.
    • Remember the importance of cleaning and disinfecting items and frequently touched surfaces.
    • Celebrating indoors? Just make sure to open your windows.
    Outdoor gathering for Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020
    You can consider outdoor gatherings for the holiday.
    • Suggest to your guests to bring their own food.
    • Be careful in case you are planning to share food. Ensure to have one person who will serve the food. Additionally, use single-use options, like plastic utensils.
    • Contact your guests ahead of time to set expectations for celebrating Thanksgiving in Hollywood in 2020 together.