How to find cheap storage Florida that is reliable and safe

Cheap storage in Florida

People are forced to find cheap storage in Florida when moving and do not have space for all items. Those are usually small boxes, without windows, so large stuff can be put there. They are usually rented by people who are in moving. They must put unneeded stuff for a while on a safe place. Usually, they use self-storage shortly, for month or two, before they are finally moved. Sometimes, they do not show up again. When that happens, owners of self-storage make public auctions and sold items from the storage.

When people are in process of moving, they need storage that is paid as less is possible. It is not easy, though. Storage owners rent it for high prices, knowing that people who need them will pay as much is needed. Do not shame of using this types of help. When people are moving, they use different services for help. For help in they use packing services in Florida, for example. There is some other help in storing currently unneeded things, too.

Cheap storage Florida are available for large boxes, too
Large boxes and items could stay in cheap storage Florida

Can we use cheap storage in Florida for a living?

Storages are usually used for things and furniture, but there are people who used it for a living. It is actually a problem hard to gauge, especially in places like Florida. Homeless people have many reasons for this step:

  • They need a place that is safe;
  • Cheap storage Florida is usually warm and dry;
  • It could be a good place for people with health problems;
  • Keep in mind that being homeless is a full-time job;
  • Living in self-storage is actually not illegal, but the owner has a right to get you out of there.

It is not hard to find cheap storage in Florida if you know what to look for. Many people do not know where to start with searching and what is important to know before searching. Cheap does not always mean bad, but there are few things that you should be informed about.

General facts about cheap storage in Florida

You maybe need a large and new storage, or you looking for cheap storage only. Whatever it is, there are a few things that you should know about storages. Every person who is looking for them should know that even a location or equipment affect the price. The most important is to know what do you need, and they how much you can pay for it.


People who move usually pay trucks and drivers. However, it is not bad to check before moving to where the storage is located. Sometimes moving company will charge extra cost for driving on remote destination. That is why is important to find a storage which is close to your new or old place of living. Distance could affect the price, but that could be your advantage. You can pay less if you rent storage in Hallandale Beach, for example, and still be close to your new home.


It is obviously another important thing that you should know when looking for a cheap storage in Florida. Self-storage is usually standardized but sometimes you can find cheap storage that is larger than the more expensive one. Usually, storages are from 5X10 to 20X20 (like a two-car garage) expresses in feet.

Cheap storage Florida pressumes lot of space for everything you need
Cheap storage Florida also presumes a lot of space for everything you need

Month-to-month basic

This is the best way and model for renting storage. It presumes monthly payment. It also includes shortly storage renting, so you can choose when to take back your stuff, or sell. When you skip the payment, they will organize the auction. Have you seen one of those TV Shows when people buy whole storages on auction? Well, that easily could be your storage in case that you have not paid monthly fee.

You can easily find storage online

There are many online services that help people to find cheap storage in Florida. Some of them are, Storage Center, Spare Foot, Self-storage, Storage Seeker, and Whatever of these you choose, keep in mind that they have an FAQ section and testimonials with comments. Adopt them to check their reliability.

Safety in storage

This is another very important thing when storage renting is about. There are many ways to check how safe they are.

Video monitoring

First of all, even the cheaper storage should have video monitoring. It includes 24 hours of monitoring and ability for checking online or with a worker in storage. You should also be able to visit it for 24 hours.

Temperature and humidity

The best storages are climate controlled. That is important if you have sensitive and expensive things. The best storages are protected from mold, mildew, and other gross conditions. This is especially worth if you have carpets, paper, and wood products. Those storages should not be expensive, though.

How to know if you found good and cheap storage Florida

The small price is not always a sign of poorness or bad conditions in storage. The best is when we can match a good price and good conditions. People usually aim at that. There are a few things that are important when this problem is about.

Cheap storage Florida accept all types of boxes
Every type of boxes could be put in cheap storage Florida


We talk about the cheap storage of Florida, but do you know how much it should cost? It is obviously the best when you can match the prices and the quality. However, cheap could also include well-organized, large and comfort storage. Ask people who moved recently, or move companies for advice. Compare the prices that you have found on the internet. It should not be hard to find the best fit for you.


You know that people left comments and reviews online, so do not hesitate to consult them. Sometimes a good storage for others is not good for you or vice versa. Whatever the answer and comment is, ask them if you can directly talk with somebody. A manager could help you to find the best deal for you. After all, if they do not have a live person to talk with clients, they are not a serious company. They should also help with other questions, like do you need an insurance or deposit.