Couple-friendly activities in Miramar

    A close up of a branch on a beach

    Moving to a new home is usually a good thing, and even though the process of moving may be complex and stressful, in the end, it is a chance for a new life. Having the chance to restart your life means a lot of things. You have a new home, you have a new job. Neighbors are strangers at first, and you (often) do not really know the city you moved to. When it comes to good places for starting life anew, Miramar, Florida is as good a place as it gets. It is important that you begin your new life open-minded and to immerse yourself in your new surroundings from the onset. Couple-friendly activities in Miramar are numerous and should be able to help you settle in quickly.

    Miramar has a lot to offer

    Relocating to Florida for the majority of people, at least, is a wonderful occasion. Of course, the general associations are the beaches and palm trees. Miami as the most well-known city in Florida is its symbol. Its nightlife and the practically mythological status put it among the world’s most recognizable places. Miramar is a lot smaller than Miami, but it is no less interesting a place. With around 120,000 residents it is not a small town that has nothing particular to offer, nor is it a huge, jungle-like metropolis. It is right there in the middle, giving away the feeling of a huge city, but still maintaining the more relaxed pace of life. So, what are some couple-friendly activities in Miramar that you should check out?

    a beach and the sea is one of the best couple-friendly activities in Miramar
    Miramar is smaller than Miami but has a lot to offer

    Glitch bar is where the fun is!

    Once your movers Miramar FL are done with unloading your things, and you finish up unpacking them, head out to Glitch Bar. It is a really fun place with a unique atmosphere. What makes this place so special is the fact that they have all of the classic arcade games, such as Donkey Kong and Pac-man. So, coming here with your soulmate will surely be a very fun and interesting experience. There are a lot of interesting events and gaming competitions every week, making this one of the top couple-friendly activities in Miramar. Their menu is a varied one with a lot of special drinks.

    Hilton Garden Inn

    Are you a fan of wonderful food in a nice and cozy atmosphere? Well, then you should go to the Hilton Garden Inn. If you need to stay somewhere until the moving wraps up, our advice is to go here definitely. The rooms are perfect and offer a lot of comforts. The staff here is wonderfully polite and the interior and the exterior are both very warm and forthcoming. The restaurant is, particularly of top-shelf quality. The Pavilion Pantry is actually open 24 hours and there you can always grab some fresh sandwiches for when you go on a picnic somewhere. Coming here from time to time is an activity that a lot of Miramar’s residents consider a must-do.

    Las Olas Boulevard is the place of some of the best couple-friendly activities in Miramar

    Las Olas Boulevard is one of the symbols of the city and describing its importance to Miramar’s residents is not an easy task. The Las Olas Association is a group of people dedicated to promoting and maintaining the boulevard. Throughout the entire year, there are always thing happening here. A phenomenal shopping and dining destination, it is always full of people.

    street musician's insturment box
    Las Olas Boulevard is always filled with street musicians

    As the weather is, of course, really nice throughout the year, Las Olas Boulevard is always. People are always there, walking, sitting, shopping. Street musicians are also an important part of the Las Olas Boulevard, giving a special vibe to the whole place. Walking and enjoying this place is one of the chief couple-friendly activities in Miramar.

    The Miramar Cultural Center

    The Miramar Cultural Center or the ArtsPark is one of the most interesting couple-friendly activities in Miramar. The fact that it is one of the most notable landmarks in Miramar should not be a surprise. You can find it right in the middle of the Miramar’s Town Center, side by side with the City Hall. Various arts and cultural programs and activities are held here throughout the year. The fact that cultural life is so diverse here is one of the main reasons why people move to Miramar. Every week there is something new to see and discover. If you and your spouse are into arts, this place is one of the first places to visit. If you are not, visiting here will probably make you one.

    Cinema Paradiso

    One of the most beloved places in Miramar, Cinema Paradiso is a place of tradition, and in many ways represents Miramar’s true self. A long time ago, Paradiso was actually an old church. Over the years it became one of the most recognizable and dearest spots for people here. It is a seat of culture that serves not just as a cinema, but also as a theater. As many festivals are held in Miramar throughout the year, with the Cinema Paradiso having the FLIFF, it is no wonder that people from neighboring areas such as Pembroke Pines, can often be found here. Doesn’t all of this so far make you want to hire a top Florida moving and storage company and move here? Then wait until you hear about the FLIFF.

    The FLIFF

    South Florida has been home to this great and widely-known festival from 1986. That is when the Broward Country Film Society created the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. For more than 30 years the festival has been an ever-growing tradition. Throughout its long lasting life, the FLIFF grew into one of the five Major Cultural Institutions of Broward County. The FLIFF is the one who first launched a Film Festival in the Sky. They partnered up with Carnival Air Lines.

    A movie ticket
    The FLIFF is one of the greatest festivals in Florida

    Each Carnival flight destined for Fort Lauderdale included one of the Festival’s films. To better understand the significance and magnitude of the Festival, we will just say that the special guests during the opening were legends like Michael Caine, Dana Delany, and Roger Moore. As far as couple-friendly activities in Miramar go, the FLIFF is definitely one of the most enjoyable ones.