Creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment

    A lot of people, especially young millennials, do not yet have the possibility to own a home. Some people tend to move a lot because of their job and buying a home just isn’t a solution. Nevertheless, we all love spending time in a neatly decorated apartment. The hard work and the memories are what makes a house a home. And even tho you still haven’t managed to buy your own, it is not that big of a deal. There is plenty of time, and why not enjoy your current apartment in the meantime? Here we bring you some creative ideas for decorating a rental apartment.

    But first, paint!

    Painting your rental is the first thing to check off the list. You will have to make a deal with the landlord first. There is a huge chance they will approve a paint job. Painting the walls is a way of removing mold and dirt and gives the place a new look. Who would be so crazy to deny that?! Just make sure you both agree on what color should be used so it does not be a problem for your landlord later. Choose a soothing calming paint that will ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere as soon as you enter. Maybe you can even split the bill for it. The landlord might even help you with decorating a rental apartment. Do the painting before you move and movers North Miami Beach Florida get there with all your stuff!

    A white sofa used for a good decorating a rental apartment
    Decorating a rental apartment is easy with warm-colored sofas

    Being smart when decorating a rental apartment

    By being smart here we mean thinking ahead. You may not be in this apartment long, but it doesn’t mean it can’t look nice. When buying new things you must not only think about this current apartment but ahead. What might look great at your place now, maybe a problem with your next place? Opt-out for a warm and neutral sofa, a white coffee table with storage space. Long distance moving companies in Florida will make sure your stuff is transferred safely to your new place.

    Wallpapers and stickers

    If painting your walls is not an option, there is still something you can do. There is plenty of options with removable wallpapers. You can buy something different for every room in your home. If even wallpaper is not an option for you, for whatever reason, there are stickers left! Cute stickers with all kinds of motives are a way to go if you are not able to make a bigger change. Stick them to your bathroom door, above your bed, or the front door!

    An image of wall paper
    Wallpapers are both cheap and beautiful

    Windows and kitchen are especially important

    When decorating around your windows, pay close attention to your choices. Letting natural light come into your apartment is crucial when decorating a rental apartment. There is nothing sweeter than morning sunshine waking you up. By denying yourself that, your place might look dark and crowded. Some light curtains are always an option. They will keep your privacy but still let the sunshine in. If you are not a certain type you can swap curtains for bamboo blinds. If that is not an option as well for you, adding some plants would be a great idea. Plants will freshen up your home and keep your privacy from curious neighbors. Check online for tricks on how to make your house feel like home.

    Moving on from plant into your kitchen, there is a lot to be done here, right? Well, we have a few solutions for that as well. Remember the stickers? It can be done in your kitchen as well! And they can look classy and amazing. If you are stuck with an old fridge black contact paper is your savior. Not only will you get a fancy look, but it also is not even expensive. Stickers and wallpapers can be used to cover bad kitchen tiles. You wouldn’t believe the results simple stick tiles can do! That would be a total makeover for a tiny sum of money and very little time. If you wish to add a little color and cheer up the atmosphere there is a simple solution. Removing doors from your kitchen cabinets is going to make the place look chic and colorful. Neat trick!

    Image of stick tiles used for decorating a rental apartment
    Stick tiles are easy to put and get off when decorating a rental apartment

    Small changes are important as well

    People might get caught up in making big changes so they often forget that little things count too. It is a picture of a loved one or a family, a lamp or a piece of art that can brighten up your day. None the less they can make a huge difference in how you feel in your renovated home.  A time will come when you are nearing the end of the big renovation when you will realize that you hadn’t thought of this. Here we are going to list a few things you may have forgotten about decorating a rental apartment:

    1. Change doorknobs
    2. Add some art
    3. Buy yourself a new toilet seat
    4. Buy some shelves and paint them the same as walls
    5. Hide what you don’t like with the help of storage space FL!
    6. Mount small items on walls
    7. Radiator covers are a must
    8. Add some room dividers for decoration and their functionality
    9. Place items that you care about somewhere visible
    image of a kitchen
    Add some herb plants in your kitchen to liven it up a bit

    Decorating a rental apartment can be pretty fun for people. You would have to be a whole lot creative in finding ways for what you want to achieve. What is crucial is that you respect the landlord’s wishes as well. Including them in the process is important for both of you and your future relationship. And for it to function a deal and mutual respect is a road both parties would want to take. Make a list of your wishes, call your landlord for a cup of coffee and have fun on your new adventure!