DIY packing mistakes you should avoid

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    When people think of packing, they often think it is not a big deal. You just have to move your stuff from one place to another and that’s it. But that is not entirely true. They are often a lot of mistakes people make when they pack. Some of them are not a big deal, yet some of them can make it a lot harder for you to relocate and unpack later on. Here we listed some DIY packing mistakes people often use and how to avoid making them.

    Rolling your clothes is a must

    Our suggestion is to rely on packing services Florida to help you with your packing. If you want to do it yourself and test your abilities, let us start with clothes. It is a huge probability your mom taught you how to pack, and that strategy is folding. We are not saying folding is wrong, they are just a few downsides to it. When packing in a small suitcase, or packing a large number of clothes, folding is not practical. Folding your clothes takes up a lot of space unnecessary. What you can do instead is roll. By doing this, you can save a lot of space whether you’re packing in a box or a suitcase. Place two items on top of each other and roll them together. Pile them up horizontally in your packing space. So much space is saved this way and it is super organized and easy to reach and handle.

    Not having a plan is a huge DYI packing mistake

    Planning ahead is always a good choice and it will ease the transition and anxiety about moving. Being in control of the situation is crucial if you want to remain focused and committed. Not creating a plan when moving is a huge DIY packing mistake people make. So before you call long distance movers Florida, take some time to work out your strategy.

    Start by sorting your belongings out. Try to figure out which items can be packed together. Keep in mind the order of unpacking when you arrive at your new place of residence. Just focusing on shoving everything in boxes will make your life a living hell when the time comes to unpack. Toss or donate what you do not need or do not use. Separate the rest in different piles.

    Sorted items as an answer to what DIY packing mistakes
    One of the DIY packing mistakes you should avoid is not sorting items out

    Packing room by room is a good starting point for your plan. When you’re just about finished with your living room, proceed onto the kitchen and so on.  Or in whatever order you like and are comfortable with. Remember to pack some stuff in your emergency bag for your first night in. Some kitchen supplies, some clothes, toothbrushes, and other hygiene supplies. Your moving plan also must include important paperwork to settle after your move.

    Do not save money on packing supplies

    You probably own some stuff that is irreplaceable to you, expensive,  or just special in some way. The thing is, you probably do not want that or any other items to be ruined during your move. Not buying good packing supplies is one of the DIY packing mistakes people must avoid. Remember the rolling of clothes we mentioned? Well, that will make a ton of space in your box, and that means more stuff can get packed inside. If your box is not sturdy, the weight will rip the box. Clothes will then end up on the floor or in the middle of the road.

    Cardboard boxes
    Always buy new packing supplies

    Securing your items when packing them is also a must. When packing fragile stuff, rolling them in a newspaper is a lifesaver. That will prevent them from direct contact witch can cause the glass to be broken. Everything you can roll up in newspapers or in sheets and blankets.  Even if you’re on a tight schedule when finding your next apartment, securing your items well is mandatory. Better be safe than sorry!

    Not starting in time

    All of the DIY packing mistakes we mentioned can be made because you lack time. If you didn’t give yourself enough time to properly plan, you will likely forget something. Buying packing supplies can be stressful in you didn’t inform yourself of time where to find quality supplies and so on. It is never early to start thinking about your strategy about moving. Starting on time means less stress and more time to focus on the important. It also means that you won’t be overwhelmed with everything at once. You can take things slowly and consult your family about how you want to proceed. Make some green tea for you and your family to boost some energy levels if things get a bit hard.

    a calendar
    Start with the moving preparation in time

    Packing chemicals are a no-no

    There is no good way to pack chemicals when moving. A lot of cleaning supplies are flammable and can damage your wardrobe, furniture or other belongings. It is a common DIY packing mistake people make. Cleaning supplies, lawnmower fuel, and other liquids should be left behind. Make a win-win situation and give them to your friend or current neighbor. You will make someone happy and save them some money. It is now safe to proceed with your moving without worrying something might go wrong.

    Here are some more common DIY packing mistakes that can occur:

    1. Do not bring paperwork, just store it in a computer
    2. Refusing help that is offered to you
    3. Not labeling your boxes
    4. Packing fragile items on the bottom
    Labeled moving boxes
    Labeling moving boxes are very important

    There are a lot of pros and cons when packing yourself. You will face a lot of challenges and make some DIY packing mistakes along the way. This is normal when moving even if you have experience. Things can get messy and your chores won’t wait for you to pack. As we mentioned, starting on time is essential. The rest is up to you and your family to do as you’re comfortable. We hope we have helped you avoid some common mistakes people make. Good luck!