DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service

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    Congratulation on your finished relocation! It must be exhilarating to live in your new home! Whether you moved for education purposes or for a new job career it doesn’t matter. Now, there is only one thing left to do. And that is to unpack your items. Now, you have two options you can choose from. A DIY unpacking vs professional unpacking service. Here we will discuss which of these two are the best for you and what are the benefits and downfalls of both!

    The difference between DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service

    When it comes to these two types of unpacking there are several things you need to reconsider. For instance, if you have opted for DIY unpacking then you need to make a plan. In this plan, you will put several tasks you need to complete in order to fully settle in. The most important tasks on this list are:

    • Correctly labeling moving boxes before you move. This is quite important because it will be easier to unpack those boxes no matter if you are still deciding between DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service.
    • Put those labeled boxes in their designated rooms. For instance, things meant for the bedroom go to the bedroom, living room to living room, etc. If you forget to label your boxes properly before moving, then you might have a problem to unpack and settle in.
    • Unpack room by room. It will take time to unpack everything, so just make sure to unpack one room at the time. If you start unpacking everything, it might cause a lot of stress and exhaustion!
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    The main difference with DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service is that you can unpack whatever you want first at your own paste

    What is essentially very important to remember is that you must organize your unpacking before you even begin. One of the downfalls of DIY unpacking is that it can take time. And you might need that time to tackle other tasks. Which is why it might be a good idea to leave the unpacking to the movers Davie FL, whose expertise can help you settle in your home faster!

    Opting for professional unpacking service 

    People often don’t think much about it, but still, professional unpacking service can be a huge help. Yes, it may cost a bit more for this service, but you will be assured that almost nothing can go wrong if you leave it to the professionals. There are several cases where professional packing and unpacking services are advised, such as:

    • If you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to do it, you leave it to the movers. This happens when people are moving in short notice or can’t be off from the job, school, college, etc for long. They simply don’t have enough time for it.
    • Being a parent – Especially if you have toddlers and preschool kids. There are too many things to do around both your new home and your kids. And in this process, they might get hurt, so it is better to leave it to the professionals.
    • You just simply do not want to bother yourself with it
    • You planned your relocation well and now have some extra cash you can use to get that service
    • When you are transporting very valuable and priceless artwork or collectible items. Most moving crews will advise you to leave this service to them. Because those items do require special handling. So, it might be better to leave it for them.
    A chain clock that must be packed by professionals as a difference in DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service
    Let professionals pack and unpack your valuable items

    This is especially important to get if you are transporting these types of items. Maybe the best idea is to leave it for the professional Florida Movers!


    Benefits and downfalls of DIY unpacking

    In the discussion of DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service, we promised to mention the benefits and downfalls of both of these choices. Now, when it comes to DIY unpacking, know this, it might take time. Yes, the time you could have chosen to spend on some more important things. But, largely the benefits of this is that you won’t have to pay for those services, and you will save money. Also, you will do it at your own paste. Meaning, you will plan your unpacking however you see fit. And while we are at the topic of time organization, it is not a bad thing to know how to organize your time in order to make your life better!

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    Unpacking by yourself will take time, but you have the liberty to organize well

    Benefits and downfalls of professional unpacking service

    Now, depending on the moving company, this will have a different cost. Also, it depends on what kind of items you are unpacking and how much time do the movers have to do it. In some cases, if you prolong unpacking, it may cost more! But, that mostly depends on the fact of how busy the movers are! Remember, these movers have their own schedule, so it is better to speak about it upfront. Professional packing and unpacking services are the best options when you have to pack expensive items. Yes, it is great to know how to handle china before moving, but perhaps, you can leave it to them and get moving insurance to double protect your items.

    Bunch of handmade china
    Professional packing and unpacking services can make your china safe for transport

    You will get new boxes

    Opting for professionals in our DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service “battle” will surely bring you one good thing. And those are brand new moving boxes. Yes, you won’t get recycled or used boxes that might break during transportation. You will get new and sturdy ones that can protect your items without problems! Although, depending on the size of the items you are transporting you might have to pay a bit extra. But, what’s that in comparison to having a peace of mind. Also, you might think about what to do with packing materials after the move. You can either throw them away or reuse them again.

    There are a lot of pros and cons in both DIY unpacking vs. professional unpacking service! We hope we presented you with the most important ones you can use for your relocation. This article will give you a clear idea of what to expect from both choices! Hit us up with your feedback and thoughts on this topic!