Downsides of friends helping you pack

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    It is all fun and games when you are young and have a lot of free time. As a student, you tend to move a lot and a lot of your friends are there to help you. The guys will buy some drinks and pizza and just take it easy. But things change a bit when you get older. There are some downsides of friends helping you pack, and we are going to explain that in a bit. You make your decision about packing later.

    This may take a wrong turn

    When you let friends help you with your move, things can get a bit weird for you. Before you call them to ask for help, try considering packing services Florida, just in case. Your friendship may be strong, but in times of need, people can get a bit nervous. It’s packing time and there is so much work to do and time is not on your side. There is a lot of stuff you need to pack, and no time or supplies, so you get a little cranky and bossy. This may be a problem for your friends, as they may not be that understanding.

    Friends arguing as one of the Downsides of friends helping you pack
    Arguing is one of the downsides of friends helping you pack

    No days off from your work and a ton of packing to do can be stressful. And instead of them helping it just seems like they are in the way. Trust us when we say they are not, you are just on the edge a little. People tend to react without thinking when they are stressed. But it is only temporary and normal and it will pass. Though it may have some effects on your friendships and that is a huge problem of friends helping you pack. If you’re moving far away better call long distance movers Florida to help you out.

    Friends helping you pack must be extra careful

    When you are a student and you move, that means party. A lot of friends drop by and you spend some quality time together while packing a bit. Fun is something that is an essential part of this when you’re young. Most things you own aren’t that important to you and you didn’t bring a lot from home. Favorite things you own are still in your house with your parents. So your friends do not have to be all that careful. Older version of you now has a lot of stuff. Some pricey and important belongings. And it may look like you’re asking them to walk on eggshells around that items. Fact is something is going to get broken when friends helping you pack. Things may get broken even if you are doing it yourself. But your friends might not be as invested as you are.

    A wooden crate with a fragile sign on it
    Maybe your friends don’t know how to pack fragile items

    This option may be more time consuming

    You are in a hurry to pack and be on your way to get comfortable in your new living space. Naturally, the more the merrier right? Absolutely not true. When working alone or with your family, you already know what goes where. During lunch or dinner, you all agree on packing strategies and it is all action from that point on. Friends helping you pack might not be that fast in catching what do you need. Some extra time and explanations will be needed.

    A man looking at his watch
    Having your friends help you move might take more time

    As we mentioned before, they might not be that invested. That means they will often forget where you told them to put that vase. Which is frustrating for all of you and maybe a starting point for a misunderstanding. None of you want that.

    Are you sure you can return the favor?

    Friends helping you pack will be expecting you to return the favor. Now you put yourself in that position before you ask them for help. Do you have the time? This may mean you will have to spend your weekend working. Relaxing with your family or searching for a job in your area might be more important to you now. Remember you called them to help you pack and now it would be rude of you not to land them a helping hand. Keep that in mind when you are moving. They helping you, and you returning the favor after is time-consuming in many ways. That might be a problem for a working person with a family and obligations.

    People holding hands
    Make sure you can return the favor

    Misplaced objects

    Get ready for Neverland because that is what it may look like when you start to unpack. Friends helping you move may misplace your items somewhere you don’t think they belong. Their logic of packing may differ from yours and it may be a problem when you start unpacking. Again, time-consuming thing.  Friends are so valuable in our lives and we love them like family. But in what world do towels and a doormat go in the same box? Anyhow, if you do decide to let friends helping you pack, amaze them with your coffee-making skills to get them going.

    There are a few more problems with friends helping you pack:

    1. Injuries can occur very easily if the place is crowded while packing
    2. Many people trying to agree on something is quite difficult
    3. Pets, if you have them, may be stressed out about having many people around

    It did not occur to you that friends helping you pack can have many downsides. Although you all love each other deeply, some things are better left to the professionals. Having to manage all that can be stressful for your family moving and your friends. Take that free time to enjoy their company before you move. Ask them for some advice if the were to move a lot. Some wise thought is going to be shared and they may help you in that way. Also, to be there to support you is much more valuable than to do the heavy lifting. Cheering you up in a trying period is also a kind of heavy lifting. Call your friend to make your day a bit better while you’re packing!