Downsizing from a house to an apartment-quick guide

    Whether you’re relocating for work, or just move closer to the centre, downsizing from a house to an apartment isn’t easy. You will have to go through a lot of memories and get rid of some of them. We tend to hoard stuff we don’t use over the years, just in case. Well, hoarding times are over, and we are here to help you with your quest.

    Start with storage areas around your house

    When you’re about to begin to purge your belongings, starting with storage areas is probably the best idea. Storage spaces in our home contain a lot of unused stuff lying around. Attic and cellars are like treasure chests. So before you call your long distance movers Florida, you will have to throw a lot of stuff out. Start with the items you needed in a house but won’t in an apartment. That means getting rid of gardening supplies, yard furniture, etc. If you are not ready for that big step, skip it, for now, we’ll deal with that later.

    storage unit as an excellent way for Downsizing from a house to an apartment
    Downsizing from a house to an apartment is easy if you have a storage unit

    Planning ahead always pays off. So, before you start tossing everything out, roam around your stuff and think for a bit. Think about what you really need, and what does not serve a purpose. Even if it seems hard now, getting rid of unnecessary items will lift a ton off your chest. Consult with your family about their unused belongings and be rational with one another. Remind each other about the last time someone used that juice machine now full of dust. Do not recall? Then throw it out. Keeping it real is easier when there’s someone to help you with it. Movers Davie FL will be here soon, so start purging!

    When downsizing from home to an apartment you need to think ahead

    By thinking ahead here, we mean storage units. Rent or buy some storage space for some of your stuff. Just because you’re downsizing from home to an apartment now, doesn’t mean it is forever. This may be a temporary solution because of your work. Be creative in finding storage space outside your apartment. You are likely to go back to a suburban house any time. So, that gardening item you were not ready to throw out? That’s right, your new storage unit can take it.

    a man working on his lap top
    Start planning your downsizing in time

    In your storage unit, you can also store some seasonal items such as winter clothes. Not everything needs to be stuffed into your apartment. And taking it out of the unit when you need it is a breeze. Just remember to stay organized. Label everything in there with some markers. Use different corners of the space to store stuff you’re likely to need together.

    Example of how to storage when downsizing from a house to an apartment:

    1. Your winter clothes need to be stored with winter tires and ski equipment
    2. Mowing machine and other gardening tools also go together
    3. Items you hold dear but do not have a purpose have a special corner

    Stack boxes on top of one another in an order you think you’ll use them. Storage space needs to be neat, so you don’t have a nervous breakdown every time you go in. Make it easier for yourself and plan ahead. Be sure to take a break and enjoy some nice NYC spots with your loved one.

    Think about usable items you no longer need

    Some of your belongings are still usable but you no longer need them. It would be a shame to throw out all the functioning stuff. Organizing a yard sale will have multiple benefits when downsizing from a house to an apartment. Unused items will be sold to people who need them. And you will gather a bit of money you surely need right now. You can also donate your belongings to those in need after the yard sale That way it is a win-win situation. By selling something, you will gather money for some new furniture. Donating, on the other hand, will have your and others’ hearts full. Call some of your friends to do it too with you! Even if they are not moving. It is a great opportunity to spend some quality time together and do something good for yourself and the community.

    a clutter on the table
    Get rid of the items you do not need anymore

    Invest in your new apartment

    New furniture is mandatory when downsizing from a house to an apartment. The case probably is that your stuff just doesn’t fit and aren’t functional. By investing in some functional furniture that also acts as storage space, you’re killing two flies with one stone. Furniture that is made to be more than its original purpose if often simple in looks ad very pretty. Remember, this apartment might just be a temporary solution, so planning this also is crucial.

    stacked coins
    Don’t be shy from investing in your new place

    Think about what kind of furniture is to fit here. And can that furniture belong later in a house or another apartment? Go easy on the design and keep it simple. That way you’re making it easier for your future self and spending a lot less money. Invest in furniture that is easy to clean and is not too fragile. Some materials tend to hoard dirt and it is pretty visible. Maybe avoid fluffy rugs and black floors. Especially if you have pets. Consult with sellers before you buy, and ask around. Visit some of your friend’s houses and search for inspiration there. People can be hella creative and you can learn something new.

    Call your mom and ask for help! She will be glad to hear from you and your family. Moms have secret knowledge of everything. She probably has a few aces up here sleeve to help you downsize from home to an apartment. With us, you and mom combined we can do anything! Dads might be of some help too if you break something while settling in. Anyways, do not be shy to ask around and ask for help. The more you know, the more likely you are to manage everything and make your home amazing.