Eco-friendly packing tips for a green move

    green trees

    Going green today is not that hard! Technology is advanced enough that it offers us a lot of different solutions when it comes to protecting our environment. Such is the case with eco-friendly packing materials! There is literally a lot of different kind of materials you can use for your packing! And to mention those you can recycle as well. In the following article, we will tell you more about the ways to go green with your relocation!

    You already have some eco-friendly packing materials

    When we speak about green packing supplies, we do not only speak about the materials used! Often, recycling and repurposing some objects in your home are a good eco-friendly way of life as well. Let us begin with your household items! The items you can use as eco-friendly packing materials are:

    • Old T-Shirts, blankets, pillowcases, towels are perfect eco-friendly packing materials you can reuse for your relocation. Simply use them as both paddings and wrappings. You can protect the fragile items with them!
    • Old boxes such as shoeboxes, plastic bins, etc – instead of throwing them away, or buying new cardboard boxes, you can again reuse them for your packing process. They are perfect when you need to pack some small items and keep them in one place.
    • Laundry rope – If you have enough of it, you can easily use it to tighten the packing materials around the items!
    Old cardboard boxes are perfect eco-friendly packing materials
    Reuse old cardboard boxes if you are looking for eco-friendly packing materials

    These are just some of the basic household items you can reuse for your packing task. They are all around your home, and they are easy to use for this particular process. If you have any doubts about it, or in your packing skills, then perhaps the best thing you can do for your relocation is to get packing services Florida movers offer to you!

    Gather packing materials over the year

    If you know you will move again in the near or distant future, then it is a smart idea to start collecting those packing supplies ahead of time. Now, depending on how many items you are going to transport, you will realize how many boxes and packing materials you really need. As we said before, old shoe boxes, boxes from kitchen appliances, washing machines, etc are perfect for your relocation. Now, sometimes these boxes are not in perfect condition but, if you do not overpack them, you won’t have any issues. That’s why you can use your rope strings or laundry rope to further secure them. This just one way to turn those ordinary materials into eco-friendly packing supplies!.

    Packing materials on the table
    Start gathering packing materials in time!

    This can especially come in handy when you are planning your long-distance relocation! With all the things you need to accomplish before the move, collecting packing supplies can become a hard task. Which is why it is great to gather them throughout the year! This way, you will have one thing less to worry about when you call your long distance movers Florida for your relocation!


    Declutter your home before you move

    Another way to go green is to try to declutter your home! As you may know, movers will charge you more if you have more items to carry! So, getting rid of them should be your first priority before you gather eco-friendly packing materials and learn about green packing tips! First thing first, you need to categorize the items in your household. You should go by categories such as used often, rarely used, never used. And after that, go over the categories once more! Because doing it twice will surely give you enough knowledge on what you truly need and what you do not.

    Once you figure out this, there are several ways you can deal with excess items in your household! And they are:

    • Throwing them away – although this is not something recommended if you wish to go green but people still opt for this option. But, nevertheless, there are companies that deal with your items and recycle them into other building materials. So, make sure you give those items to them instead of just throwing them away.
    • Gifting them to your friends – How many times did our friends help us with something? Repay them with these gifts so they can know they really mean something to you!
    • Organize a yard sale – This is the best way to can get rid of those items! Organizing a yard sale helps you get the extra cash you can use for other moving services. It’s not hard to know how to organize a yard sale! Just use the internet to your advantage!

    Think about other packing materials

    Of course, we are talking about packing supplies that are made of biodegradable materials. They were once very expensive to make and to buy, but with the advance of technology, we are able to get them cheap! One of the best biodegradable materials used to make eco-friendly packing supplies is hemp. Ask around your local home depot and other stores about hemp made moving boxes and ropes and they will surely help you with your search. There are also other environmentally friendly packing materials you can use!

    packing rope
    Hemp is one of the best eco-friendly packing materials

    Don’t buy moving boxes, look for them instead

    Now, maybe one of the best ways to go green with your relocation and packing process is to try to find free moving boxes. If you are not buying new boxes, then you are not financing tree cutting and manufacturing of them. This may be the easiest way to be more environmentally conscious about our world. And there are a lot of places where you can find free boxes!


    Going with eco-friendly packing is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your relocation and our environment! Not only will it benefit you financially, but you will also feel really good about yourself! We hope our guide helped you with your green relocation!