Essentials box preparation steps

    Essentials box preparation is hard.

    Are you trying to pack your boxes? Most of the items are done, but what about essentials box preparation? What to prepare and what to put inside of the box? Well, for this job, you will need a few simple steps. It is easy to forget the most important stuff like keys, soap…People are focused on furniture, clothing, shoes, documents but they often forget to pack essential box. Even if it is military moving you will need it. It is special moving so, the best and the smartest solution is to get help and tips from expert military movers.

    How to be prepared? Well, it is simple, just follow our simple steps and tips. What to pack and what you should do when moving an packing.

    Why is important to have essentials box

    Preparation is the key when it is time for moving. The details can make a significant difference in your moving day. If you want your moving goes smoothly then pack a box of essential items before and after moving too. But, essentials box preparation varies from family to family and from moving to moving. It is not the same if you are moving locally or you are moving overseas. You should have this sentence in your mind: ” pack items that can help me and my family get through the final days before the move and the first day in my new home”. It is important to have this box because you will want to eat, brush your teeth, wash your hand…You can’t pack like a pro if you do not pack your essentials.

    What is essentials box preparation? How and what to pack – steps

    What to pack? What will you need?

    Especially if it is your first moving, of course, you have no idea what to do. So, by following these simple steps for preparation, everything will be fine. After that, if you still have questions and you need any help you could call and hire packing services and solutions Florida. Think ahead, after all, each family is different, but some items are the same for everyone.

    Food and clothing

    Fresh vegetables on a desk.
    Healthy food is very important, you cannot eat fast food every day so, pack some healthy snacks

    Even if you are moving locally, you will want to change your sweat clothes. Pack comfortable sweatsuit, a few t-shirts, sneakers, socks, and underwear. If you are a woman, do not pack high heels and dresses. When we talk about food, yes you can order pizza, burger or Chinese food. But, after 3-4 days even the best pizza will be boring. So, because of that, it is a smart idea to prepare easy meals before the moving day and put them in your essentials box. Also, add a few non-perishable food and food for kids (if you have them). For example, you should pack peanut butter, jelly, drinks in containers, plates, cups, knives, the jar of pasta sauce and pasta, coffee, snacks…In one word, the food you love to eat.


    Pack chargers for all your electronics. Nowadays, people cannot work without computers and cell phones. For everything else that’s not rechargeable, pack batteries. Maybe you will not have electricity for a few days, so a flashlight or headlamp is a smart idea, as well as candles and matches just in case.

    Essentials box preparation include also chargers for phones.
    Pack chargers for telephone and batteries just in case.


    Make a separate bathroom box with toiletries and personal hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, hand soap, deodorant, hand sanitizer, hairbrush, towels, sheets for beds, dish soap, etc. Buy new items because liquid items should be unopened to prevent a mess. For a big family consider having each person pack. Essentials box preparation is important for you and for the rest of your family. You cannot go to do store immediately the first day after moving to buy toiletries.

    Toothpaste and toothbrush should be in essential box.
    It is hard to find the store to buy all the necessary hygiene items. So the safest solution is to pack it in your essentials box


    First aid kit is a necessary item. You can cut or scratch yourself while moving. Minor scrapes and bruises can be a common occurrence it is normal, especially for the kids. Also, medications are important too. Because of the stress, our immune system is weaker so pack vitamins and other supplements and any medicine you take daily. But, if you have a big injury or you feel dizzy or sick, get to an emergency room immediately. Do not delay the visit to the doctor. 

    First aid kit for moving.
    Anything can happen while moving. Be prepared and ready for small injuries

    Unpacking equipment

    Scissors, duct tape, knife are for opening your boxes. Do not forget trash bags for cleaning up after that to avoid clutter. The equipment includes also a radio. Yes, you will not have Wi-Fi, so an old school for entertainment is a good idea. Relax a little, and have fun. Unpacking with the music is much, much better. Pen and paper for writing something down.

    Summary-the most important steps

    After these steps and tips, it is time to simplify and to make a conclusion, make four categories and you will not forget anything, for sure:

    1. Clothing and food – After a long ride, you will want to change your clothes and to eat something. It is hard to open all those boxes with clothing and to find something to wear.
    2. Cleaning supplies – You can’t eat on a dusty table or sleep in a dirty bed.
    3. First aid kit – You never know what could happen. You can cut yourself or get sick unfortunately because of moving stress.
    4. Equipment for unpacking – When it comes to essentials box preparation, most of the people forget to include scissors, duct tape, etc.