Family fun in Miami Beach

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    All moves are stressful – everyone will agree with this. It doesn’t matter if you have used good Miami Beach movers or if you attempted to move your home alone. After you are done moving, and your family has settled in, you will want to look for some family fun in Miami Beach. But as a newcomer, things to do can be tough to find quickly. You will need to explore the city and discover the amazing things it offers by yourself. Luckily, we are here to help you. This is why in this article, we examine some of the most exciting things you and your family can do in Miami Beach.

    Go to the beach

    Of course, the first idea most people have after moving to Miami Beach is to hit the beach. This is an obvious choice. Florida weather is more often than not perfect for the beach, so grab a picnic basket and some sunscreen and hit the waves. The Atlantic Ocean has miles of pristine shoreline and draws many locals and tourists in with ease.

    Miami Beach
    Welcome to Miami Beach.

    If you are looking for more family-friendly beaches, then go below Fifth street or above 14th Street. These are relaxed beaches with a lot of fun things to explore. If you crave more excitement, then the sections running parallel to Ocean Drive and Lummus Park are for you. However, wherever you venture, amazing fun will await – so Purple Heart Moving Group encourages you to explore them all.

    The Lincoln Road is the top place for family fun in Miami Beach

    If you are not a fan of the beaches (or you somehow tire of exploring them), then you need to take a stroll down to the Lincoln Road Mall. It is a pedestrian thoroughfare that runs across the island (east to west). There is so much to see and do here – for the whole family. For starters, there are amazing fountains and green spaces, as well as public art to enjoy.

    a bicycle can mean a day of family fun in Miami Beach
    There are many activities to enjoy in Miami Beach.

    You never really know who you will meet in Miami Beach as well. Also, you can hop from one gallery to the next with your kids. This is a major commercial zone as well, so you can also spend some time doing your shopping. There are even amazing stores for kids – with good selections of games and toys – as well as books.

    Of course, if you get hungry, then you can stop at one of many food halls and eateries on the Road. There is something to cater to everyone’s taste. Finally, finish your day of family fun in Miami Beach by stopping for some sweets or ice-cream for the perfect afternoon spent together.