Tips for finding perfect Florida storage units for your business

    Did you know that Americans, on average, own close to 300,000 belongings? It is no surprise that such a multitude of items is causing us a few problems. 23% of people pay their bills late because they can’t find the bill to pay for it. One way to deal with all the clutter in your office is to get rid of it. But it doesn’t have to be for good. You can move items you don’t need every day to one of our premium Florida storage units. That is why we are here with our tips for finding perfect Florida storage units for your business! You don’t want to get a unit that’s too big or too small. So keep reading to learn what to look for in a storage unit.

    man taping up a cardboard box before finding perfect Florida storage units
    Storage units are ideal in case you’re in transit and need a safe place to store your stuff until you’re ready to move.

    Declutter before you start storing your items

    1. Firstly, do yourself a huge favor and go through your items before you move them into the storage unit. You should sell, donate, or toss out anything that you do not use for over a year.
    2. Secondly, store everything else in boxes that contain similar items. Label each box clearly and keep a master list so your cheap movers Florida can find everything.
    3. Finally, once you have a clear vision of what’s going in the storage room, you will then have a much better idea of the storage unit size you need.

    The type of storage units depends on the purpose you need it for

    Understanding how and why you need storage can help you with finding perfect Florida storage units. Some common questions to ask yourself include

    • Will I be keeping an expanding business inventory into this storage unit/warehouse?
    • Will I be storing a vehicle?
    • Do I need temporary storage for office relocation?
    • Do I want to store some items for an unknown time in my premier Purple Heart Moving Group storage facility?
    • Will you be rotating certain goods in and out of the unit?
    • It’s important to know what you want to put in storage, as well as how often the items in your unit will be switched. The function of the unit has a major impact on the storage unit size.
    • If you’re moving or traveling and don’t need access to your storage space for a long time, then you can go ahead and cram as much as you can into a smaller unit. In this scenario, you are free to stack items on top of one another. Since you don’t need the space to move around in your unit, you can optimize the space for storage purposes only.
    Girl packing for a move in a room full of clutter
    Remember, too much stuff leads to the clutter that will eventually lead to anxiety and depression.

    Finding perfect Florida storage units: Arranging the space

    • However, if you are looking for perfect Florida storage units because you are storing less-used items, you’ll need to periodically enter your storage space. That is why you need to leave some extra room to move around.
    • Opting for finding larger Florida storage units is smart because you can leave a path to gain access to every item. This tip will make your life much easier. Remember, it is a huge pain if you have to remove half your belongings to just grab one thing that happens to be in the back.
    • Make life easier for yourself and place items you need more often in front of the storage unit. After this, you won’t have to move boxes or shimmy your way through your stuff just to get what you need.

    Measure Everything You’re Storing

    Storage facilities have different size storage units you can choose from. The best storage facilities will offer you quite a few solutions. However, note that there’s no sense in paying for more space than you need.

    1. First unit Size: 5’x5′ (25 sq. ft.) can accommodate several boxes and some small items. It is like a small half bathroom.
    2. The one up unit Size: 5’x10′ (50 sq. ft.) can fit a couch, chair, chest of drawers. Similar to a walk-in closet.
    3. Our next unit Size: 10’x10′ (100 sq. ft.) can hold furnishings for a one-bedroom apartment along with appliances. It is similar to a mid-size bedroom.
    4. The 10’x15′ unit size (150 sq. ft.) can fit furnishings for a two-bedroom apartment or a small household without appliances. More like a large bedroom.
    5. Our fifth unit size: 10’x20′ (200 sq. Ft.) holds a small house worth of furniture and appliances. As well as a car or small truck. It compares to a small one-car garage.
    6. If you plan on storing cumbersome items such as furniture or appliances. But it’s not always easy to figure out how much space you’ll need. Make sure you measure larger items.

    Finding perfect Florida storage units: You’ll probably need extra services

    When it comes to finding perfect Florida storage units, consider the extra services you need and many storage facilities offer. And since you are in Florida, you will need climate control. Climate control is necessary if you are storing items that are sensitive to heat or extreme cold. Fabrics like leather or silk suffer humidity damage as well.

    two cardboard boxes
    Never settle for a storage facility just because it’s the nearest one if it doesn’t have the amenities you need.

    Look for a storage facility that offers a high level of security

    Look for a storage facility that provides 24/7 security. Especially when you need to stop by at 3 am to grab an item, you want to know you’ll be safe when you’re there. And if you plan on storing some special items like a boat, car, or truck, find a facility that knows how to store these items properly.

    For most people, the process of changing address and settling in a new place can be a very trying and stressful life event. So contact us because we can help you with your upcoming relocation and avoid all the moving-related stresses with us. Good luck!