Florida beach houses – rent or buy?

    Sitting on your back porch and looking at the sunset over the ocean with a drink in your hand is an awesome way to end a summer. However, you’ll need to have a house on the beach for that, or at least you’ll need to rent one. Even though both of these options are great, we’re here to see which one is better and answer the question of whether to rent or buy one of the Florida beach houses. So, before you call for relocation assistance Florida make sure you’ve read this article.


    Buying a second home is a big step in everyone’s life. It brings a time full of excitement and new things. However, there are many things you should consider before buying one of the Florida beach houses. Before you even start looking at the houses, you’ll need someone who knows a few things about buildings. You’ll need to have every house vetted for safety and livability before you decide to buy it. Unfortunately, even if you find the perfect home, there are still advantages and disadvantages of buying a beach house.

    A sign for sale in front of one of the Florida beach houses.
    Buying a beach house might be a great investment.

    The advantages

    The first of the advantages that come to mind is that you’ll always have free accommodation for summer holidays. With a house on the beach, you won’t need to worry about how much a hotel room costs! You’ll be able to spend more time on vacation and still feel at home. Another reason this may be useful is for a romantic getaway. No need to plan anything, reserve rooms or call a travel agency. Just pop into a car and go to the beach.

    What we also need to consider are the financial advantages of owning property. If you rent your beach house you’ll certainly get more than enough to keep it in good shape. Also, if your beach house is near Miami, you might rent it out for a surprisingly high price. However, you’ll need to think about the property taxes when buying a home. Check out if buying a house will be worth renting it later by looking at the Florida tax guide. Finally, having a second piece of real estate is a great investment for the future. Even if you never rent it out and rarely visit it, you could retire there and spend your days enjoying the sea breeze.

    The disadvantages

    On the other hand, buying one of the Florida beach houses might prove a bit too expensive. If you’re not able to rent it out or get any kind of income from it, you’ll definitely lose money from the purchase. Apart from this, houses tend to acquire a lot of unexpected and some expected issues. Fixing those may prove a bit too costly even if you manage to rent the place out. So, the success will be depending on where the house is and how long can you rent it. So, if you’re moving to Florida to buy a house, make sure that you can rent is and get some money back.

    A couple of Florida beach houses in the winter.
    Beach houses don’t look so spectacular during the winter.

    The other important disadvantage of buying Florida beach houses is that you’ll eventually get bored coming to the same place for all your summer vacations. Even though you’ll feel at home, and your beach home will be great, you’ll eventually get fed. You could always take a vacation somewhere else, but you’ll feel like you’d be wasting your money since you already have a beach house of your own. Well, it’s not a big con, but it’s still worth mentioning. However, if you feel you won’t be bored by Florida’s beaches, you can disregard this issue.


    Renting might not yield the same amount of satisfaction as buying, but it also has a lot of advantages.

    Renting one of the Florida beach houses has its advantages.
    Renting is the cheaper way to enjoy a house.

    The advantages of renting Florida beach houses

    First of all, it’s cheaper in the short run. If you’re not planning on coming back or making an investment, you’re better off renting than buying. You won’t need to worry about maintenance and house repairs. You’ll enjoy the house in its entirety for however long you rented it for. There is a simple elegance to this solution, which means:

    • repair expenses – this is one of the most important reasons it’s bad to buy Florida beach houses.
    • no empty months out of season – leave the property and forget about it. Don’t think of what the weather will do it. Don’t worry about it being empty in the winter or fall.
    • no tax – you don’t need to pay property tax if you have no property, but you’ll still be able to enjoy a summer on the beach.

    The disadvantages

    Even though renting one of the Florida beach houses is a cheaper idea, it also has its drawbacks. The greatest con is that the property isn’t actually yours. This means that you won’t always feel at home there. Also, it means that you might not be able to reserve it for your vacation if someone else beats you to it. And you can forget about the spontaneous romantic trips to the beach. You’ll need to call in advance and book your accommodation.

    We hope we’ve helped you decide whether you’d like to buy or rent one of Florida beach houses because the ultimate choice is and will be yours. It will depend on how much time and effort you’re willing to put in. Hopefully, we’ve made it a bit clearer to focus on the important factors in your choice. And, if you’ve decided to buy a beach house and move to Florida you can contact us and we’ll assist you.