Florida tenant rights you should always know

    Florida tenant rights

    If you are thinking about moving to Florida and renting your future apartment you should get familiar with numerous Florida tenant rights. Moving to Florida with the right knowledge will help you stay safe while quiring your new residence. It is no secret that in some cases tenants and landlords can have disputes. In this situation, you should be able to deal with a situation without involving a layer. When you understand the basics of the Florida state law, you can discuss the terms of your new lease. You can also repair your new home and inspect the contract before signing it. Take a look at the key aspects of the landlord-tenant law in Florida and prepare for the upcoming relocation like a professional.

    What to do when looking for the next rental property?

    Signing the lease in Florida can get quite complicated if you are not familiar with the usual procedures that follow renting your own place. If you are the first time renter, consider reading about this topic before you find the property that you like. While searching through the listings of your new Florida home, make sure you understand the basic terminology regarding your next rental property. Listings will provide some information about the property and terms, but not all of them. That is why you should be careful and pay attention to details.

    hand and keys
    If you are the first time renter, consider reading about tenant rights before you find the property that you like.

    Landlords can be quite harsh negotiators, especially if they realize you don’t understand the basic Florida tenants rights and the landlord’s obligations. You should be very skillful during these negotiations before signing the rental lease. If you are not, we suggest that you acquire legal assistance or a representative who will represent you and negotiate the terms on your behalf. Using a real estate agent is the best way to stay secure during the entire process. In case you are moving from another country, where the tenant’s rights and laws are different, it is best to let someone else with more skill do everything for you.

    The most common terms concerning a tenant’s lease

    Your representative will explain the basic Florida tenant rights to you and help you get the best terms for your lease. On the other hand, he will help you prepare the right documentation for the entire process. Getting all the documents in order can be quite a task when applying for a lease on your new Florida home. That is why you should have someone assist you and give you the best advice. When applying for a lease in Florida, you should provide your future landlord with:

    • The information about the residential rental history
    • Employment history
    • Credit history and bank statements
    • Information about the vehicle you own etc.

    Florida tenant rights you should be aware of

    Landlords disclosures

    Tenants and landlords should be able to reach the agreement concerning many legal questions. This process will be much easier if landlords disclose specific information. In Florida, the law specifically states that landlords should disclose specific information to tenants. In the official tenant’s lease or rental agreement, both parties should be noted. There could be someone who is authorized to act on behalf of the landlord. If there is, he should also provide and disclose this specific information in the rental agreement.

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    Tenants and landlords should be able to reach the agreement concerning many legal questions.

    Security deposit

    You will understand Florida tenant rights with more accuracy when you know more about security deposits. Florida state law doesn’t limit the amount the landlord sets for a security deposit. On the other hand, the law will limit the time when the deposit must be returned. The landlord should return the security deposit within one month after the tenant moves out of his residence. In case you have problems with your landlord and he refuses to refund your security deposit, you can sue him. On the other hand, if your landlord starts a security dispute, you may also resolve the matter in Florida Small Claims Court.

    The rent rules

    The law in Florida is specific about the rent rules and regulations. In case you have some rent related issue, talk to your landlord. This potential problem can turn into days and days in court while your landlord tries to evict you. The Florida State Laws clearly state about the all rent-related issues you may have while renting a residence in Florida. Tenants should pay the rent within three days overdue before the landlords take action and file for eviction. However, tenants can also withhold the rent if the landlord fails to do all the necessary repairs in the rental property.

    Eviction rules

    Florida tenant rights also include termination of the lease agreement. The law specifically states the situations when the landlord can terminate the lease early and how. He can terminate the lease before the one-year period expires. Also, he can terminate it in case the tenant repeatedly violates the terms of the lease agreement. In case the tenant causes intentional destruction to the property or other rental properties in the same building, the landlord can give notice for eviction. Florida tenant rights also explain the situations when the landlord should evict the tenant.

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    Florida tenant rights also include termination of the lease agreement.

    In case that two parties – landlord and the tenant cannot come to an agreement, they should consult a legal representative. If you are a tenant who needs protection in a problematic situation, hiring a lawyer is the best way to protect yourself. The legal representative will help you explain the court your circumstances and the real situation. He will represent your interests and find the best solution and the best outcome.

    In case you are leasing the home in Florida and your landlord is threatening to evict you, consider contacting the special relocation assistance Florida. There are specialized movers who specialize in last minute moves. Last minute moving professionals have training and skill to deal with any moving situation. Movers know the most important aspects of the Florida tenant rights. That is why it is important to get the best relocation assistance when having disputes with your landlord.