Fun Activities in Hialeah to Experience

    You can choose between many fun activities in Hialeah

    Many people do not know that there are many fun activities in Hialeah to experience as they do not know much about this part of Miami. Firstly called “a pretty prairie”, Hialeah is today a home for more than 225,000 people. Most of them are Cubans or Spanish people. The place is nearby Miami and belongs to the State of Florida.

    Interesting facts about Hialeah:

    • It is a birth city of many famous people in American history, like the Kennedy family, Harry Truman, Winston Churchill, and J. P. Morgan.
    • This is the place where Amelia Earhart started her last flight.
    • It is not a heart quarter of the Spanish television Telemundo by accident – even 93% of citizens talk Spanish at home.
    • It is a place where many flee of Fidel Castro revolution came during 60’s.
    • Besides all of these, you can find many fun activities in Hialeah to experience.
    Hialeah is known to many fun activities
    There are many interesting things and fun activities in Hialeah to experience

    Visiting the Amelia Earhart Park

    Did you know that Amelia Earhart started her last flight from Hialeah? In case that you did not, she started a flight from Florida, from Hialeah, where is a park today. You will be able to spend one of the fun activities in Hialeah in this park and be a part of the history, too. Apart from this, the park is full of fun and attractive activities. You can get involved in water-ski, waterboarding and knee boarding sports here. If you do not like water, you can also visit a zoo, rink a pony or play soccer. In the end, just relaxing in green grass is enough to be a part of this great place.

    Bucky Dent Water Park

    Let us talk about the water again. This time it is a large swimming pool, together with a water park. Everybody love fun activities in the swimming pool. These slides longer than 30 feet will surely satisfy even the most spoiled visitors. The best thing is that it is never crowdy, so you do not need to wait long for a slide driving. It is maybe the best way to deal with the Florida heat after moving. When fun makes you hungry, you can buy a snack or a food and drink. You should put this attraction on the list of the fun activities in Hialeah.

    It is good to visit one of the fun activities in Hialeah nearby water
    It is always good to relax and near water

    Leah Art District is also one of the fun activities in Hialeah

    This part of the Hialeah is maybe not exactly one of the fun activities in Hialeah. We said that because there are many people that do not find art fun. However, thanks to this district, Hialeah became one of the most popular places among artists and hipsters. It also made this part of Florida a cultural area. Many artists claim that with this place Hialeah started its cultural renaissance. It happens after years of rejecting and avoiding by cultural workers. The best part of this region is large murals on the walls and small performances and concerts that play almost every day. It could be a good reason for moving to Miami.

    Garden of the arts

    It seems that there are not only fun activities in Hialeah but also the art ones. Art lovers could be interested in moving to Florida just because of that. This time it is a simple park with flowers. But, do not be fooled by the name and first impression of it. Along with the flowers and perfectly cut grass, there are many artworks. First of all, the park is decorated with murals and paintings made of stone. The park also has a large amphitheater where musicians and artist play their concerts and performances. Finally, the park is separated by trails for bike and walking. Everybody can relax or play sports surrounded by artworks.

    Flamingo Plaza

    Another place which looks like that is made for hipsters. It maybe does not look as typical fun activity in Hialeah, but people love to visit it. Do not worry, everybody can find something here. This is more than an antique store, which is, by the way, very popular in Miami. People can find a vintage wardrobe, toys, and artworks from every part of the history for much more favorable prices. The best thing is separating the things by ages and decades. If you are loved in a special decade in history, this could be a good place for you.

    Hialeah Fountain

    Can one fountain be one of the fun activities in Hialeah? It seems that it could be. This is not only a fountain; it is something like a landmark of this region. The reason is a special design of the fountain. It is contained of two high towers and large pool in front of them. The whole place is rounded with grass, so people come here to relax and enjoy the sun. Do not forget to take photos here; they will be very attractive and popular!

    Art is one of the fun activites in Hialeah
    Fun activities in Hialeah include art performances

    Tom Sawyer’s Play Area

    This is actually part of the Amelia Earhart Park, and surely one of the fun activities in Hialeah to experience. Made to be like a fun park for children and their parents, it has oak and Cyprus trees. Besides that, there are also slides, climbing area, and swings. For those who are loved in adventures, there are serious adventure park and a deep forest for walking and hiking. After all, we remember how did Tom Sawyer easily give up from the school and went to adventure. That could be you, too.

    Chico’s café

    Even though restaurants and cafes are not common fun activity, this particular café could be one of the fun activities in Hialeah. The reason is its history and famous visitors before, and a great menu that they serve. It looks like those vintage restaurants from 60’s, where people used to go on milkshake and pie. They are open 24 hours, so you can choose whenever you came there for a breakfast, dinner or a light night snack.

    Whatever the reason for your visiting of Hialeah, we are sure that you will find a perfect fun for you. If you have chosen this place for living, there are many moving companies in Hialeah. As they said on the official site, they are a city for the future. That means that everybody can be a part of it. You can also find your own fun in this city since it has many places and corners to see.