Fun Things to Do in South Florida

    Map of Florida. You can find fun things to do in this amazing country

    You want to travel or move? But, you do not know where to go? Are you thinking about Florida? Great choice. There are so many fun things to do in South Florida. You can visit it, or move it with South Florida movers and have a wonderful life. Alone, with family or friends. It does not matter because South Florida has it all. It is a region of the U.S. state of Florida and it includes Miami metropolitan area, the Everglades, and other popular destinations.

    Fun things to do in South Florida with family and kids

    As we mentioned before, this is a perfect place for everyone. Spend a weekend with family and enjoy together. We can help you and to recommend you fun things to do in South Florida.

    Naples Botanical Gardens

    They want to present and conserve a space. Visitors can get the experience and be all day in nature. The beautiful gardens with over one thousand species of plants will blow your mind. If you have children they will love it too. The Naples Botanical Gardens are offering tours from February until November.

    Naples Museum of Art

    The Baker Museum is located in 30,000 ft. space. There you can find 15 galleries that host traveling exhibitions. Also, this museum is one of the most prevalent fine arts museums in South Florida.

    Miami Children’s Museum

    If you are looking for the place for kids, this is it! Kids will love the wide variety of exhibits that promote play and learning. And, the most important thing, kids of all ages are welcome here. We are not going to lie, adults will enjoy here too.

    Naples Zoo

    From 1919 till now, it is a place for the whole family. You can see rare animals and tropical plants, flowers and trees. And of course, tigers, snakes, bears, lions and many other animals. One interesting fact, they have rare creatures from Madagascar.

    Naples ZOO. Florida
    Spend a day with wild animals. Your kids will love it

    Everglades National Park

    Take an airboat ride and have fun. Also, you can see the most diverse wildfire in their natural habitat. Take a day off to see alligators pop up to the surface. Walk along the Shark Valley footpath, explore Anhinga Trail or visit Mahogany Hammock boardwalk. It is more than just a National Park.

    You can go with your friends to bars and clubs

    Clubs are not for kids, but you can go with your friends or co-workers. There are many nightclubs in South Florida, especially in Miami. It is a synonym for the party. Restaurants and bars are also popular and full of people. But, first something about nightclubs:

    • ID – For most of the nightclubs you must have an ID and to be older than 21.
    • Do not drink too much – It is normal to drink alcohol in the nightclub, but do not drink too much. There are many things to do in South Florida, which do not include alcohol.
    • People you will meet – South Florida is a popular destination for all people from around the world. Especially Miami. The city that never sleeps. So, watch out for strangers. If you just turn 21, take it easy. Life is ahead of you.

    Know we can start!

    Girls are having fun. Take it slow and easy with alcohol
    Check best bars in South Florida

    Club Euro Night Club

    They know how to party. You can celebrate your birthday there or any special day or private party. If you love special service, you can get VIP table and bottle service too. Bachelorette party is also a popular reason to visit them. If you want to see celebrities, go there and have fun. The music they play is hip-hop, dance, reggaeton etc.

    Southern Nights Orlando

    Drag queens, LGBT population…everyone is welcome here. If you love Drag shows it is a perfect place. Even if you do not, you will love it. Good drinks and friendly atmosphere, you are going to come again and again. Positive energy and people will blow your mind.

    Mango’s Tropical Café

    If you are visiting South Beach, Mango’s Tropical Café is the place you must see. You can find everything there. Good entertainment, drinks, and food. Your friends and you will love it. It is a place for tourists and the locals as well. The main attraction is one of the longest running “Cabaret” shows in the country. And if you want to learn how to dance salsa, take a class there and you will have 50% off all drinks until midnight.

    Story Nightclub

    It is a relatively new club, opened in 2012. You can dance and relax since Story Nightclub has 27,000 square foot space and the best equipment. They offer over 60 VIP tables and 5 full-service bars. 1,400 people can dance, drink and enjoy there until 5 a.m. Grab your favorite shoes and let’s dance.

    America’s Backyard

    The largest South Florida party is here. It is located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. From beer pong to hula hoops definitely, you and your friends will not get bored. DJ’s creating the perfect nightclub vibe and sometimes they have theme parties. Go crazy with your costume, because they are offering a free drink if you come dressed up.

    One of Fun Things to Do in South Florida - visiting magnificent beaches
    It is fun just to spend a day at the beach in South Florida.

    There are so many fun things to do in South Florida, for sure. You just need to find something that makes you happy. Museum, zoo, nightclubs…it is your choice. These are just some fun places. Of course, you do not have to go anywhere if you do not want it. Go to the park, walk around neighborhoods or spend the whole day at the beach. Sun, sea, sand, it is fun and relaxing at the same time.