Getting along with neighbors – is it necessary?

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    After moving, it will be nice to make friends. It is easy to feel alone, even in the most populous city without them. Getting along with neighbors is even more important. Why? There are a lot of reasons why, but we have some of them. If you are thinking about moving to Florida or moving from Florida, you will need the best moving companies in Florida. Moving is so stressful event, so why not to hire some help. Especially, if it is your first moving. Transporting your furniture and other items is difficult and that requires experience, for sure.

    Suburb houses. View from airplane.
    Neighbors are like one big family. Be part of the community, it is not necessary but it is very helpful.

    Reasons for getting along with neighbors

    If you are moving to Florida it is a big opportunity for you. But, even in the biggest metropolitan areas in Florida, you can feel lonely. So, it is a good idea to meet your neighbors. They know much more about the city than you do. Many people spend years and years before they meet their neighbors or just to know their names. Do not allow that, still, you are living in the same neighborhood or building. People are sociable beings in nature, they need that feel “I am a part of the community”.

    Meet your neighbor for yours and their safety too

    This is maybe the most important reason why it is necessary. They will alert you in times of trouble first, and you will them too, of course. For example, someone can break-in at your apartment or house, they can see a potential theft of your car or motorcycle. Not to mention, if you get sick and you need someone to call 911. Anything can happen. A good neighbor will help you, and you will help them. If you see that your neighbor is not feeling well, probably you will see that first, so call an ambulance. In this case, you should know his or her name and some basic information. Not to mention hurricanes in Florida, you should be together when that happens.

    Emergency situations that happen all the time

    For example, you need someone to help you with moving your furniture to the other side of the room or who will help you with dead car batteries. You are making a cake, and you do not have eggs or a little flour? What should you do? Of course, you have neighbors. These are small emergency situations. After that, you can drink beer together. Getting along with neighbors means you will have someone to run to when something happens and you will sleep tight like a baby. The first day after moving is maybe the most difficult day. Having neighbors around could calm you down.

    What will you do with your pet on vacation

    A sad dog.
    Do not pay for pet hotel or someone to watch them if you have neighbors who can help.

    Yes, you can take your pet with you on a vacation. But if it is not a case, maybe your neighbor can do it for a couple of days. Make a list who can take care of the pet. When they go on holiday, help them with their pet.


    This can be helpful for them too. If your neighbors have teenagers they can earn some money. Ask them to watch your kid (or kids) for one night or day. Imagine, you need to stay at work for 2 or 3 hours, it is always helpful to know you have someone who can watch your kid. A retiree neighbor may be willing to help in such circumstances.

    Get information and resources

    You can save money if you have the right information. They know a much more about the city you are now. Laws, rules…there are so many things you should learn. Change of address, where to go? How to choose the best school for your kids? Where to buy groceries and clothes? They know the answers. You can also learn historical facts of your street, house, or city.

    Party and bbq

    Two neighbors are drinking coffee together.
    Organize a party, or just make a cup of tea or coffee and call your neighbor. It is nice to have someone to talk to.

    O.K, enough with helping each other. What about the party, backyard bbq and weekend game of cards? Yes, you have a lot of fun things to do in South Florida if you are moving there, but that cannot last forever. You will need someone near you. Invite your neighbors to the party, they will invite you too. You can be good friends, not just neighbors. Make a cup of tea, it will be nice to have someone to talk to next door. Spend a few minutes on your way out to your car. You will expand your social circle, and that is important. After all, if you are single, the right girl or boy is maybe there. Just in front of your eyes.

    How to meet neighbors?

    There are many different ways how to meet new neighbors and to make the first step.

    • Say hello and smile – It is easy to say “hello” and to form a foundation for a pleasant relationship.
    • Ask some questions – You can talk about the weather or ask them if they have children and how old are they…But, do not ask intimate and personal questions, of course. For example, where to get the best burgers and which bar have live music.
    • A welcome party – You can organize a welcome party. Say “I am new here and I would love to meet you”. Getting along with neighbors is a new way of friendship.

    Give it a try. Make the first step and meet them. Getting along with neighbors is not maybe a necessary thing, but it could be very helpful and fun at the same time.