Guide for organizing a farewell party

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    As organizing a move generally is an arduous task that can really stress people out and exhaust them, it is important to have some time for yourself. Organizing a party is one of the ways to make the whole process a lot easier. At least mentally that is. Since you are leaving your old home behind, it can be a really hard thing to process. This is especially true if you have never moved before, as the emotions can be overwhelming sometimes. That is why we have prepared a guide for organizing a farewell party.

    Why is organizing a farewell party so important?

    People move for all sorts of reasons. Some move because they got a new job in another city, some move because they have enrolled in a university in another city or even a state. Some move because they are a part of the military, and as they look for top-rate military movers, things can get really emotional. Having all of your friends and family at your home for one day and celebrating the times behind you can really help with dealing with all the moving stress.

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    Organizing a farewell party is a very good way to reinforce relationships with your loved ones

    If you have kids, this can be an especially hard situation for them. They generally do not have developed coping mechanisms as we do as adults. So, giving them a chance to say goodbye to their grandparents is really important for them. Also, seeing their best friends before the move is going to be really helpful as they can have a chance to reinforce their relationship with them. If you are moving somewhere far away, this can be extremely important.

    Consider having the farewell party in your new home

    This is not something a lot of people tend to do, but it can turn out to be a really good thing. After you have finished using the professional packing services FL and unpacked yourself in your new home, having a party would mean a lot to everyone involved. If you have asked your friends and family to help you out with the move, this could actually be a great way to thank them. It would also be a nice way to start off with your new life.

    You do not have to do it alone

    If you just want to call your loved ones and order some pizza, that is perfectly fine. Some people like the most simple of solutions. In the end, it is all about bonding, right? However, if you are keen on making a big party, you should not do it by yourself. Throwing a fantastic party by yourself is not an easy thing to do.  So, talk with the people closest to you or the ones most involved in the whole thing. Talk with them and divide the work amongst yourselves. Assign someone to take care of the decorations for example. They can update the rest of you in a joint chat on Facebook or on Viber.

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    Divide the tasks – Have a different person do the food, the drinks, the gift etc

    Another person can be assigned to dealing with food, and another one for drinks. Each of these tasks may require a lot of time and effort. Neither task should be underestimated and no one should be forced to contribute more than they want to. If there are some among you that like to bake, you can all pitch in and buy the materials. This can give a more personal feeling to the party and make it even more special. Teamwork is very important in these kinds of situations because all of this could be too much for one or two people.

    If you are organizing the party for someone else, you can get them a gift

    If you are the one organizing a farewell party for someone else, you can opt for this extra layer of saying good-bye. The guest of honor should have something to remember you all by. If they are leaving town for work, perhaps you can buy them something that is connected to their area of expertise. If they are leaving and going to college, you can get them a new laptop, for instance. Ask the people who are going to be invited to the party for contributing. If you are not sure whether you should do this, there is an alternative. You can simply let them know that you are going to do something for the guest of honor and that any contributions would be appreciated.

    Do not forget to prepare the location

    Location is one of the most important elements when it comes to organizing a farewell party. So, if you are organizing it before the move, make sure that everything is packed properly and there is no mess around the apartment. If you are doing this in your new home, it would be best to unpack properly first. Let everyone know via invitations where they should arrive at least 3 days earlier. This way they will have time to ask any special questions if they are not sure how to get there.

    two girls dancing in a bar
    Location is very important – There is a big difference between a house party and one in a public

    Prepare the speech (or speeches)

    What is one of the most elemental things in every party that everyone does? Speaking with other people around. This is a very important segment of planning, especially when paired with music. If the music is too loud, people won’t be able to talk with each other. This is especially important if the party is happening in your home (even more so if it is the new one), as you probably want to get along with your neighbors. Having a special part of the evening for speeches might be a good idea. You could all say how each of you first met the guest of honor. If you are that person, you can be the one leading the show. Also, you should prepare at least a short speech to thank everyone and praise their importance to you.