Guide for planning a housewarming party in Miami

    People sitting at a table with drinks and food

    The moving part is over. You’re unpacking your items and setting everything up. And as you enjoy warm Florida sun you slowly settle into your new home. And you start thinking about a housewarming party. It’s an old custom that everyone enjoys. You will get to show off your new home. While your friends and family will have an opportunity to see every corner of it. But just like with anything else, you need to start planning a housewarming party in Miami at least a few days in advance. You need to decide who you are going to call. What food you will serve. And how to handle everything.

    The first steps in planning a housewarming party in Miami

    Seeing as how you just moved and finish unpacking, the first step should be to sit down and relax for a bit. Enjoy your new home. Explore every corner of it. Make sure that your move is finished and that everything is in its right place. If you still haven’t brought all of your belongings find expert moving companies Miami to speed things up. Because, in order to present your new home to your friends and family, you need to enjoy it first. You need to feel at home in your home. And only then can you invite others to celebrate.

    Take care of yourself first

    Make sure that before you start planning a housewarming party in Miami you actually know it first. First, you need to see all the sights, explore the city and get familiar with it. Afterward, you should get a few items of off your new city checklist. Things like finishing unpacking, finding a good doctor and so on. You need to be able to feel free and comfortable in your new home before you invite people over. It’s ok to take even a few weeks for settling in before you throw a housewarming party.

    couple holding hands while planning a housewarming party in Miami
    Make sure you and your partner enjoy the new home before you start planning a housewarming party in Miami

    Talk with your partner

    When planning a housewarming party in Miami make sure you talk to your partner. Talk about how you are going to set everything up, and who you are going to invite. It’s important that both you and your partner are onboard with the party. And that both of you invite your friends and family. You can sit down together one evening and make the list of guests for the party.

    The guest list for a housewarming party

    Together talk about how many people you want to invite. And start making a guest list. If you have family living in Florida, consider inviting them. Alternatively, you can just stick to your friends and colleagues. The number of guests when planning a housewarming party in Miami depends on how many people you know, and how big your home is. If you had just moved to Florida you might not know many people. In that case, make sure you invite a few colleagues or family members. It will help you get along better at work. And you will also have an opportunity to bond with them and make friendships.

    Try and keep the guest list short

    Everyone is excited to start living in a new home. And you probably want to celebrate it with your friends. You also want to properly thank your friends for helping you move. But, you should try and invite only as many people as you can handle. Guests lists can easily get out of hand. And you will end up with more people than you can fit. So, make sure you know who are your priority guests and why.

    Plans for food and drinks

    finger food for a housewarming party
    Keep the food simple for your housewarming party. Stick to finger food

    One of the most important thing when planning a housewarming party in Miami is to decide what you want to serve. It’s best to keep it as simple as possible. Avoid making fancy dishes. Try and focus on finger food. Something that is easy to eat. Wine and cheese is a good choice. If you are new in Miami, make sure you get a few different brands of beer. Because you never know what people like. And if your friends are going to bring their kids, make sure you have juice boxes for them. Avoid glasses because the juice can easily end up on your carpet. You can either all sit at the same table or have a table only for food. So people can walk to it and quickly grab a bite. But, it depends on your home setup and available space.

    Make sure your home is ready for guests

    a clean living room
    Tidy up your home before the guests arrive

    Once you’ve picked a date and sent out the invites, you should start thinking about cleaning. Moving produces a lot of mess. So, make sure you clean up the spaces that you want to show to guests. This is your time to brag about your new home. So, make sure it’s sparkling clean. If you still have leftover items that you don’t know what to do with, you can always rent storage. You can find Florida storage units online or through your moving company. It’s the best way to declutter and get your home ready for guests. But, if you end up piling all the unnecessary items into one room, it’s ok to avoid showing it to people.

    Enjoy yourself

    Planning a housewarming party in Miami, although fun, can be exhausting. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that you enjoy yourself. It’s your party, in celebration of your new home. So, no matter who you decide to invite, or what you decide to serve, make sure you are having fun. Even though you will probably be tired, you should show up with a smile. Talk to your friends and family. Tell jokes about both your old and new homes. If you want a more intimate time with your friends, you can take them for an individual house tour. Show off all the things that your new home offers. And remind yourself how happy you are that you have such a great home and such great friends.