Guide to negotiating with movers

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    Every moving situation is different. Some moves can be performed in one day while others can take up to a week. If you are moving to another location, hiring professional moving assistance can be a good idea. No matter how far away you need to move, hiring a moving company is not an easy job. Between so many movers advertising themselves, it’s not easy to pick the best ones. However, negotiating with movers can be a necessary process during the moving preparations. If you know how to talk to the moving company, you will get the best service at a relatively affordable price. Keep reading this article and find out about the key factors that will define the final price of your move.

    Step 1 – Schedule a meeting with your movers

    Every successful negotiating with movers starts with a meeting. No matter how long you speak to a moving company on the phone, a live meeting will still be the best idea. If you are moving your home or your business, a moving company will have to do the inventory of your belongings. Before negotiating with movers, you should tell them everything detail you know about your move. Every moving situation is different, so you should make sure to have a good communication with the movers you plan to hire.

    options and ideas
    On the initial meeting, you should discuss all the ideas and details about your move.

    Step 2 – Talk about the details of your move

    Discussing the details of your move will be the key factor when negotiating with movers. The reason for this is the overall price of your moving costs. Tell the moving company about the budget you have and what services you would like to hire them for. Besides other details, here is the list of the most important things to tell your movers:

    • The distance of your move. Some moving companies charge based on the distance of your move while others charge their services by hourly rate.
    • The time you have to relocate. If you are moving last minute and during the moving season, you might not have the choice to lower the price of the moving services. Make sure to book your movers as soon as you can.
    • The size of your inventory. Consider negotiating with your movers about the size of your moving boxes. Also, they will count the number of boxes you’ll need. If you need additional moving services like moving your pet or a musical instrument, you should tell your movers more details.
    • Additional moving services. If you need a moving service from military moving companies, you should check online for the best ones near your home. Since this type of relocation is time sensitive, make sure to get some recommendations from the people you trust.

    Step 3 – Ask about company details

    After the moving company offers you an initial moving quote, negotiating with movers can begin. The most important part of hiring a moving company is making sure they have a license and experience. For example, if you are moving long distance to Florida, your movers should have knowledge and skills to organize the entire moving process.

    pen and the notebook
    Make sure to write all the pros and cons of a moving company you want to hire.

    In order to avoid a moving scam, you should check for moving company’s details. Although the movers you want to hire will probably tell you some information, you should check for the online information, too. For example, while negotiation with movers, you might not get the whole picture about the experience a company has. The best way to check a moving company is to browse the internet. Make sure to look for positive reviews, testimonials, and signs of a potential moving scam.

    Step 4 – Choose your moving service

    The process of choosing the right moving service is the time when negotiating with movers takes place. Depending on the nature of your move the overall moving cost will vary. The moving company you plan to hire will offer you an initial moving quote. The matter of fact is, most moving companies would rather lower the price they offered than let you hire another company. If you are willing to talk openly about your moving situation, negotiating with movers shouldn’t be so hard.

    Step 5 – Negotiating with movers

    During your conversation with a moving company, you should put your needs first. Just as in any other business, a moving company will try to get the most out of the service they provide. However, a reliable moving company will also explain the reasons for the quote they offer. In case you are moving your business, they will tell you which elements of the move will be the main factor in forming the final price.

    planning the moving timeline
    Pay attention to how the moving company wants to plan your relocation. If they think you should not be a part of the planning process, stay away from them.

    In the end, what you should try to avoid are the companies who are not ready to talk you through the moving process. Negotiating with movers implies understanding of your relocation process from both sides. Be alert for potential moving scams with unreliable movers. They will tell you that their workers know what’s best for you and that you should stay away from the planning process. If you stumble upon a moving company like this, make sure to avoid them. You can easily find another company which will be willing to offer a reliable service. If you are moving your business or your home to Miami, negotiating with your movers will be necessary. The best moving companies in Miami will make sure to put your needs first. This way a moving company makes you come back for the next relocation you plan. All in all, moving to another location should be stress-free and your moving company should help you relocate efficiently and without any delays.