Guide to packing household appliances

    Packing is an important part of any relocation. You need to make sure that everything is properly tucked in the moving box and well protected. That way you are preventing any damage that can occur. But packing household appliances requires a little bit extra attention. You have to make sure that they are protected both from scratches as well as from bumping into other items. They are generally heavy and bulky and are much harder to pack properly. Here is a guide on how to properly pack your appliances and avoid any damage caused to them or by them.

    Organize before packing household appliances

    It doesn’t matter if you are packing big or small household appliances. You need to know what you are going to be packing as well as how much packing material you will need. So, to get a clear picture of what you have to do you need to have a good plan. You need everything to be well organized and listed. It will also help when scouting for professional military movers, as they will be able to give you a much more accurate moving estimate.

    A man making a plan for packing household appliances.
    First of all, make a plan!

    Make a list of your household appliances

    Before you get to packing household appliances you need to get an idea of how much packing material you will need. And the best way to do that is by making a list of all your household appliances. Go room by room and list everything that will have to be packed. You can separate the list based on size, location or purpose. By having everything in one place, shopping for packing materials will be easy and straightforward. And you can save some money by not buying something that you won’t be using.

    Measure twice cut once

    Before you get to packing household appliances you should measure them. Some of the appliances are straightforward to pack as they are square shaped. But others will require a bit larger boxes or disassembly. So, when measuring your appliances make sure you take that into account. It’s ok to leave some space in the box as you can always fill it with either a blanket or air wrap. Start by measuring the height of an object. That will be your primary guide for picking a moving box. Then measure the appliance at its widest point. The box is no use to you if your appliance can’t fit into it. Once you have all the measurements you can move on to finding appropriate moving boxes for packing household appliances.

    A measuring tape.
    Make sure to take good measurements.

    Use the original boxes whenever you can

    Every appliance comes in its own box with protective styrofoam molded to its shape. And if you have kept some of those boxes make sure to use them. They are designed to provide the best possible protection to the item. Most of the appliances have to be shipped from the factory to a warehouse. And then again from the warehouse to the store. Sometimes even multiple times. That’s why manufacturers design those boxes to withstand multiple shippings. Even if the box is torn a little bit you can still use it. Just make sure you give it a good wrap with packing tape. If not, you will have to find good moving boxes for your appliances.

    Buying moving boxes

    There are many places where you can buy moving boxes. Hardware stores are one. They offer multiple sizes and shapes. So, once you have finished measuring your items you can head out and look for boxes that can fit your appliances. The most important thing is that the whole appliance can fit inside the box. Even if the box is a little bit bigger you can always fill the empty spaces. Avoid having to cut and tape together boxes. But, for some appliances that will be necessary.

    Another great place where you can get moving boxes is from your moving company. Many moving companies Boca Raton offer moving boxes. Either as a product or together with their moving and packing services. They will also be able to give you some great advice on how to pack those oddly-shaped items.

    A man carrying moving boxes.
    Be sure to use proper boxes.

    Clean your household appliances before packing them

    Before you get to packing household appliances you should clean them. They are probably dirty from years of sitting in one place. Even with regular cleaning, sides facing the wall are probably filled with dust and grime. It’s always better to clean them before moving. That way, when you unpack them, they won’t fill your new home with dust and dirt.

    Make sure that the appliance you are cleaning is unplugged and free of any static electricity. Then you can take a wet cloth and wipe the dust off of it. If needed you can use other cleaning solutions to get rid of all the grime that has accumulated over the years.

    Packing your appliances

    Once you are done with all the preparations you can get to actually packing household appliances. Take the box that you have bought and carefully place the appliance in it. Make sure not to over-stress the box. In the case of original boxes, you can just leave it as it is. But, when using third-party boxes you need to secure your item. You can wrap your appliance with shrink wrap or air-filled plastic wrap. That will give it good protection from scratches and bumps. Make sure that the appliance can’t move inside the box. That way, even when the truck turns or hits a road bump it won’t tip over the box and damage other items.

    To further protect your appliances, especially larger ones, you can place pieces of cardboard beneath and around them. It will provide additional protection to the item and make the whole box sturdier. When packing appliances that come with many pieces you can group them together in one box. Just make sure that everything is wrapped properly to avoid any damage. It will make unpacking your home theater system, for example, much easier.

    Packing big appliances

    If you weren’t able to find boxes big enough to fit your bigger appliances you have two options. The first is to disassemble the appliance itself. It’s a good choice is the appliance is oddly shaped and heavy. It will be easier to transport and pack. But it requires certain know-how and sometimes even specialized tools. So it’s not always an option.

    The other option is to use multiple boxes and cut them as needed. When doing this make sure to use plenty of packing tape to secure the boxes. You don’t want anything falling off during loading or transport. It will take a little bit more time, but it will be worth it. Also, take special care when loading and unloading as the box isn’t as secure as the whole one.