Guide to Packing Robust Furniture Easily

    Packing robust furniture sometimes includes large items

    When you decide to move, packing robust furniture is a first problem that you have in mind. That is the reason why many people choose to leave old furniture. As the matter of fact, moving also means completely changing of the life. It is not bad if you want to change everything, including the things that surround you. Those companies that make furniture make new models every year. You can be one of those that have a completely new combination in the house. Before packing you may use packing expertise Florida for advice.

    Make a decision about the furniture you will take with you

    When you finally decided what travels with you, you need to know how to pack robust furniture. Some of them must be taken apart. Choose which of them will be taken in one piece. Other things must be disassembled. You may conclude which of those things are.

    • Beds are obviously first on the list of furniture that must be disassembled;
    • Armoires are not so large and difficult for packing, but they are sensitive and expensive;
    • Wall cabinets maybe do not look like a problem when packing robust furniture, but they are large, too;
    • Tables are also difficult for loading in the truck;
    • Desks obviously take a lot of space, especially when they are with legs.

    Preparation for packing robust furniture

    Before you start with the packing, you should prepare all things for dissemblance. That is not so hard, but you should get this job seriously. Many of the things you have in your room are not made to be separated into pieces, while some of them are.

    Packing robust furniture needs good tool
    You will need a special tool for packing robust furniture

    Evaluate and make priorities when packing robust furniture

    You must be prepared for unexpected things. That means that you must protect some items better than others. Make a priority list. In that way, you will protect them better and put on safer space in the truck. Write down which of them are expensive, heavy, easy to move or has emotional value.

    Make sure that you know how to separate furniture on pieces

    Even though it sounds obvious, many people struggle with a real problem when this comes out. Do not start with dissemblance if you are not sure that you know how. Packing robust furniture could become a nightmare if you realize that you do not know how to put small pieces back.

    Packing robust furniture includes lot of boxes for packing of small items
    You will need lot of small boxes when packing robust furniture

    Prepare packing supplies

    We know that you have prepared all important things before packing robust furniture. However, many people forget about small items, screws, and buttons. Prepare bags, small boxes, tapes and plastic wrap for them. It is not bad to have a magnet at hand. That will help you to save small metal items.

    Usually, furniture has visible lines for dissemblance

    If you ever bought something in IKEA, you know that they sell their furniture in pieces. Many people fold their furniture at home. That is why packing robust furniture is not a that hard job. You can easily find screws, lines that separate furniture on two or three parts and mobile panels.


    Now, the real and most important job is starting. When packing robust furniture one things you should keep in mind. You must remember how the furniture looked like before and where to save small items.

    Remove everything that is fragile

    You know that many robust types of furniture have glass, wheels, seat back or knobs. All of these things can damage other pieces of furniture or you can lose it while moving. It also must be put in the safe place to not harm workers in moving company. Every local moving company Florida can help you in moving. However, do not damage their trucks or harm their workers. To be sure that your packages are safe, remove all fragile items. Use proper wrapping paper or plastic for that.

    Unscrew everything that is possible

    That is why we talk about finding hidden spots on your furniture above. Furniture makers made furniture in many small pieces. Then they put them together usually with screws. You can easily separate them when packing robust furniture. That will make your moving so much easier.

    Use pillows and mattress for packing robust furniture

    Large soft objects are always good to use in packing. This time you will protect fragile items with them. Besides that, you can use cardboard to protect table corners. Make sure that you used a piece that is thick enough. Tape it with duck tape. Glasses and sensitive buttons you can wrap in newspapers. Large items like suitcases and filing cabins you can wrap in blankets. That will protect them from damage, but also from dust and water. Small items put in one bag together.

    Protect your items when packing robust furniture
    Use wrapping to protect your items when packing robust furniture

    How to pack robust furniture into the truck

    Now the most important part of your packing is starting. It is important to protect your furniture while they are in the truck, too. Sometimes things are not going as you expected, so some of your boxes could be damaged, flooded or lost. On the other hand, help moving company to pack and move your furniture properly and on time.

    Spread the weight through the truck

    This is something that moving company workers will know. On the other hand, in case that you doing this alone; you should know how to put a heavy load into the truck. You can also label boxes so workers know how to arrange them.

    Put fragile items in special packages

    Even though you removed glass and mirrors from the furniture, you should transport them, too. The simplest and most safe way is to put them between mattress and pillows. Secure all things with wraps and tapes, just in case. Use newspapers and cardboard for extra protection. It is not bad if you add something for extra protection after you pack robust furniture into the truck.

    Be prepared for unexpected conditions

    Before moving check weather conditions. That includes possible snowing, ice on the road or rain. Even though moving companies are doing their best, we cannot prepare for bad weather. Consider changing the date of moving in that case.