Hacks to help you find your next apartment in a week

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    Doesn’t matter if you are in a hurry just to escape some nosy neighbor, bossy landlord or you were just fascinated with the neighborhood your colleague just moved in and want to be there ASAP. Life can get so busy and all of us always lack some spare time for a chore or two, and it can be a hell of a problem in that daily chaos to make time and go through tons of apartment adds. With this article, we are going to make sure we present to you a few useful hacks to help you find your next apartment in a week.

    Hire a professional mover to help you find your next apartment in a week

    The minute you decide to start looking for your new nest, you should also consider looking for movers North Miami Beach Florida to help you on your journey. Surely you are already working on a tight schedule and can’t let work, family and friends suffer. A smart thing to do is to find some help and let the professionals handle some of the hard work.

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    Leave the packing to the professional movers so you can easily find your next apartment in a week

    Manage your budget

    You should pay some attention to your monthly expenses before you move. On average, 30% of monthly income goes on rent. Calculate other operational expenses, just so you’re not caught off guard in the process. Also, try to save some money on the side, just in case something comes up that requires extra cash. It is easier to find your next apartment in a week if you know your financial limitations.

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    It is easier to find your next apartment in a week when you set up a budget

    Start packing right away

    You should start packing some of your stuff along the way your search for your new place. Start by packing some stuff you do not often use and can live without until you move. If you are, to say, in Florida, you can hire some packing services Florida to help you with your important and fragile belongings.

    Do your research on the neighborhood

    If you are to start looking for an apartment in a certain area, make sure to spend some time looking around, online on satellite image maps or in person if you are able to. Keep in mind to include in your search high-rise buildings as they are more prone to having open vacancies, which plays a key role for when you’re in a hurry to move. Also, be sure to check transportations means from your new home to your work. Using the internet and the satellite images can show you in what kind of neighborhood your new potential apartment is! It is easier to find your next apartment in a week if you know how the neighborhood looks.

    Houses next to each other
    You can use the internet to check out the neighborhood you are planning to move in

    Ask your friends for help

    Sure there are a ton of places you can look to be your new place of residence, but that takes time. Maybe ask a friend to help you in their spare time, because surely two brains are better than one, and they probably know you well enough to know what kind of place you would love to live in. There are property sites that can help you find it a lot quicker and safer.

    Have your paperwork on you at all times

    Be ready at any given moment! When you are on a hunt for a new apartment, you should always have your paperwork on you. When you find your next apartment in a week or less, be ready to sign a lease at any time and make sure you have:

    1. Your ID and a copy of it
    2. A year of your tax returns
    3. Letter of employment
    4. Bank statements
    5. Checkbook

    Be open to compromise

    When you’re on a tight schedule to move, you may not be happy with what you see. Places are renting fast and people move every day. You may not be able to find your next apartment in a week and for it to still be exactly what you would like. But, you can always keep an open mind about moving to a maybe smaller space, then learn on some platforms on how to make your new apartment more functional. In this case, it is also important to be flexible with your budget as well. But it is easier if you know the ways to save money on moving!

    Start calling

    The minute you make a list of your potential new homes, you should take some time and start calling. Try to take a day or two to tour them all at once if possible. It might sound like too much trouble, but it will save you quite a lot of time if you can make it.

    Study the lease

    Never sign anything without reading it first. That goes for apartments too. You are about to move your whole life to a new place and you should know everything about it. The lease should clarify some basic things to you about rent, terms your landlord stated and time of duration. Some may try to trick you, especially if you are in a hurry, but this is a thing you should take your time with. Be thorough.

    Be pleasant and well dressed

    People are quick to judge a book by its covers even when they are trying not to. Being polite doesn’t cost a thing, it does not take time off your hands, but it does go a long way. Landlords may be open for negotiation on the price and appliances you may need in your home if you are easy going and pleasant to talk to. Dressing well may also help because people would not just give up a place to a person that does not look like he/she does not take care of themselves. It may reflect your habits and how well will you be treating your new place. Also, it is good to remain healthy and stress less during this period. Knowing how to maintain good health while moving is the key!


    Whether your new home is your long-time dream place, or you had to compromise a little bit, preparations are always needed in order for it to go as smoothly as possible. To be honest, there will be a few bumps on the road, but with some help from your friends, family and these few hacks, you will be able to find your next apartment in a week and enjoy it in no time.