How often do military families move?

    Sometimes there is a natural lack of understanding between those who have served in the military or their military families. Sometimes there can be a misunderstanding between those whom we defend, who may have never served or may not know, or are related to anyone who has. Military movers have seen how drift can be a challenge for many military families when interacting with civilian friends and family members. Want to know what life is really like for today’s service members, husbands, wives, and children, and how often do military families move? Here are some essential things you need to know about military families.

    Man and woman in the army
    Did you know that not all military spouses are women?

    1. Military families are not that different from civilian families

    It’s easy to come across military family stereotypes about strict households, high unemployment, or even a lack of identity beyond the military. However, many of these assumptions are false. Military families are caring, fun-loving environments made out of dedicated husbands, wives, children, and pets. They are not that different from civilian families – they simply have or live with a career that creates a different lifestyle. At the core of what is essential when moving a family, military families may need to move and store Florida services. Additionally, military families are just like their neighbors. They just have to relocate more often than others. So how often do military families move?

    2. They’re always the new kid

    An inevitable part of army life is moving often. Military families do move often, for example, every 2 to 3 years. And some even more frequently.

    • For any military child, it’s possible they can move 10 times by the time they’re 12. They often change schools 6 to 9 times between kindergarten and high school graduation. It’s just a consequence of how often military families move. They also have to decide whether or not they need military housing. It is often disorienting and challenging to move that often.
    • Equally for the military spouse who’s making sure the packing process goes smoothly, and for the kids who have to say goodbye to close friends. Military families simply know that mailing addresses are never permanent, and they have to be ready to move anywhere in the world.

    The map shows how often do military families move

    3. LinkedIn for beginners

    Moving so often can make it difficult for military spouses to stay on a consistent career path. Because of how often military families move, most spouses have to switch jobs every 2 to 3 years. That gives little room for professional growth or establishment in a company. In return, that may lead to some companies shying away from hiring military spouses.

    A career on the road is not for everyone. But this leaves many spouses with limited employment options. However, the USO has developed its own USO Military Spouse Networking Program. And nowadays more and more companies have built business models specifically around hiring military spouses to support the military community.