How often do people change apartments in Florida

    people change apartments in Florida

    The busiest rental-moving period in Florida falls between the months of May and September. That’s because people change apartments in Florida more often during these months. Also, warmer weather makes for the more practical moving of furniture our movers Hollywood FL. First of all, many high school graduates are leaving home. Secondly, college graduates are looking for real estate close to where they want to start their careers. Now let’s take a look at some important Florida apartment inventory facts that will help you understand this market better.

    Apartment inventory facts

    Apartment inventory is higher between the months of May and September given the high turnover of people changing apartments in Florida. Rental rates also go up during the summer months. People who need packing services in Florida and who often change apartments in Florida depend on the lowest rental rates that happen during the winter months. People change apartments in Florida just after the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season. Taking advantage of the lowest demand from January to March months. We recommend you being your apartment search at the end of the month prior to the target move month.

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    An apartment search should begin at the end of the month prior to the target move month.

    People change apartments in Florida often due to rent fluctuations

    In a growing reminder that higher rents are tightening their ring in the suburbs, the average cost to lease an apartment in multiple Broward County cities have risen above the $1,700 mark. In June, the town of Davie experienced a jump by $38 to $1,820 just from the previous month. This puts all of these locations at a higher cost than Miami, where the average was $1,713 last month. Fort Lauderdale is still the state’s most expensive rental market at $1,945.

    We view this as a sure sign of smaller markets feeling the effect of all the people who are migrating within the state. Usually, people change apartments in Florida because they prefer relocating to slightly cheaper inland areas. As opposed to the coastal cities that are costlier by comparison.

    The average rent for people  want to change apartments in Florida

    The median rent for a 651 square feet condo in Florida City is $748, which is a 5% increase from the previous year. How Florida City compares to other cities when it comes to median rent price:

    • Jacksonville $1,099 3%
    • Tampa $1,350 4%
    • Miami $1,703 3%
    • Kissimmee $1,381 5%
    • Homestead $1,294 7%
    • Doral $1,852 1%
    • Naranja $1,341 7%
    • Coral Gables $2,168 n/a
    • Cutler Bay $1,067 -1%
    • Princeton $1,341 7%
    • Florida City $748 5%
    The average rent for an apartment in Florida City is $748, a 5% increase compared to the previous year when the average rent was $712.

    Final thoughts

    People change apartments in Florida during the summer season because they find it most convenient. That is when finding an apartment is easier, and there is a wider selection of apartments to choose from. However, Purple Heart Moving Group wishes you happy hunting because that’s also when the demand for rental space gets extremely high. This boosts the rental fees, sometimes up to double what might be found during the off-peak seasons of winter and fall.