How storage experts protect valuables

    This is something many people do but never really take the time to figure out how it works. How do storage experts protect valuables? The ability to hire storage units is life-saving for more than one reason. Honestly, I personally wouldn’t know what to do with so many items if there wasn’t for the storage units I am hiring. I previously tried to ask friends over Facebook for a favor to keep things safe for me, but that is too much hassle.

    There are two types of users of said storage units. One, people who are relocating and are in desperate need for a temporary storage unit. Two, people who simply have some items that they wish to store (season clothes, furniture, collectibles), and have no room for them in their home. Or they simply don’t want to keep all those items in their home.

    Regardless of what the reason is, storage units are a blessing. However, not all storage units are of the same quality and safety. This is why storage experts protect valuables and not an amateur. Proper storage units will have proper experts attending to the units and the items within them. This is what separates the best storage units you can find from the average ones. Storage Hallandale Beach will have experts with years of experience behind them in managing various storage units and different items within them.

    Why should storage experts protect valuables?

    Because they are valuable. Because you pay extensive amounts of money to have your valuables safe and well kept. This is what the part of the service is. And it is only natural to have experts guarding your most precious belongings. You should not settle for anything less, especially when it comes to valuables. But what are these valuables? They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be from a 5-gram item all the way up to half a ton. We have seen it all in our years of service. The fact of the matter is that it is irrelevant what size and shape your item is. All valuables share one thing in common – they are valuable. Some may not have monetary value but an emotional one. To us, it is all the same. We will protect a piece of wood the same way we would a diamond.

    Safety of your possessions is one of our main concerns, so you won't have to worry about something happening to it
    It doesn’t matter what you find valuable enough that you would put in your treasure chest, we will care for it as if it is your precious.

    This is why you chose us and our services. So, depending on the item there could be two values – emotional and monetary. We treat the items the same way, regardless of their value. But what are the steps we take in order to protect your valuables? How do storage experts protect valuables?

    Well build units

    The first step is to have very well built storage units. This means that, in most cases, they have no windows or other means someone could use to access the contents. Our storage experts oversee the creation of each of these units, and they are built based on our guidance and specifications. We know exactly what each storage unit should have (or not have) in order to make it as safe as possible. The units are also moist free without any possibility of unwanted moisture getting inside. This is especially important for valuables made out of wood or similar materials that do not handle humidity well. Our storage units are one hundred percent dry and humidity free. We have special humidity absorbers installed, just as a precaution. Otherwise, some storage units can be sealed shut whilst others have normal doors.

    Either way, they are all built in a way where they provide with the utmost quality and protection from all external factors. It’s the only way storage experts protect valuables so nothing happens to them.

    Climate control

    One of the measures storage experts take is installing climate control in all storage units. For some valuables, this is irrelevant. However, there are some that require very special climate conditions in order to remain safe. This can include various items made out of wood or similar materials as well as specific types of plants. In order to be able to accommodate any request, climate-controlled units are mandatory.

    Our storage experts protect valuables from a command center that monitors all of the storage units
    Our state of the art control center monitors everything from the climate to the safety of things in storage units

    This is another way storage experts protect valuables. Usually, the valuables are not in danger of someone stealing them. They are simply in danger of being damaged or ruined due to unpleasant climate conditions that storage units normally have (lack of sunlight, air, etc.).


    There are several ways that storage experts ensure that a storage unit has full protection. The first way is installing the latest technology doors and locks that make sure no unwanted visitors can have access to the unit. Today the technologies building this are quite advanced and most of these doors are thievery-proof. However, having this as the only line of defense would be insane. This is why the second security measure most moving experts deploy are the security cameras. These are usually spread in a way where they cover each storage unit door from at least two angles. In case someone is trying to trespass, these cameras will surely be able to catch the face of the perpetrator.

    Lastly, there are security guards that are on duty, carefully watching anything moving around the storage units. With such security, chances of something happening to your valuables are almost none. Almost.


    As a last resort, you have the option of insurance. Of course, chances of something happening to your valuables are slim to none. However, on the off chance of something happening your insurance should be your utmost protection. In case someone breaks in, and gets past the cameras and security guards – insurance will have you fully covered. Furthermore, in case of a natural disaster (i.e. earthquake), your insurance would fully cover any damage you might suffer.

    If you decide to save on insurance and something happens to your valuable items, how much would you miss if you paid for insurance in the first place
    People often decide to cut cost on insurance, but again and again, we say that it’s the only thing that you can’t get when you actually need it

    All in all, we will fully protect your valuables no matter what. For all questions, West Palm Beach Movers are at your entire disposition!