How to arrange your relocation during a global pandemic?

    How to arrange your relocation during a global pandemic?

    The current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has put a stop to most of the normal routines of everyday life. Both in the U.S. and abroad. And while social distancing is what you should do now until the experts tell us otherwise, relocations aren’t always something that can wait. How does moving during a pandemic work though, and more importantly—are last minute movers near me even still available? Below, we’ll outline some of the major questions about moving during the epidemic in an effort to help you arrange your relocation during a global pandemic. We’ll also share some of the tips provided by the WHO, the CDC, and well as AMSA on how to keep yourself and others safe during your relocation.

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    One silver lining is that social distancing means that you might have more time to devote to organizing your home prior to your move

    Are our moving services still available?

    For now, yes. We have not seen any notable shutdowns of service among major moving companies Florida. That being said, individual franchise owners can come to decisions about closures at their own will. If you already have a scheduled move and haven’t heard anything, you can assume your moving company is still providing services. Unless they inform you otherwise. But you can still call just to confirm.

    Do you need storage services to arrange your relocation during a global pandemic?

    Just like moving companies, major storage facilities continue to run operations. What you might be able to expect however is reduced hours of accessibility. Also, there could be a reduction in the number of customers who are able to access their units at the same time. Storage units should also keep up with proper hygiene practices. Make sure the sanitization of access pads is at a high level. There is also the requisite six feet or more of space between customer and customer and customer and employee.

    Arrange your relocation during a global pandemic by using these AMSA tips

    If you’re not sure about protocols for relocations during the coronavirus lockdown, you are definitely not alone. This is unprecedented territory but we are following recommendations by WHO and the CDC. In the meantime, AMSA has given us some useful tips to help you arrange your relocation during a global pandemic. Here are some of the key takeaways.

    Provide hygiene products for your movers. The products include soap and paper towels by the sink, and hand sanitizer by the door.
    1. Let your mover know if you or someone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms. In most cases, your movers will still work with you, but they will put additional protocols into place to arrange your relocation during a global pandemic.
    2. Avoid using free or recycled moving boxes. The coronavirus can inhabit cardboard for as long as 24 hours! So now is not the time to recycle moving boxes.
    3. If you’re in a high-risk group, cancel your upcoming move if possible. No relocation is worth risking your life, so if you have any flexibility in when (or if) you arrange your relocation during a global pandemic, call us and we will push it back until you can more safely relocate. Please stay safe during your relocation.