How to avoid common moving injuries

    You are about to relocate but you wonder how you can avoid common moving injuries? Well, there is one very easy and obvious solution to your predicament… Hire a professional moving company. And, of course, stay out of their way. There are many great moving companies Miramar FL and you are sure to find one that is a match for you. However, given that this may not be a solution for everyone, there are other things you can consider doing in order to not harm yourself. Still, regardless of the factors, we do hope that you consider potentially hiring professional movers. The advantages are mind spinning. But let’s leave this for the conclusion of the article.

    One of the riskiest elements and biggest downsides of doing a move yourself is the risk of injuries. Some of these injuries can cause quite a lot of problems down the road, and you should do everything in your power to protect yourself and your loved ones. Even though you might be saving money when doing a move yourself, the long-term consequences could make it all not worth it.

    Avoid common moving injuries – what are they?

    Before we can start talking about prevention we need to identify what these moving injuries are. You can’t avoid common moving injuries if you can’t know what to avoid. Again, the possibility of injuries is a great reason to hire professional movers.

    The first and thus the absolute most common one derives from back injuries when lifting heavy items. There are special techniques as to how this is done. Furthermore, there are very special tools one should not attempt this without. The back injuries occur when lifting heavy items without taking the necessary precautions. Back injuries are one of the worst ones you could face, and the consequences can last for months, even years. This is why you have to be very careful and conscious about it.

    The second one on the list is the ‘I dropped it on my foot’ injury. Considering the number of things you will be carrying, some heavy and some just robust, there are very high odds that some of those things will fall. And if they do, odds are that the landing field will be your foot. There are some serious foot injuries that came from people dropping very heavy furniture on their own foot. Or have someone else drop it. Regardless, the injuries could end up with a broken foot which is one of the worst bones to break. This is because the human foot does not consist of one large bone, but rather many smaller ones that have a hard time healing.

    Be careful of small items that you can step on, some of them can cause serious injury.
    Make sure to watch your step, at all times!

    So, be careful!

    Lastly, moving is full of potential falls. The worst kind would definitely be down a flight of stairs. However, considering that we rarely move alone, there might be kids, people or pets in the way. This way you risk not only harming yourself but harming some of them as well. Especially if you have very young kids or very small dogs. These are some of the most common injuries we have heard about. The list goes on to the very extremes, but we are not here to talk about 1:1000. We are here to talk about common injuries and how to avoid common moving injuries.

    How to avoid them?

    There is good news. First, even though we highly recommend that you hire professional moving services, there are still ways you can mitigate these injuries on your own. However, let us spend a little bit of time talking about hiring moving services. First of all, by setting aside some extra coin you let professionals handle all your belongings. The only thing you need to do is get out of their way.

    This way you ensure 100% safety for you and your loved ones around you (given that you move them out of the way). Furthermore, not only do you avoid hurting yourself in any way – you prevent any potential damage coming to your personal belongings. Lastly, every professional moving company offers something we call moving insurance. This moving insurance offers a very sought after peace of mind because it fully mitigates any damages that may occur to your belongings. This means that you are 100% protected at all times, no matter what happens.

    But, if you have your heart set on doing everything on your own there are ways for you to avoid common moving injuries. It is nothing super impossible to do, it may just require a lot of focus and attention to detail. So grab a pen for you may need to chalk down a list of equipment you shouldn’t do this without. If you need to store this equipment somewhere, check out some Florida storage units.

    In order to avoid common moving injuries, you need to wear protective equipment
    Protective equipment is paramount in protecting yourself from injuries!

    Avoiding back injuries

    There are a couple of ways for you to avoid any back injuries. First and foremost you have to take care of your technique. You should not hunch your back at any given second when lifting something heavy. This goes for basically any back bending. Simply make sure to keep your back straight at all times. Another thing to add is that you should lift heavy objects off the floor through squats and not hip bending. This way you protect your entire body. Finally, if need be, buy a heavy lifting belt that goes around your waist. This will surely protect you and force you to keep a straight posture.

    Back pain can be pretty devastating. Avoid it at all costs!
    Back pain is one of the most annoying types. Make sure you avoid it!

    Avoid foot injuries from dropping items

    Aside from the most common – be careful, there is far little you can do. One thing that we strongly recommend though is the construction yard boots. They are reinforced with metal and you will be able to prevent any pain deriving from items being dropped on your foot.

    We wish you the best of luck!