How to avoid moving frauds

    Signs that say scam

    There are many things you need to think about when you are planning a move. And it is easy to get lost while completing all those tasks. One of the biggest issues have is how to find a good moving company! And, without any good information, people often make mistakes. This is why we are here to provide you with a good guide on how to avoid moving frauds! That way you won’t end up paying more than you wanted, and will certainly not get your items damaged!

    Check the mover’s website in order to avoid moving frauds

    The very first thing you need to check when you want to avoid moving frauds is the companies website! Usually a good and a legit moving company will have a well made and maintained website. Their information is constantly updated and new content is added on almost a weekly basis. Fraudulent moving companies will have a website just for show! And when you click on some of the tabs, you will see that there is a slow response! That means they didn’t invest enough in maintaining their website and that something is off.

    a woman googling how to avoid moving frauds
    In order to avoid moving frauds check their website first

    This is very important to remember if you are planning a long distance relocation! Because you will travel a lot, there are more options to steal your money! But, if you hire legitimate and legal long distance moving companies in Florida, you will completely avoid this problem!

    Bad customer service

    The next step you can take if you are not sure what kind of movers they are is to call their customer service. Supposing they have one, to begin with! Now, when it comes to legitimate customers service they will always have answers to all of your questions, and will help you organize your relocation! To avoid moving frauds you need to check with them if they can even answer some questions and doubts you have. If they start to waddle around the answers and avoid them, then you are certainly dealing with fraudulent movers!

    An important thing you need to remember when you are planning to move in a hurry! It can easily turn into something bad for your wallet if you are not careful! That’s why you should always hire good last minute movers near me! That way you will have a legitimate moving company at your side!

    Check the government website

    Every licensed moving company have their USDOT number. And if you visit the USDOT government website you can enter their number there to see all sorts of information! Starting with whether or not they have any legal issues or licenses revoked whatsoever. This is the main advice anyone will give you in order to avoid moving frauds!

    a hand picking a paper that says legal on it
    You can use the USDOT number to find out if they have the legal operating status

    Bad equipment and inexperienced workers

    When you are about to hire a moving crew for your relocation, their experience is very important! Legitimate and professional relocators know how to handle your items and how to properly pack them! That being said, you will know that in the right hands, your items are safe and well protected. In the case of fraudulent movers, they do not hire seasoned workers. Most of the time, they will go with day laborers. And although sometimes that can be good, it is very rare that they are actually good at what they are doing! This is why if you want to avoid moving frauds, you need to ask about their experience. Also, if the equipment they are using is outdated then you are dealing with someone who doesn’t want to invest in the safety of your items!

    Broken glass
    Inexperienced workers can break your items

    If you really want to have your items packed safely then you should always opt for hiring professional movers for your relocation! They know how to properly pack your items so they won’t break during the travel!

    Verbal contract and hidden costs

    Now we are getting to a somewhat nasty part of the fraudulent movers. Most of the time, since they are not legitimate and have no license, they will try to get you to a verbal agreement! That means, they can’t be held responsible if something happens, and they can also buff up the price of your relocation. Since you have no precise estimate of your relocation, then everything is a “fair game” in their eyes. Giving you the wrong weight of the items, miles traveled, packing supplies used, etc are all factors that influence the price of your relocation! This is one of the biggest red flags that can help you avoid moving frauds!

    a handshake
    Scammers will force verbal agreement

    The professional moving company will never include any hidden costs in their contract with you. They will give you an estimate so you can know the price range of your relocation! Also, once they give you a precise cost of your relocation, the price will not change. So, once you agree on the price, that is done. This will give you an opportunity to save money on relocation! That way you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees or costs!

    In order to avoid moving frauds, you should definitely know about all these red flags! They are here to help you not get scammed by fraudulent movers! These are one of the obvious things you can watch out for, as well as some more delicate tricks scammers use to scam people out of their money! Did you know you can always add some more information about this? All you have to do is leave us a comment in the comment section down below! We are more than happy to hear from you any time soon!