How to coordinate your employees during the office move

    coordinate your employees during the office move

    Organizing an office relocation is not a simple job. There are many things you need to cover, especially if you have expensive business equipment. These pieces can be very delicate and require special attention. But, this will not be a simple guide to packing office property. Business relocation has one perk that can help you a lot. And that is manpower. You are not in this alone, nor you should be. Your colleagues can help you a lot, and that is something you should use. And here we will help you with tips on how to coordinate your employees during the office move. Even though you will delegate most of the tasks, you will still be in charge. Therefore, you will have a big responsibility to organize everything and everyone in order to have a successful relocation.

    Planing is the first thing you need to cover

    Just like for any other project, you will need to make a good plan that will cover every single detail. You can’t coordinate your employees during the office move if you do not have a list of tasks you need to delegate to them. Therefore, you need to think of things that will need to be done during this project. If this is the first time you are relocating, you will need to make sure you completely understand what one relocation requires. As mentioned before, there are a lot of things you will need to take care of, hence you will first need to learn what to expect.

    What you can do is to schedule one weekend for researching. There are a lot of useful guides online where you can see what you will need to do. As there is a lot of information, you will need at least two days of extensive research to find all relevant info. The faster and easier way to do this is to find someone with experience. So, if you know someone who had a similar project, schedule a meeting and try to get as many information as you can. Finally, if you do not have time for this par, you can always find good commercial movers Florida and ask everything you want to know.

    office meeting
    Make sure everyone knows their responsibilities

    Once you are done with this part, it is time for making the plan. The best way to make this moving plan is to create several milestones and create tasks for each of them. Your milestones can look like this:

    • Research and Planning
    • Pre-moving activities
    • Packing
    • Moving day
    • Post-moving activities

    Delegating tasks to your employees during the office move

    Now that you know exactly which things you need to cover, it is time to include your employees in this project. The first thing you can do in order to successfully coordinate your employees during the office move is to schedule one meeting where you will present the plan. Same as you would do for any other project you are having in your company. During this meeting, you will introduce this relocation project, all milestones, tasks, and create task force groups. Once you divide people by groups, name leader of each group, as this move will help you coordinate your employees during the office move easier.

    presentation in the office
    Organize a meeting to present your employees this project

    What you need to set are deadlines and responsibilities. This way everyone will know what they need to do. And make sure you schedule regular daily or weekly meetings where you will track progress. That is the best way to prevent problems or to react fast if there are delays. One more important thing you need to communicate is the budget. Especially if you want to reduce moving costs. A smart thing to do is to leave at least 10% buffer when making a moving budget. This way you will be able to cover any unexpected expenses and prevent delay of your upcoming relocation.

    Coordinate your employees during the office move with a transparent approach

    Once this project starts, things can become really hectic. And that is something that can make things difficult. Therefore, you need to set ground rules. The best way for this is to establish one big Kanban board where every employee will pin their tasks. Not only this is a good way to create an atmosphere of positive competition, but it will help you track the overall progress more efficiently. All you need to do is to look at this table, and you will know exactly where you are with the relocation. And, if something is not by the schedule, you can organize a short ad-hoc meeting where you will discuss potential solutions.

    kanban board
    Keep things transparent with Kanban board

    Find good commercial movers

    Even if you have capable and responsible employees, you need to realize that relocation is not their field of expertise. Therefore, you will need to find good professionals that will cover the most delicate part of this project. There are many great movers North Miami beach Florida offers, and your job is to pinpoint the best one for this type of relocation. Keep in mind that this is not something you should be cheap about, as a lot is on stake. Once you agree on the price and dates, you can focus on the internal parts of this project.

    And that is what you need to do in order to coordinate your employees during the office move in a nutshell. Make sure you are always on top of everything, as even the smallest mistake or delay can slow down the whole project. On a moving day, your employees should not interfere with the work of movers. Everyone should know what are his or her responsibilities and tasks, and focus only on those. This way, everything will go smooth, and you will be able to coordinate the whole thing easier.