How to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida?

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    This is usually the first question that comes to mind when people start planning to change their address. And it is with a good point because we at Purple Heart Moving Group know that regardless of whether one is moving locally or across the country, this process can get very expensive. The AMSA is the national trade association for the professional moving industry. Their data says that the average cost of a residential relocation within the same state is around $2,300. On the other hand, the average price for an interstate move (for more than 1,225 miles) goes all the way up to $4,300. So how to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida? Our experts answer.

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    Our moving professionals have hand-picked good advice on how to cut moving costs

    Taking into account the average moving costs we mentioned, there is no surprise that everybody’s looking to cut costs. And you are in the right place because we know all the best ways to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida. Finally, Florida movers understand that money doesn’t grow on trees. Especially if you are moving on a budget, read on to learn all our smart ways to cut your moving costs.

    Ways to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida

    The good news for you is that there are excellent ways to cut the cost of your upcoming move. Take full advantage of these cost-saving methods. So, in order to facilitate your choice and help you save money on your move, we have some experts advice on how to spend less when moving.

    1. Set up a moving budget and stick to it

    One good way to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida is to monitor and control your expenses. Find a way to do it that will let you step up and apply the necessary fix. Because sometimes a task may suddenly cost more than what you originally planned.

    • Research the typical moving costs, and then create a personal moving budget to help you stay within your limits. When you make sure to stick to your budget, that serves as an invaluable moving costs checklist.
    • Furthermore, that’s necessary for keeping all the valuable information regarding the moving company expenses in check. This includes moving cost estimates, cheap storage Florida, additional services, moving insurance, extra charges, and fees.
    • You should remember to put in self-moving expenses which include truck rental costs, moving equipment, packing supplies, hidden DIY costs.
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    Did it ever occur to you that a single photograph can save you up to 30 minutes during the unpacking process?

    What’s essential when you’re budgeting for a move is to know for sure that you have saved enough money. You want to be able to cover all future moving expenses. Failure to do so could turn your upcoming move into a financial disaster.

    2. Cut down the costs of relocating to Florida by looking for a low-cost moving company

    • Fill out a moving cost estimator to contact several professional moving companies.
    • Request in-house estimates from those companies for an accurate moving quote. The company should clearly list the moving services and their charges one by one.
    • Compare the quotes thoroughly and choose the one that best suits your needs. Remember that a good mover should help you stay within your budget by providing individualized moving packages that will enable you to lower the costs of relocating to Florida.

    However, you should stay suspicious of suspicious estimates

    Sadly enough, fraudulent moving companies do exist, so be on your guard for suspiciously low moving offers. Those are the ones that seem too good to be true. Thus said, you must learn how to recognize and avoid moving scams. Just to be safe, do your research on what to do if you ever became a victim of moving fraud.

    3. Negotiate a better price with your movers

    You can also ask your moving company for special deals or current discounts. After all, if there’s any chance you can lower your moving costs, it would be more than welcome.

    4. Book and schedule your relocation smartly

    Remember, no move can be booked too early. However, note that summer is the busiest season of the moving industry. Scheduling your move the right way is another trick to cut down the costs of moving to Florida. Although it may not always be possible to choose the exact date to perform the state to state move, however, if you happen to have that flexibility, then you should aim for the off-peak season. Ideally, that is a weekday in the middle of the month somewhere between September and May. That’s when the standard rates are usually considerably lower, sometimes up to 20-30% of the regular movers’ rates.

    5. Lower your moving costs by saving time

    The top 3 ways to save time when relocating are:

    1. Create a comprehensive moving checklist and follow it to keep your time perfectly organized prior to, during, and immediately after the relocation. This will help you finish all move-related tasks days in advance.
    2. Smart packing techniques can speed up the process and you’ll feel like a pro. Declutter your stuff faster, pack in stages, and label your boxes the correct way.
    3. Take photos of anything you’ve disassembled to minimize the time you need to re-install it in your new home.

    6. Cut down the costs of relocating to Florida by finding free moving boxes

    • Firstly, ask friends who have recently moved house to give you moving boxes free of charge.
    • Secondly, you can post “I need moving supplies” on a social network and keep your fingers crossed.
    • Thirdly, local businesses such as supermarkets, office supply stores, bookstores, specialized liquor stores, etc. usually have more cardboard boxes than they need.
    • Lastly, local retailers have to break the containers down and recycle them at the end of the day. Therefore, usually, all you have to do is ask the store managers and they will provide you with as many boxes as you can carry home.

    7. Move less stuff to pay less money to cut down the costs of relocating to Florida

    It’s simple really, just get rid of all your excess items and transport less stuff. By selling the surplus items, giving them to friends, or donating, you’ll have less to move. Therefore, this purging step will surely help you cut down on moving costs because most movers charge by weighing your belongings.

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    At the end of the in-home survey, you receive written moving cost estimates.

    8. Pack up your items by yourself

    Since a full-service move is the most expensive, why not consider packing your household belongings by yourself. Think like a pro and pack up whatever you can by yourself. However, some household items may still require professional packing services in order to survive the trip. Contact us for items that are fragile, extremely heavy, or too bulky. After all, when was the last time you disassembled and wrapped up a hot tub by yourself?