How to deal with difficult tenants

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    Are your tenants giving you a difficult time? Any landlord who was in the renting business for a while can tell you a couple of examples of their fair share of difficulties with bad tenants. If by any chance you avoided this, then you are among those who are lucky. First things first, there are no easy ways to deal with difficult tenants. Wherever you turn people like this exist, no matter the class, education, or any other field. No landlord can give you a precise answer to this problem, they all had to find some sort of solution. In this article, we will give you few ideas on how you can legally deal with difficult tenants so you won’t risk getting sued by them!

    In order to deal with difficult tenants  – check their credit first

    One of the biggest mistakes landlords make when they get new tenants is that they do not deal with some issues instantly. Before you even accept them and let them sign the tenant lease, you need to check with their previous landlords. See what they have to say about them, and according to that statement make your own decision whether or not you will lease them your place. If you do not deal with those issues from the start, you might have a hard time dealing with them later. You must show them from the beginning that you are a responsible owner and you won’t tolerate such behavior.

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    If you check the tenant’s rental history and behavior you won’t have to deal with difficult tenants

    This is especially important if you are a property owner anywhere near North Miami Beach. The value of apartments here are high, and any damage made by bad tenants can be expensive to repair. That is why you should pick carefully who you will let live in your place. Furthermore, it is the same as with the moving company. If you hire reliable movers North Miami Beach Florida, you will know they will take care of your belongings with care. Just like good tenants with your place!

    Have a written record or contract of everything

    The best thing you can do when you have to deal with difficult tenants is to have everything written down before letting them sign the contract. You need to start with the shape of the place you are renting them. Proving with pictures and papers that everything was fine until they moved in. Yes, this may sound like a bit of a more job to do, but it will protect you from any bad tenants. Especially when they want to dispute you over some chargers. You will have a written and photographed proof of that.  This way, whatever happens in your home, you will have a document to back you up!

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    Always sign a written contract as a way to legally protect yourself

    When you are renting your home, and have to deal with a difficult tenant, you need to think ahead! Having a written contract between you and your new tenants is a sure way to protect your assets! You can say the same thing with moving companies. When you want to search for professional Miami Beach movers, make sure to ask them what kind of services they provide and look over the contract before signing it!

    Report bad tenants

    If any of the legal pieces of advice above fail, then you will have only one option. Wait till their lease is over, and do not rent them again! This may take a while since you may just discover how bad they are, but you still have a contract you can’t cancel. On the other hand, there are ways you can help other landlords to avoid certain bad tenants. When you have to deal with difficult tenants, after they moved out, the best way is to report them to national landlord database for bad tenants! This way, you and many other landlords can go online and search for the tenants and see their credibility! If they are found as bad ones, then the possible landlords will most certainly avoid renting to them!

    Tenancy Deposit Protection legislation

    With this law and legislation at your hand, you are can keep some of the deposit if the tenants were bad enough to break or damage something. Now, in order for this to work, you will have to regularly inspect your apartment. Also, it is a good idea for both you and your tenants to tell them at least 24h before coming that you are coming. Possibly in writing or by an email. But in any case that your tenants are good and they respect your terms then you will have to give them their deposit back!

    Coinst stacked
    Bad tenants will always try to avoid leaving you the deposit

    If some damages happen, then you will have to deduct some of the money from their deposit. Now, there are several ways you can use that money and make repairs to your home. But, after you are done with that, it is a good idea to know more about cheap ideas for home improvement! This will help you when you have to rent again, and if the place looks better, you can rent it for a higher price!

    Eviction notices

    If everything else fails, then this is the only thing you can do! And you need to do it properly and with the law at your side! Meaning, try to follow rules and regulations when it comes to evicting bad tenants. If you do not do it properly, you may prolonge your “difficult times” with your bad tenants. If you follow the procedures correctly, the law is at your side and you will have no hard time when you have to deal with difficult tenants.

    When you have to evict and deal with these types of tenants, you can get a lot of stress! There are a few ways you can deal with it, but maybe the best one is to do some home remodeling. And what’s the best thing than knowing how to make your rental apartment look better!


    When you have to deal with difficult tenants then you have to have law and a contract at your side! This will help to deal with them easier than it looks like! We hope our article gave you enough ideas on how to properly do it!